1. Still popular among kurds that being said its probably because its a big part of our culture

  2. Today I read a news report about a Turkish city major ordered all hats 🧢 bought or got from Kurdistan to be burned down because it writes Kurdistan on it. They even released a further statement saying “ we are not only against Kurdistan we also against the word Kurdistan”. This image related It happened in Corum I guess

  3. They were for barzanis political campaign in Iraq, funny thing is that barzani government and akp government are supposed to be close allies. Can’t understand for the life of me how barzani can sell his honour to Turks that hate his people

  4. “Without faithful allies” didn’t Iran helped them during war with i s i s than they went wild and tried to take over kirkuk and failed ?!

  5. We took over kirkuk when the Iraqi army left it for isis, they wanted kirkuk back and gave barzani a oil deal so he would pull back. Arabs act like they destoyed us but in reality no one died and we just left kirkuk. Though isis has taken over towns in kirkuk multiple times since we gave it back to them and it didn’t happen a single time when we controlled it

  6. Right? Turkey bombs PKK and not SDF. At times they have people in their ranks that are PKK affiliated, but Ethnic Supremacists are often in the ranks of US, Russia, China, etc.

  7. Turkey considers both the YPG and the SDF as terrorist organizations and part of the pkk (I’m pretty sure they are the only country in the world that does this though, Azerbaijan could also have done it because they are turkeys bitch but I’m not sure)

  8. Are they all dead? If they are why haven’t they flattened the prison yet?

  9. I don’t know, it’s mostly Albanians living there so I guess it’s more Albanian

  10. Yes I contacted one and they didn’t reply and then I realised there was an option to contact all mods and so I did that too just then, hopefully one of them reply. It seems most of them are men. It would be nice to have some women moderating the thread

  11. Tbh the mods suck, I’ve seen troll posts be up for hours here and not removed

  12. This is the reason why I support having artifacts in Britain. Everyone always calls them thugs but atleast in Britain they aren’t going to be destroyed by Islamic extremists

  13. Ofc it’s not a 100 percent but if I was Assyrian I would most definitely not want the artifacts to be in Iraq or Syria.

  14. Yeah I just learned this today so I don't know much about it.

  15. Aa jo jävla massa blattar, farsan är därifrån och morsan är från erbil

  16. Är du kurd? De är ju typ den enda staden i Irak som typ inte haft några araber alls

  17. This isn’t just something unique to us though, it’s a minority thing. Assyrians have the same thing

  18. Babylon would be dope as fuck,

  19. I’ve always considered it a North African/Moroccan thing

  20. I can’t really give a no because we Kurds already have our self governance how ever in my opinion they are both Arabs with the same culture and mostly same traditions so i feel like it would be unnecessary. If anyone else should get self governance it should be the Assyrians. Then again they live in a lot of the same places as other Arabs and Kurds

  21. Yeah that would be fun, this has become a hybrid between a ask Reddit and group chat

  22. Bro its colder in northern syria then stockholm

  23. It’s Islam though, you can lie to yourself how much you want

  24. I'm not Muslim so yes I'm against it

  25. The whole you can either take a pcr test before or on arrival is bullshit, you have to take one before and one when you arrive though I managed to slip away from the group lining up to take the pcr test at the airport cause I didn’t have any money. Visa is just on arrival atleast for Swedish citizens, it also should be free but I saw a American YouTuber had to pay 70 USD. You also don’t need to self isolate that’s just something they say on paper and I’m pretty sure not a single person does it. Even the YouTubers that have travelled there during corona haven’t done it.

  26. Why if he was fully Kurdish? Didn’t his parents teach him the language?

  27. His mom was Kurdish who spoke Turkish, so no

  28. Oh that’s weird, must have been because of the assimilation policy’s

  29. if they actually kill them wont the coalition just level the prison? i mean arent they trying to surrender, if they want to surrender without being killed they will have to release them

  30. First you have to talk with mossad they will get you some contacts to get into talks with isis commanders. When you have an invitation you contact MIT and they will escort you to some isis cells house. Then when you do a terrorist attack they will blame the SDF and send in drones to “kill” you but it will instead result in some dead SDF ”terrörist”

  31. Kurds in Turkey don't want independence(they want autonomy). Hell, even the founders of Kurdish nationalism does not want to leave Turkey. Do you think the Kurds living in Istanbul and Izmir want to leave. Turkey's east is completely dependent on its west. And even the Kurds are aware of this.

  32. This is definitely true, the thing is with turkey is that Kurds are looked down on and this is the truth, grey wolves are so normalized and that mindset is very common among Turks. Look at any western country even here in Sweden if you support the farthest right party here people will stop being friends with you. The introduction manuals in Istanbul are in over 20 different languages but not in Kurdish A mosque that was built in the 18 century if I’m not mistaken was renamed from the Kurds mosque to the Turks mosque last year. Newroz was rebranded to nevruz something barley any Turks in turkey even celebrate and now it’s advertised as a Turkish holiday

  33. U act like turkey wasn’t the same a couple of years ago lol

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