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  1. Ukraine needs to develop more and work on its corruption problem. But most importantly is what you're seeing with Russia right now. Ukraine needs to be stronger because if NATO announced letting Ukraine join Russia would invade right this second and overwhelm Ukrainian forces.

  2. The only way to not lose is to not play the game. No woman no cry.

  3. Every now and then you have a company like CFVI or GGPI get announced and go back to NAV(or even $ESSC when it got posted here and stayed at $10ish for a bit) - probably best to just go all in when those events happen and only have 2-3% risk downside while they're at NAV, and have a potential 30-50% upside.

  4. stop that talk. GGPI is not going back to NAV. my portfolio and sanity depends on it staying at least mildly pumped.

  5. GGPI should be fine. I was talking about how after the DA was announced, GGPI went back to $10 for a month. It's during those moments when we think "damn it'll probably never go up again" but then they do. Same thing just happened with CFVI/Rumble literally yesterday. All these things have a trend, they're all in hype sectors/meme potential (even the 'short squeeze' $ESSC is meme material after GME).

  6. Oh totally. Dcrc as well. Although it's a little surprising it's getting pounded so hard but it's a nasty time on the market. Mark it already wanted to do a little correction profit taking then the FED announced tapering then omicron then the Fed reiterated tapering and said it would accelerate it and that inflation is more of a concern. Kind of a perfect storm for a 10% haircut to the market. I'm still expecting us to go down a little more next week before we bend back up.

  7. Dude is in a slump and our team has serious chemistry issues. Not sure who is really comfortable on the team. Gotta give guys time. He's 2 for 19 from 3 in his last 8 games. Pretty sure that's going to improve.

  8. Bench you from posting. Is offense really our biggest problem? Or is it defense?

  9. vs pistons 2pts 2 reb 2 ast 0-3 3p. as long as we're making decisions based on a single game. and +/- is a trash statistic. that said, I really like Malik Monk and he keeps getting better as the season goes on.

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