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  1. I miss people trying to pump Body saying it’s the next Peleton

  2. Turns out its been just like Peloton since Nov

  3. I blame the financial media for letting these guys say whatever they want with no journalistic integrity. Of course a salesman is going to try and sell.

  4. Wow, Ive never seen anything like that. Not surprising from a guy wearing the standard tech dude vest and khakis.

  5. Who thinks DWAC finds $1B in PIPE in the next two weeks like they said? If they do, my puts are screwed. Should I cut my losses or pray he doesn’t get it?

  6. What are the ramifications of only 2% redemption? Never seen that low a number before.

  7. Depends, would i also have to be a fucking weirdo who collects bags of childrens’ blood to transfuse them in a vain attempt to stop myself from aging?

  8. This game is so quiet we might as well be in the bubble

  9. Yeah he’s kinda being a douche.

  10. There's plenty of people that didn't make much in crypto. Miami attracts the wealthy.

  11. DMYQ getting options tomorrow and the strikes only go up to 12.5 🧐

  12. Trying to get a bunch of CCs called when it goes to 15

  13. What do people think of this one? Personally I think offering a professional grade exchange with deep liquidity will attract some big institutional investors and make them more comfortable with crypto trading. Long term play

  14. I originally bought warrants in FPAC because of Thomas Farley and him staying on as CEO of Bullish I think is good news. I also participated in the open beta they did a few months ago which was buggy but generally worked well. I sold my warrants because the valuation is still unknown, the liquidity pool staking/lending and hybrid order book is the best thing about Bullish but its also something the SEC might not allow ( I expect the merger to be delayed), and the focus on EOS is sketchy. Im going to wait and see on this one.

  15. What's happening with CPUH i have been holding this forever

  16. Nothing, this week I split my units Ive been holding for months and sold half of my commons.

  17. I think I'm gonna buy an NFT... How the mighty have fallen...

  18. It’s getting hard to watch matisse on offense, he’ll never be able to next to Embiid which sucks considering is defense is generational

  19. Seems to be worse than last year on offense

  20. Big Eagles and Sixers fan here. Ive only recently started posting here on game days since Liberty Ballers switched their comment system which ruined the experience. As far as the Eagles go I dont post on the Reddit and use the BGN Discord for game days.

  21. That was a perfect miss by maxey lol

  22. Gobbled up some CVII Warrants, sold my DCRN. Doesn't look like it's going to move imminently.

  23. Agree about DCRN, sold mine when it wasnt pumping with the other DC__ SPACs

  24. If NFL franchises were public companies, the Detroit Lions would definitely be a SPAC. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. See y'all at the casino tomorrow.

  25. In hindsight, the sideburns were a red flag...

  26. Wiggins didnt even go for the ball he dove at Danny's legs

  27. Anyone trying to make some big-ish purchases with Black Friday this year?

  28. I was all over Slickdeals arount this time in 2019 while I was building a new Hackintosh and upgrading my camera gear but havent used it much since. Didnt know about SPACs at the time but should have put the money in IPOA instead.

  29. I've been trying to ignore the low-float plays, but I might be finally ready to give in. Can somebody list a few examples of low-float plays that successfully popped? I think IRNT might have been one of the first, but I don't remember others.

  30. First they came for the FinTech stocks but I said nothing because I was not a FinTech stock…

  31. For what it's worth, The Nasdaq has reversed twice today around the same price it reversed on 11/10. Could be worth monitoring that hopefully the worst is behind is?

  32. I see SPY falling at least 5% from ATH before we recover

  33. As bad as we have played down all 5 starters tonight, we are still playing the same level as the Kings. This must be how Kings fans feel every night watching their team, takes me back to the days of the process.

  34. I've been buying pre-DA commons and warrants for over a year now. I'll typically hold them for a couple of months and if they bleed up I'll sell them. I have not once----not even once, gotten a DA while holding one. what are the odds.

  35. FPAC is the only hit Ive had since I started buying warrants this summer.

  36. Are there any SPACs that deal with mining and/or energy? Oil, precious metals, rare earth minerals, uranium, etc?

  37. ERES and RONI are two pre-DA off the top my head that are energy and resource focused.

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