1. I think the saying is just fine. Cat people will like it. But the placement of the cat face seems a little wrong. I would suggest better and cuter artwork to incorporate rather than the barebones face that you have, but maybe you don’t have access to that, I dunno. But as it is, the “cat face” could be almost any animal face. Could be dog, hedgehog, seal, hamster, who knows. I think cat people would be more drawn to more cat-like artwork.

  2. :-) Thanks for paying attention and suggestion. I use inkscape to design (svg). My skill level of designing is quite preliminary, that's why I try to do minimal. But you're right it should be specific to cat. Let me see if I can find free clip-art or draw, and put words around it.

  3. U can try to create another campaign using that same post which already has engagement but instead of choosing post engagement, choose ‘conversations’ box. And make sure you have a working pixel. 👍

  4. I'm from India but my target was USA market. I don't think teespring have much market in India.

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