1. Depends on your area. I was making 1k + a week doing 16 - 17 Costco batches. It was steady until June of 2021

  2. 71 batches just to make 2k? That's 71 deliveries in 7 days! Slave wage if you ask me.

  3. Yeah brah! It is. Better invest that cash into crypto while you are at it

  4. Im pretty sure you could have left the "blessed in the looks department" part out and people would still understand...

  5. Ppl just trying to make you feel bad for being yourself smh

  6. Same. I finally had a 4 star dropped and today I wake up to a 1 star in its place. I am at a loss for what could have gone wrong since there is no feedback and I made sure to communicate with all customers about replacements.

  7. I really wish we could get feedback from our lower ratings. It would really help to us to make changes to improve what we are doing.

  8. Now most of the ratings is just bullshit. Been doing this for a yr now so I know what customers want and how to talk to them

  9. It's my fault that I am still doing this shit gig. Should have quit ages ago.

  10. I was told they come in around 9 or so, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

  11. I get stores from all over the bay. I get stores in Santa Cruz or Burlingame sometimes. Will try Costco at 9am tomorrow

  12. It should be a permanent change from 10am to 9am, as Costco customers earliest delivery time has change from 11am to 10am as well.

  13. Yeah the "dark winter" Biden keeps talking about. They keep fucking with us. There is no test for a delta variant. They're just making things up to scare people into taking the vaccine because too many people still don't want it. Well, on the bright side, maybe Instacart will start to pick back up again. It's been hella slow for months.

  14. Don't ask support hard questions, never know what they'll say. If they were shoppers, they'd have a 2.3 rating.

  15. I didn't ask. He mentioned it. I wanted to know which date the bad rating came from so I could calculate how many I would need for it to fall off

  16. I know how it works. I was asking if anything changed because I stopped getting low ratings. Finally got one after a long time

  17. I stopped sending thank you messages at the end of delivery and I hardly get any low ratings now

  18. I finally got the card to go through but accidently backed out of the order so it thinks I haven't checked out... and of course Support is busy as hell so I'm like 700th in line and I have no idea what to do with these cold groceries while I wait..

  19. Well shit lol it worked. Fucking technology.

  20. The checkout process on the app is just for the cashier to scan the barcode if they have to. Apart from that it’s pretty useless.

  21. I see a mix at the stores I shop at. Half the employees if not more are usually still wearing masks. I donMt blame them at all.

  22. Okay, think what you want to think. Nothing wrong with respectfully asking a customer what you can do better.

  23. I didn't luck out and it is not wrong. There is not a rule in the Instacart terms that states we cannot talk to a previous customer.

  24. Going to their residence unannounced because of a rating to confront them is plain dumb! If you don't see that then it's just a matter of time before you get kicked from the platform

  25. I remove orders all the time. You have to guess who the low tipper is. I am pretty good at it now

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