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  1. Hmm, Not implying chasing something I or another business owner doesn't know about. In my case it's something I know generally well but understanding customer behavior and most popular terminology is something that should be driven by data. That's what I'm getting at here, what tools people are using to explore their market.

  2. Why's DK mad? He's stupid for not going out of bounds and needs to realize that instead of being sensitive. He could've cost us the game.. he should know it's up to Geno to cost us the game lol


  4. Reminds me of the amazing animated recreation of how a plane disintegrated into one of the towers -

  5. Oh my! That is very near the worst drive on earth (Las Vegas to Reno). I used to think the drive from El Paso to Tucson was the worst, but that drive along the western border of Nevada takes the cake. YOu might as well be on Mars with the ocasional ghost town added every 100 miles.

  6. Your reasons for the worst are my reasons for it being my fav. I love empty Nevada roads where I feel like I'm on another planet.

  7. Basic violation of rights. I feel like mandatory vaccinations are insane. Do you all not hear yourself? Making a human being take this shot or else they will lose their career? unconstitutional.

  8. idk honestly i think his look off the field is pretty badass. the hair plus the face paint and one single dangly cross necklace is such a sick look imo

  9. Seahawks have been winning titles and going to playoffs every year for decades while the Mariners are a complete joke during that span, arguably worst org in sports, and they come within sniffing distance of a wildcard playoff, which they won't get, while the Seahawks have a couple bad weeks and this is the mood? FUCK THAT

  10. Link it for me in your reddit post history.

  11. Wow, that's some digging. I'm not against trans rights in the least. I'm against accusing anyone not conforming to the dogma as an enemy. I have experienced trans people getting mad at their allies. I remember when Dan Savage got glitter bombed for some perceived transgression. That's the kind of thing that is counter productive.

  12. You literally just misgendered your friend's daughter while defending your friend for also misgendering her. And I'm supposed to believe that you're an ally?

  13. That is the puritanical take that is so combative and alienating. Superficial signalling mellows out when you get older and you realize who really helps by their actions, not words. Language fighting is more akin to a tantrum.

  14. Maybe someone should tell them that New growth forests are shown to absorb more carbon then old grown forests(1*). Yeah each old growth tree may absorb more carbon(2*), but a new growth forest has more trees to absorb the carbon, and you use the carbon better, instead of it burning up in a fire.

  15. Wow, imagine wanting to cut down something that has taken hundreds of years to grow and of which there are very few left.

  16. This post kind of surprises me how close to home it is. I see people commenting here that are a variety of ages; I don't think this in particular is about how old you are. I'm in my mid-40s and that comes with its own conditions. However I think it's that I'm the only one driving this thing and know where all the pieces are and burdened with all the risks. I don't mean to complain in one sense because it's exactly what I want to be doing. But it has been so all consuming for almost a year now trying to get this thing off the ground. The emotions and challenges are different than what people who work for The Man experience. I've networked with entrepreneurs in the past, but socializing there is sometimes difficult because everyone just wants to either give advice or sell things where I'd rather commiserate.

  17. What is exactly the problem here? Looks like you are on a site called Is this a complaint about the mobile format not being responsive? For a struggling local paper? I'm over 40 so maybe I just don't have eyes for the issue. Like, seriously.

  18. Ivermectin doesn't have a political stance. It won the Nobel prize in 2015 and is listed as an essential drug by WHO. It's an incredible anti parasitic drug. It's used for animals and humans. Not sure why anyone should be embarrassed over the truth. I am double vaxxed. A lefty, and pro science. If you think that's apologizing for the right, you are politicizing this drug exactly like the right does. You cant see that?

  19. Good filtering criteria. Into conspiracy theories and think you know more than doctors about vaccines? Then your judgment is seriously fucked and you are unfit for the job.

  20. Didn't know about this rally. I would have liked to have gone. I'm literally pro abortion (too many people already) and Planned Parenthood does a billion more things than abortions.

  21. Appreciate the forthrightness in posting your site. My two cent feedback: I read your headline and clicked on the link. I'm not getting paid so I just wanted to get gist here. Takes me about 3 seconds to see if there's anything unique. Didn't see it. Back to school sale? My thoughts- is this a store for college kids- thats a hot trend these days? What?- look at all these categories. Why would I shop here? I'm out.

  22. I see exactly where you are coming from and 100 percent agree. I felt like it was also a bit scattered especially when I want people to be able to buy multiple items that fit their aesthetic without having to browse through too many categories. It's always easier to bring ideas to the table when outside sources like yourself point it out. Much appreciated for your time.

  23. Personally if I'm not shopping at a place from convenience or just very best price what entices me is the sense that there is a person (not an anonymous store) who is curating the products and categories I'm browsing, that there is some underlying rational other than just a store selling things. I say personally, but this is also my professional opinion about how to differentiate an ecommerce experience.

  24. Just give me a postseason appearance so we can break the longest playoff drought in American professional sports.. I mean the Sonics have been in the playoffs more recently lol

  25. I'm quite enjoying the Mariners being the Mariners and never getting to the post season and choking at best in late summer. It's tradition.

  26. You don't need anyone with industry experience. You need someone with a proven track record of growing ecommerce sales through organic and PPC campaigns. The freelance sites are a minefield of fake profiles and offshore people claiming to be in the U.S. and with all kinds of misleading info. I suggest doing some basic research on PPC and SEO companies; hire a firm rather than a freelancer.

  27. I have a business in the complex, called Bailey Hill Industrial complex. Unfortunately it looks like a hash oil explosion, confirmed by investigators I talked with. No businesses there are supposed to be doing any of that, but unfortunately one has and here's what happened. I hope the two young men that were severely burned turn out ok, but this was extremely foolish and reckless of them.

  28. why is butane hash oil extraction still legal? There are much better alternatives for both yield and safety, such as supercritical CO2 extraction. I wonder how the legal proceedings will go, as it may be a case where they might not be properly insured due to the quasi-legal status of cannabis?

  29. Whatever this was it wasn't legal. The tenants claimed to be landscaping company. No this won't be insured so the owners will be on the hook. This will be a criminal case, and whoever the tenant / renter is should get a long jail sentence not just for the property damage and damage to adjacent businesses, but for the sever injuries caused to his two young stupid workers. This was completely ghetto and has no place in Eugene. We have a high quality legal weed market here- do it right and don't cut corners with your butane crap and dangerous illegal industrial setup.

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