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  1. Most important thing in business is good product market fit. Are you sure your prospects are willing to spend 30 euro for some promotional merch cutouts?

  2. It does seem to be a bit expensive for something that doesn't appear to have much replayability but I'm not part of your target audience.

  3. Thank you very much. I already had these thoughts so it’s nice to have someone confirm them. All boxes have instructions but it might make it clearer if we add a picture of them in the cutouts image. Also the boxes you can't click are not available yet. Perhaps adding some text with 'coming soon' will make it less frustrating.

  4. Can anyone tell me if my implementation is of the division operation is correct:

  5. 4% CR is unlikely unless you're an established brand and have a really solid website from a conversion rate optimization standpoint, and a decent ad strategy. 1-2% is more realistic for most businesses, and typically much lower (0.2-0.5%) if the website was a DIY project by someone without experience in positioning your offer for the web specifically (most don't, which is why the expense of a reputable agency can really pay off).

  6. Thank you for your reply. It just seems to me that even if you have higher conversion rate of 4%, the profit you need to get per conversion is quite high to even make it worth it. Of course, this is what the market has set (if you ignore the recent revelations about Facebook and Google).

  7. I'm presenting some back-of-the-envelope estimations here, no exact numbers. I was hoping someone could tell me if my line of thought makes sense. Put it another way, say my conversion rate is 4% and I pay on average €1.19 per click, do I need to make a profit of €30 per conversion to be break-even? Of course I understand there are ways to increase the conversion rate, or reduce the cost per click.

  8. So I was able to route a 30awg wire through the hole and connected the other end to the battery terminal. When I press the button it now kinda works. I think it's supposed to show you the time if you press once, the date if you press twice, and the seconds if you hold the button, but it seems to misbehave. After I press once, what I see is only zeros on the right, and on the left I sometimes see digits, sometimes not. Then after pressing once, you have to wait something like half a minute before you can press again. This doesn't seem right. maybe there are other things that I should also connect to the battery terminal since the paint is off? See for example the two pins on the front of the watch:

  9. You can get conducive paint. The copper paint, which is used in this watch, is pretty expensive. Being you can get a working version of this watch around $100, it may not be worth it. There are graphite versions of conductive paint that are cheaper.

  10. I considered the conductive paint. I have no experience, but I imagine that it might wear really quickly. The electroplating sounds interesting but also dangerous. I’ll have a look how easy it is, although I don’t have a car battery laying around.

  11. Building headless ecommerce website for a small online store is a waste of resources.

  12. Going headless does not mean you have to spend a lot of time. Something like Snipcart, seems to me, makes it quite easy, and you don't have to worry about deployment or anything like that.

  13. Totally understand that, but the basic shopify plan is only $29 a month, and I mean this next part with all due respect, if you can't afford $29 a month to start a business, then you're probably going to struggle with ecommerce. Starting a business isn't cheap, and if you're trying to do something as cheap as possible, you are going to struggle to compete with established brands and companies.

  14. You are right, but it's also an endurance test. If I can save a few bucks here and there at the start, I'm increasing my chances of surviving. At least that's how I see it. From my understanding, something like Snipcart does not require any more effort than Shopify, perhaps even less as I can use my current Github Pages setup. Also note that I am in charge of the technical part of the business. My partner is responsible for the rest.

  15. I've used the second approach in real physics simulations. You can find the method described here:

  16. Fedora Silverblue? You still get frequent updates but they are atomic so you always end up with a fresh system.

  17. Thanks, I was not aware of Rocky linux (or probably heard about it some time ago). I'll look into it. Do you have any experience with it? How does it compare to CentOS? I don't know if I should be happy about the fact that it's community driven.

  18. Its better to use platforms that way you can test the product without spending hours on coding the website from scratch

  19. So most people seem to recommend going with a platform. When I look at something like Shopify it costs 29$/month on top of the transaction fees. How does the integration effort for something like Stripe compare to the effort needed to get a custom themed store setup with a platform like Shopify?

  20. Have you tried swapping in a working power board from your other GG? I had a similar issue and replacing the power board caps fixed it. It too had the correct voltages when measured but under load, it turned off after a second.

  21. Yes, I've tried the power board on a working GG and it works fine. I've also tried using the power board from the working GG on the non working one.

  22. Ah, darn...that points to a problem (short) on the main board. If there is no corrosion, obvious signs of component failure or damage, I’m afraid it will be very difficult to find the short. Good luck

  23. Yeah, it’s really weird. The board looks pristine, and I can’t find any shorts to ground. Perhaps if I had a bench supply I could check if anything’s heating up.

  24. Yes, I realized that, but I can't find the particular encoding used in this case. For example, Δ is represented as 0xA4, while Σ is sometimes represented by 0x0E03A3 (0x0E is the escape code for unicode characters), and sometimes by 0xB3.

  25. On classic I'm seeing the market price of some materials on my realm change strangely. For example, Purple Lotus was around 4s and then it suddenly jumped to somewhere around 1.5g. I am using the TSM App btw. I'm wondering if this is some problem in TSM, or if someone is purposely modifying market prices before they are uploaded by the TSM app. I don't know what kind of security measures are in place. Also, I wouldn't expect the market price to be affected so easily with it being a 14-day weighted average.

  26. People often times (a goblin almost always) will buy all all of a resource, and re-list some or all of that resource at a substantially higher price. Usually they will sell “some” of that resource at that higher price until enough other people start posting it at a more accurate market price. That process of coming back down to that market price from the higher ceiling varies based on server size, popularity of the mat, etc. This is something many goblins do on this sub, sometimes people try to be a little greedier (like in your example going from 4s to 1.5g is usually way too High for most people who are familiar with that mat to ever buy it.) you are basically just hoping someone who doesn’t know the true value of the mat is so desperate or impatient that they will pay they highly inflated price. This is happening on all servers constantly.

  27. I haven't seen the prices being substantially different for a sufficient period of time that could have affected a 14-day average. The market price also really quickly dropped in a day or two.

  28. Is there any way in TSM4 to show prices for the specific item enchantment (i.e. of the Monkey) in the tooltip? Currently TSM groups random enchantments and shows the same price for different enchantments.

  29. You probably have selected ignore random echantments in your group settings, I think the default value is to have different prices for different enchantment, open the group and check the top right corner.

  30. Did you benchmark a release build? I remember the book saying unoptimised iterators are slower, but the compiler is good at optimising them so that they are faster than C++ when you build with compiler optimisations on.

  31. Unsafe is not completely avoidable, agreed. It should be last resort tho. Most of the time there are safe alternatives that are as fast as the unsafe code.

  32. I think this is a better strategy. Start with some unsafe code that you know is performing well, and slowly reduce it.

  33. Hi Hempuli! I wanted to ask you if you do something else for a living or you make a living from your games.

  34. why do C programmers try so hard to reinvent C++ destructors with such ugly macros when they can just use C++. Even then that's one of the worst code I've ever seen.

  35. I think one of the reasons may be that C++ gives way to much freedom to the programmer. Although you could restrict yourself to a certain subset, and many do, it takes a lot of discipline to do so.

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