1. I never cared for Bobby and I also don’t like Castiel all that much either

  2. Yeah, Jensen is lead vocals for Radio Company. In 15x04 “Atomic Monsters”, that’s him singing at the end. “Sounds of Someday”

  3. I think ultimately Sam is a better fighter. Purely because she is disciplined and methodical, like Buffy. Tori is dangerous, volatile and animalistic, losing control pretty easily- just like Faith. (Using a BTVS analogy)

  4. The inconsistency in writing and tons of continuity errors.

  5. Like when Anael and Ruby had that flashback where they made that deal.

  6. Yup. My unpopular opinion has always been the wives really didn’t need that. And they both aren’t great actresses anyway.

  7. I think Sam knows anyway. While an Angel or demon possesses a vessel, the vessel is simply trapped, but well aware of what is going on

  8. Why the hell would you ever throw glass anyway? Dean, silly man. Lol.

  9. He was better for her but she didn’t love him. And it was as simple as that.

  10. Unfortunately she’s ruined her face with plastic surgery. It’s such a shame, she was a beauty.

  11. I actually thought that Miranda seemed her happiest when she was a single mother and co-parenting with Steve.

  12. Obviously she wasn’t, though- because she made the first move to reunite with him AND proposed.

  13. I’ve never denied Carrie (and Big) could be horrible to each other. But as we were talking solely about Steve, it’s completely irrelevant how good or bad Carrie is has nothing to do with Steve being bad.

  14. So you just really don’t like Steve and would still feel that way if he and Miranda were currently happy. Okay.

  15. Oh, look. It’s another “let’s hate on Maze” post

  16. I didn’t mind it. I don’t care at all for the Deckerstar relationship so I was fine with them not getting a real HEA.

  17. The majority of the fans think Dean but I will always be a Sam girl

  18. There are a LOT of people who answered Sam! A lot more than I'd anticipated!

  19. I have yet to come across a poll that wasn’t like 70/30 in Dean’s favour tbh. I love Jensen and think he’s hot as hell but Jared is a total fox.

  20. Honestly, I never gave a crap about Lucifer and Chloe, cos Chloe is literally one of the most boring, insufferable female protagonists/love interests in a tv show (in my opinion) so I really didn’t mind the ending. I actually could have dealt with seeing it end even worse for them. However, the end of 5B was a fairly decent, enjoyable ending and tbh I’d have taken that as a worthy ending. S6 was honestly pointless anyway.

  21. I hate that you’re getting downvoted for your personal opinion. I’m with you, I always found Chloe very flat and boring as a female lead. There wasn’t anything that gave her a spark. Most of the secondary female characters were far better, IMO. (I’d watch a whole show of Ella being adorable or of Maze exploring life with a brand new shiny soul)

  22. Yes, that was it. I preferred ALL of the other women to Chloe. Even Charlotte.

  23. I shipped them so hard until they actually got together.

  24. Crowley. I actually didn’t realise that was his final death so I was like “oh, he’s GONE? Huh.”

  25. I rather liked the idea of Sam and Rowena, though obviously that wasn't a viable endgame option.

  26. So did I. I loved their friendship but honestly. I could have stood seeing something more.

  27. Same. I’m not a Dean or a Chris fan but if someone is…that’s okay too!!! It’s super weird to me that downvoting has gotten so out of control on this sub lately. You cannot express a dissenting opinion anymore without the downvote brigade going IN. Sometimes I laugh it off but for now I have no interest in commenting here.

  28. Oh yes, I know that loving Dean and Chris, particularly Chris, is a highly unpopular opinion. But I once said that I used to root for Luke and Lorelei but personally went off them when they actually got together. I actually enjoyed Chris and Lor, and I also said I realised I was in a minority.

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