1. You can definitely do this in the app. What sarge said is correct.

  2. I did what he said but it only said archive the title not return it

  3. Is it over a year old? They don’t let you return it if it is. I’ve returned countless books on the app and that’s always the way I’ve done it. I’d call audible if you still can’t get it.

  4. Is it me or is the issue not that they were toxic but that they ended up being pretty boring? Like they’d have sex, break up, rinse, repeat. It felt like they had zero chemistry once a couple and felt very forced. I can look passed toxicity in tv shows but they just didn’t end up being very interesting to me. I know a lot of people disagree and love them (which I can’t ever understand) but this was just my take.

  5. They also do a school year in between junior and senior year. The inconsistencies are rampant.

  6. That is not only my favorite scene of any show ever but the random scene I caught that made me start watching the show.

  7. Christine basically misspelled all her kids names lol

  8. I mean all parents think their kid is the cutest - even the ugly ones 😂 😂

  9. You can change your name to Brown too if you’d like. Don’t even have to sleep with Kody.

  10. It’s ok none of his wives actually have to sleep with him either….

  11. About the only thing they’ve got going for them at this point.

  12. Jenny is two years younger than Nate and Damien. Not uncommon in high school.

  13. Yes that is correct. Lucas comes back for one scene a few seasons later and Peyton never returns again.

  14. I read about half of that book and just couldn’t get into the writing style so DNF, but I did like the childhood friends (or at least grew up together) trope. So following for recs!

  15. Aw really? I’m about 50% now and really enjoying it.

  16. I just can’t with her. She wouldn’t know clean eating if it hit her in the face. White rice….like there are so many better alternatives if you are seriously trying to lose weight.

  17. Exactly! There are just better options than constantly eating foods with no nutritional value. I’m not saying NEVER but she thinks if you add a vegetable on top of something unhealthy every single meal it negates everything else. News flash, it doesn’t.

  18. Me me me ! I don’t find Ian all that attractive and his odd facial expressions make me cringe.

  19. Yes!!! Before I saw your sub text I was going to say the same scene. So beautiful.

  20. So you’re saying it’s perfectly ethical for an 18 year old to date a 13 year old if the law says it’s okay? Lmao

  21. Idk where you got that. The law doesn’t say that is legal so I wouldn’t stand by it obviously.

  22. Fun fact! If you search up “forced child marriage legal countries” on Google, it’ll list the countries that still lack law of restrictions on child marriage.

  23. She mentioned that the person was a nanny/tutor. I don't know what Robyn's education level is but sometimes the things she says do not make her look like the sharpest knife in the drawer so maybe she struggled with the tutoring?? Just a wild guess.

  24. Especially since kids were still homeschooling in 2020

  25. She's always struck me as phony, though. She has this unnaturally calm, chill, soft voice, and it's almost like she's putting on a little act to make herself seem either super quirky, cutesy, or tragic. Everything's a little too breathy with a little too many raised eyebrows and dramatic pauses and goofy faces. I don't know how to explain it.

  26. I have always found her very fake and condescending. I never get why she’s the favorite of the fans.

  27. Of course it’s weird, he’s in his 200’s lol. However, I think they aged Angel up in ATS due to David Boreanaz getting older. In Buffy, she tells her mom he’s in community college so I always assumed maybe around 20.

  28. As I said, a 16-17 year old hanging out socially with a guy in his 20s? That's not strange at all 😒

  29. My bf was 20 when I was 17 soooo maybe I’m biased 😂😂

  30. Not helpless but pregnancy can be tiring, draining, and some women feel downright awful the entire time. Carry my bags all you want, sir!! 😀

  31. yeah, that’s more like a possible 13 yo dating an 17-18 yo which is a lot grosser than Nate and Jenny’s age gap

  32. I mean a freshman and a senior would typically be three years apart.

  33. I could be wrong, but I think the episode is 2020 and the mall photo was 2021

  34. You’re correct. This was a year after the “rules”. Who knows what changed for them during that time. I think many of us were less restrictive this Christmas than last.

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