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  1. To be early. The few cent fee on BSC is pretty tough though...

  2. There’s going to be a fee? Any idea the amount?

  3. Many people, like me, are waiting to buy more SAIT on Saitamask. I'm done with swapping ETH, etc..... that's why many are waiting to buy again/more. I know, for a fact, I'm not alone.

  4. Will you be able to directly fund Saitamask? If not and you still need to buy ETH to swap on Saitamask, then you're still paying the gas fees?

  5. Bought in July. Was flat until Sept. went from $500 to $1.1 million just like that. Now I’m back to 388k. I am not even ready for the next spike. Not ready at all. All of this is too much for me so my advice just hold please.

  6. How did you find it so early and what made you jump in that early on?

  7. If we need to input our seed phrase I'm just going to create a saitamask wallet, and transfer my Saitama there and just use two crypto wallets.

  8. Keeping it in your original wallet and just importing it allows you to not have to pay the gas fees that would be incurred by sending it to an entirely new wallet on Saitamask. So if you can do that and still stake, seems like the way to go.

  9. Yes but you can import your wallet without sharing your seed phrase. If I can import my wallet without needing my seed phrase I'll do that.

  10. Interesting. I'm going to just take my SAITA off the exchange now then, pay those fees, then import it to Saitamask when it's out. I just want to avoid paying the gas fees from Trust Wallet to Saitamask when I go to stake.

  11. What’s better, to WOOF your SHIB or stake SHIB?

  12. Can I import my seed phrase from Trust Wallet to use Shibaswap without having to officially transfer my SHIB to a Shibaswap wallet?

  13. How do you find out? Mine's on an exchange.

  14. It's still down, just not as much. Buy now, and buy again if it goes back down.

  15. Some of us Canadians were falling asleep watching the ticker and were pumped full of energy when the dip happened. Keep averaging down. Dumb reason for a dip.

  16. You hear about their earnings and share buyback?

  17. I’ll join you in manifesting 🤜🤛

  18. If you mean point-of-sale equipment for in-store payment processing/checkout:

  19. Sorry, I meant a way to integrate the processing/payment entry directly into the website instead of having the send traffic to PayPal’s website.


  21. PayFlow seems like it would offer an integrated payment directly on the website. Is it easy to set up with WooCommerce?

  22. Just set cut off at 10am. You don't have an option to set the day.

  23. That won't have any impact on customer expectations, or other settings that I'll need to input?

  24. SEMRush is fantastic in my opinion. Their competitive insights functionality (i.e. seeing what keywords your competitors bid on) has single-handedly allowed me to take Google Ads accounts from unprofitable to profitable. Can't recommend it enough!

  25. I haven't used competitor analysis tools in a while because I used to find they were just scattered shots in the dark results. You're finding them to be pretty accurate now?

  26. Can Canadians buy on the Safemoon wallet? And is it cheaper to buy there than use Pancake Swap?

  27. Thanks for posting this one, sounds really good. Particularly with the recent news about why they speculate it went down.

  28. You're welcome -- I hope a few folks bought this major dip.

  29. If I had come on here just a little earlier I would have gotten a better entry but where I did just now I think is still a really good price. Seems like a great sector and on an upswing before the drop.

  30. Responsive display tends to perform better because the variations have a better chance of fitting with the banner dimensions on various different display network sites, and you can cycle through a lot more creatives to experiment with and to avoid ad fatigue.

  31. Thanks for this answer. Really appreciated! Is it possible to not have the display ad run on things like apps?

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