1. I’d love to try the Indian food Rory is so excited about finally being able to order lol.

  2. Mine is easy but a favorite of mine. It’s the line + the facial expression 😂

  3. When Taylor wants Luke to do something about Jess and his misbehavior.

  4. This is an EXCELLENT one and another favorite of mine!! Sooo perfect

  5. "As kids we shared our toys, with all the girls and boys. Barrel of monkeys, your battleship sunk me, please recall the joy. Wilo, clue, mousetrap, passion spirograph, kelidiscope spinning, yahtzee I'm winning. Think of how we laughed. But today we share our love. Today we share our love. Because love is the greatest toy around"

  6. Thank you, this song has literally been stuck in my head for the past couple of hours 😂

  7. I think that's why people hate Zack. Lane didn't get the storyline she deserved. I think Zack a good partner for her but ASP made her get pregnant with triplets immediately after getting married. They were young and broke so of course it would make touring and going after their dreams a lot more difficult. I feel like if they had just had one kid things would be significantly easier for them. ASP has this weird thing about pregnancy completely disrupting life plans and mothers having to give up a lot in order to raise a baby. She relied too heavily on pregnancy in her storylines.

  8. Totally agree, I made a post a while ago complaining about how it seems like the drama of surprise pregnancies is completely overused. It’s really annoying.

  9. There is a significant amount of people who think Rory wasn't manipulated, she knew that Dean was lying when he said his marriage is over and did it anyway because she just wanted to. I feel like that ignores Rory's overall naive, trusting nature that she displays throughout the show. She tends to believe the best of people, especially those close to her, sometimes to her detriment.

  10. I came here to say something similar and you said it way better than I could have! I may even be 80% dean/20% Rory. She has a certain level of responsibility but I think she was manipulated exactly for the reasons you said. She made a bad choice that ended up hurting people but that’s life. I think this was a really big lesson for her and she learns from it. (AYITL aside, that reality doesn’t exist to me)

  11. This is my vote, although Chris/Sherry and Luke/Nicole are almost as painful and will probably be my next votes lol.

  12. I don’t think Logan would have been nearly as likable if not for Matt.

  13. I’m constantly on the fence about how I feel about Logan and Rory and I think this is partially to blame lol. He’s just too good/too likable of an actor

  14. Jason was the one who worked best with Lorelai. He seemed to really care about her and want to make her happy.

  15. I like this one :) I do like Jason too. He seemed to really fit with her. I feel like they both could have made each other a little better - he would have been stable, nonjudgmental, supportive, he was always good to Rory and actually got along with her parents. And I think Lorelei would have broken through his kind of weird extravagant/bachelor lifestyle quirks, she is so down to earth and lovable and I feel like we were already starting to see how she brought out his fun, sweet side.

  16. Max. So unprofessional and a little creepy to me. I thought it was so over the line of him to pull Rory aside to ask if her mom was coming to Parents Day (asking the whole class would have gotten him the same info), and also when he talked to her after class about her boyfriend problems. Yuck. Mind your business, man. I also didn't think he had that "favorite teacher" charisma. I find his whole storyline so dull and boring.

  17. I agree. I feel like he is incredibly immature. His relationship with Lorelei wasn’t romantic to me, it was based on both of their terrible impulses. He honestly reminds me a lot of Christopher, with him thinking marriage is a solution to a problem, and suggesting it way wayyy too early. And in a way pressuring her to say yes by making this huge, grand gesture.

  18. Omg I literally just did this same thing a week ago!! I’m not the most experienced but I’ve made chocolate chip cookies a lot so it was like, wtf lol. Be kind to yourself! Things happen, I know it’s annoying and feels “ruined”, but they’re edible. Try to laugh it off and try again next time. If it’s something you legitimately enjoy doing, no need to punish yourself when things don’t turn out.

  19. Nothing really compares, for me lol. But whenever someone asks this I always think of Never Have I Ever and Grace and Frankie. They both have cute, heartwarming, quirky, charming qualities which I find similar to GG.

  20. My thought for this game was "who could I not stand if they were given a single extra line in the show"

  21. Me too. The second he opens his mouth it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

  22. i don't disagree w that on principle as much as most ppl on this sub do but i don't find it in character for logan not to wait. & i def don't find the non-emotion of the scene in character either. (i blame direction for that one.) this is the one scene in gg that always annoys me.

  23. Yes to this! I can understand his frustration with being long distance indefinitely but the fact that he’d just shrug and walk away like that bugs the shit out of me. Not when he’s been portrayed as so emotionally mature, understanding, etc.

  24. Is that the reason people are saying they dislike her?? I mean AYITL upset me because I thought it was crappy and out of character for her, so it doesn’t count to me haha. I otherwise don’t have a big issue with Rory

  25. Yes it's sooo cozy. I just laugh at the bright California sunlight in all the scenes!

  26. Floridian here, same 😂 the highs have been in the 80’s all week

  27. One of the comments on the last survey results gave me a new perspective and made me decide to vote for him lol. Could be that comment swayed the results?

  28. Same for me lol! I still find Richard entertaining but it reminded me of the things I dislike about him

  29. Agree I still like Richard but it maybe helped remove my rose colored glasses about him lol. Honestly I was voting for Rory but then I realized that everything awful about her is a result of her upbringing and in that sense Richard and Emily made Lorelei and Rory the way that they are. Lorelei I still see as someone who was trying to break free from her upbringing, but ultimately made certain decisions for the sake of her daughter to give her the best life possible. Rory is just a spoiled brat.

  30. Aww I’m not a huge Rory hater but Emily and Richard definitely have a toxic relationship with Lorelei that I think spilled over to Rory. And I agree that Richard lets Emily be the bad guy - just cause he didn’t orchestrate it doesn’t make him innocent! He’s so lovable sometimes but can be so privileged and misogynistic

  31. Definitely Friday Night’s for Fighting! It’s one of my favorite episodes

  32. Not advice per se - but sometimes on this sub, I have the impression that people are doing “too much”… Like, “I’ll put my puppy in his crate with a t-shirt with my smell on it, and then I have to stop talking and can’t move, put white noise and his favorite piece of classical music and I can only increase his crate time by 4 minutes per day and walk him for 12 minutes maximum”

  33. This is a huge reason why I had to stop coming on here so much lol. I mean I love this sub and it has been so helpful, but after a while I started feeling soooo inadequate. I constantly felt like I wasn’t doing enough and was just stressed about it all the time

  34. It's worth noting that this round really was so different to the previous ones. With fewer characters it's easier to get a bigger portion of the vote, but it's gone in the opposite direction - Logan's share of the vote was so much less than Jason's or Dean's. The vibe is very much that people just like other characters better.

  35. Omg I’ve been voting Michel too!!!! I don’t HATE him but I definitely wouldn’t choose him over anybody else, I don’t get it lol

  36. Hated the Lane storyline. From what I understand Mellisa got pregnant and they had to write it in but I hate the way they did it. Super unnecessary and made me dislike Jackson a ton. It’s very interesting how Amy uses violations of women’s bodies to get a plot going without realizing or acknowledging how big a deal they are. Especially on a show that’s supposed to be so pro women. Buuuuuut i dunnoooo.

  37. Agreed! It’s totally fine that they’re pregnant but it’s the way it’s done. Violating is the right word. Especially for Sooki. Just zero appreciation for what that would actually be like, and what pregnancy entails, and within a few minutes of Lorelei reminding her how sweet babies are, she’s fine with it.

  38. If you type in “hot Dr Pepper” in YouTube it’s the first video that comes up. Enjoy.

  39. Dr. Pepper. The famous 23 flavor soda, has a lot of spinoff products,

  40. I was checking to see if someone referenced this video, seeing it as this wall of text is even better 😂

  41. Just seconding this, it’s worth a serious discussion and trying to get him to share responsibility. It is VERY overwhelming trying to do it on your own and, giving your husband the benefit of the doubt, maybe he doesn’t quite realize all the work that goes into it because he’s been able to avoid it.

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