1. If Rex is the Bears QB off a buy week and Matt is a backup coming in to start 1 game he will get the Osweiler v 🐻 boost and put up a career day in a W

  2. Crypto investors went from "buy the dip" to "buy the crash" pretty quick. What a bloodbath.

  3. Easy to buy the crash when you are still up ~100% on your entries a year ago

  4. Every now and then you have a company like CFVI or GGPI get announced and go back to NAV(or even $ESSC when it got posted here and stayed at $10ish for a bit) - probably best to just go all in when those events happen and only have 2-3% risk downside while they're at NAV, and have a potential 30-50% upside.

  5. Mad comfortable in my VTI as a 3X y/o, price tomorrow doesn’t particularly matter. Price in 2052 ain’t gunna remember Covid blips.

  6. I mean, it sounds like it is on the verge of bankruptcy, so... perfect SPAC target!

  7. Really trying to get the point across with six posts in a row huh?

  8. Not sure why you are downvoted. I agree. It’s a fine interpretation, very moderate, but still just a guess.

  9. I can only guess the downvotes haven’t seen this cycle play out before.

  10. Tonight we dine in Hell! (With Ramen…..if it’s on sale)

  11. Keep an eye on these and add some on pullbacks. ATM with omicron and uncertainty over taper, I am going to probably stick to NAV plays for a while

  12. VTI and VIOV both are fairly high, are you suggesting these for a short term bounce or for keeps?

  13. Whoa. I bought 10,000 warrants just before closed today at $1.11. Any idea how warrants will be impacted? I have a feeling it's not good with only 5% of the commons remaining, while 100% of the warrants are still outstanding.

  14. I read it as a plus for warrant holders, deal barely got any cash to the target which isn’t great however, it makes it more likely target rationally prefers 11.50 in cash per warrant rather than a cashless option if it has cashless terms. The Warrant gains meaningful value when deal goes through and risk of cancellation goes away.

  15. My main concern is early redemption. I read the S1 clause about Commons needing to trade over $18.50 for a specified number of days in order for redemption, but is there any other risk of earlier redemption that you know of? Can you elaborate on the cashless terms you refer to? I'm not familiar with that.

  16. If you look in the S-4 it’s the next paragraph after the 18 terms. Search “or exceeds $10.00”

  17. Can you repurchase the common after redeeming? Or is that illegal?

  18. You can, but redemption will take weeks potentially before you have your cash back.

  19. I sign off and my stuff is up 1%, then i go to bed, then I wake up and my stuff is down 5%? 🤡

  20. Y'all really surprised it didn't pop more? The run up warrants have had recently is definitely going to take the juice out of a lot of DA pops but

  21. I’m not that surprised, .85 could have been had a month ago too iirc. 50% pop from there not bad at all.

  22. What does that make us if the Vikings are perennial losers? They have won more playoff games than us in the past 10 years. They also have to play these tough teams too.

  23. We are way way closer to DET than we are to MN and have been for a long time.

  24. Haven't been in the SPAC land for a while. What's the news?

  25. we all wish we bought dwac but most of us didn't when we woke up that morning and saw it at 11-12 bucks

  26. I had 5k in cash looking at sub 2 warrants. Need to move to Asia so it can be evening instead of rolling over in bed decision making in the US.

  27. Warrants up a little across the board, Commons still dead pre DA, post DA commons very occasionally not dead, ticker change is rough out here.

  28. I like seeing these kinds of comparative posts. What is the lineage on the next few DMY… SPACs coming up? Can you post a list of the next few in line and how far from inception they are?

  29. I'm not sure I am following the distinction you are trying to make here, would you mind elaborating a little more for me?

  30. When you buy DMYSWS or DMYQWS you are buying 1 whole warrant with similar terms.

  31. I actually worked with them couple years back on a project (short term) -- they were really on top with the ai even back there... srad even bought one slovenian firm that dealt with bank analysis initially then switched to ai..

  32. I’m going to apply to a job I’m a step under-qualified for simply so I can include a cover letter noting 7% of my investment nut is in SRAD.

  33. cover letter is where u write couple sentences why u would want to work with them?

  34. I sold puts too early and bought commons in the 9.xx. This is a great time to sell 12/17 or 1/21 10p for potential 8.Xx entries or just buy the commons. Hoping it’s just right for buying.

  35. Seriously. Take it or leave it. It is not like I live and die by his culinary recs. lol. NFTS and SPACs are the same in weight- pffft.. but you simply cannot deny he has a great spreadshit or two that help us about once a month. shrugs shoulders. ;D Or, if we all have a throw down, he'll come in to adjudicate. Kinda funny. We respect him. Everyone has their SPECIFIC gifts.

  36. Historically he’s been a great source of free information, in my opinion him giving that info has always been self serving. Which is true for most of us I would imagine. No free lunch, gotta do your own DD as ever.

  37. Watching redzone all afternoon and there are a lot of bad teams, with worse records than us....yet somehow I just think that we might be the worst team in the league!

  38. Come to the dark side where you expect nothing, and revel in the inane ways your team loses. I’ve been there with 🐻 since the Tebow Marion Barber game.

  39. If Nagy and Rodgers get extended this offseason I would be so not happy.

  40. They didn’t get a new PT this week. The week before they got a 19 and a 30 target.

  41. Imagine downvoting this factual comment.

  42. Imagine living in a world where both Pace’s draft picks at T are NFL starters long term.

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