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  1. Harrison Barnes is the dream. I’m just not sure if the Lakers are linked to him.

  2. Eric Pincus actually said the Lakers were interested in Barnes a few days ago. But I doubt we get him due to lack of assets + Kangz FO might be salty about us dipping on the Buddy Hield deal.

  3. I believe in Pincus. Jake Fischer also said Jerami Grant isn’t interested in a team where he’s not a primary option on the offensive end. He wants his shots/touches still and to secure his max deal.

  4. People who don’t think Vogel’s at fault aren’t watching games.

  5. Because Lebron WILLINGLY wanted to play with Russell Westbrook.

  6. Yeah I can’t believe Bron wanted to play with declining Westbrook. Huge head scratcher. In theory I understand why for the regular season but it has just straight up failed us.

  7. Wild. I talked myself into it because I trusted Lebrons judgment.

  8. Me too tbh. Especially the carry the regular season load, the lowest seed I had us getting was the 5th and now we’re the 8th and under .500 lmao.

  9. Vogel sucks Beginning to wonder if Kidd or Hollins were the actual brains behind the championship.

  10. It’s beginning to look like Kidd was the mastermind behind our defense or played a huge part in it. Turns a Mavs team who were a bottom 10 defense last year into top 10. They’re good on that end now.

  11. Vogel took him out of his rhythm since removing him from the starting lineup. Instead of playing and starting with our 2 best playmakers in Bron & Russ to set him up he’s forced to play off the bench with guys like THT, Melo, Reaves, Stanley etc.

  12. Cause it is. How does she cheap out, she has no small market excuses when it’s the damn Lakers. Cheaped out on Ty Lue’s contract, asked for loans during COVID, cheaped out on Caruso, and now we have to find a trade for DJ and Baze just to open up a roster spot instead of cutting them.

  13. He’s been out of the league type terrible ever since he came back from COVID. Before COVID he was not like this at all. Idk what happened to him.

  14. COVID happened to him. It can take a toll on your respiratory system if it hits you hard enough

  15. One of the worst offensive coaches in the league. There are teams that have less talent then us and have a higher offensive rating.

  16. Vogel’s love affection with THT needs to be investigated

  17. If Vogel doesn’t insert Ellington or Monk here for this situation it furthers his chance of getting fired.

  18. Facts once this team gets a lead they stop playing with energy. Once they go down double digits that’s when they decide to bring energy as well.

  19. Afraid they might be too banged up for the Rams or Bucs. Trent in crutches and I saw Kittle limping too.

  20. Probably gonna find a mix of Raiders, Rams, Cowboys, Chargers, and 49ers fans.

  21. I’ll use that package and take one Jerami Grant instead

  22. 100% but this is just a general statement for the playoffs

  23. Way too easy to get injured in football, players need rest

  24. He was never into football then guys in the NBA told him to pick a team. He picked the Packers despite being from Chicago lmao.

  25. They’re an 8-39 team ofc a decent game should be expected from him. I won’t hate but like y’all shouldn’t rly use this as an excuse to not criticize WB as a player lol

  26. Exactly if he can turn up in these next few games against real competition maybe heads will turn. There were no real take a ways from anybody on this team against the Magic today.

  27. Well that’s on him, he threw some careless passes today.

  28. Probably won’t happen considering Vogel values defense and despite Ariza not playing well at all he’s still one of our only true wings.

  29. Reaves need to be a better three point shooter. And I think he can.

  30. Agree that’s the only thing I’m concerned about if he plays major mins. We already have negative floor spacers like Russ, THT, and Stanley.

  31. AD is a better playoff performer then Embiid and both led there teams to the exact same position as the legitimate #1 option which was a second round exit.

  32. Nah this cycle starts if we win against the Heat. Orlando had to be a win no matter what, no excuses.

  33. I noticed Bron doesn’t really go for loose balls ever since Solomon Hill dived on his ankle

  34. I’m all for the Wall for Westbrook swap as long as they don’t have to give up the 2027 First. If they do just bounce or ask for one of Wood, Gordon, or more compensation.

  35. So DJ had to pull Westbrook back from leaving the bench? That’s some Diva shit from a guy with zero rings.

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