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  1. For Text to Speech, why not record it from regular TikTok app and export ? You can also use free services like Google Cloud Text-to-Speech or ReadSpeaker.

  2. Oh my god.. what do we not hear these days. Please STOP making these topic, especially if you're an agency owner or a guru. This is non-sense.

  3. No, the only thing that I'm missing is that you have spammed 25 differents subreddits in the last hour with the exact same topic in the hope that someone talk to you.

  4. This is solid advice. I also noticed that reviews and UGC ads performs BETTER since iOS 14.

  5. If no channel bring you result, there may be a problem with the product. Maybe show the website and ads to some people in real life first (that are not family but are part of your ideal audience) to get feedback.

  6. Nowadays this isn't necessarly true that broader audience lead to lower conversion rate. Most of the case it's not true, especially if your pixel has 100+ events.

  7. Noob question but how can you see which time your ads serve in a day. I mean like the hour of day report in google ads.

  8. Upper right, select repartition button > Action > By hours of the day

  9. The only time I've ever seen something like this was with a new, client owned account that had an arbitary daily spend credit limit applied to the account, but there was no indication of this in Business Manager.

  10. It seem that you are right ! I checked the account statistics of the last 3 days and the budget stopped spending everyday at the exact same amount (206€), while the total budget of the campaign was recently raised to 270€ /day.

  11. Our average CPM’s have climbed as high as $350 today. We have turned off all Facebook advertising.

  12. What the hell.. here in France in May I could have 3.5€ CPM with broad so this is like a hundred times more. Insane. I also noticed with AdSpy that some big brands cutted off all of their advertising..

  13. It’s actually insane. We asked them for an ad credit to help weather the storm. They said no of course lol.

  14. Yeah if it takes 350$ to show an ad to 1000 people which 95% will ignore, you might as well pay someone to go in the street and ask everyone to go to your website it's gonna be more profitable haha

  15. Are you already able to sell outside of FB Ads ? If you're confident in your product and know who you're selling to, and why, then yes you can give it a shot. Otherwise, it may be better to start organically or with Google Ads depending on your industry.

  16. Learn how I spent $100 to ignore data significance, check my ROAS bro. Step 1: make your ads good. That's it! Plz upvote.

  17. Let's not be too rude :), theses insights are still good and it's a promising start for his brand, but yes more experience is needed before making a case study like this.

  18. Whats funny is that I also noticed that yesterday was good and today is total junk. Dont know if its a just a coincidence or if FB try to change its algo from day to day. But yes since June its hardcore..

  19. A bit better but I’m not sure thats related to having restarted it since CPM was lower today.

  20. Already restarted campaigns with few differences. Anyway I will continue with cap cost and new creatives, hoping that it's fixed soon.

  21. Nice post. 200% agree about the offer part. Offer can make or break your business and this is often overlooked by marketers. By switching offer from 65$ to 59$ + 1 free gift for my brand I was able to literally 3x the conversion rate (on a 10k/month spend with FB ads). Ads are important, CRO too, but sometimes it's also about the offer. Big brands dominate with great offers.

  22. I cannot tell you my website unfortunately, but i can tell you that it is the cleanest thing you will ever see.

  23. Well.. can't tell then. Were the ads a bit agressive or something ?

  24. What's your website ? If you're dropshipping, it may be related to this. Facebook is hunting down low quality website (for what it means..), I don't know how you're is looking but it may be that. My advice (no matter the industry and whether you're are dropshipper or not) is always to have a super clean website, compliant (legal policies), with delivery times etc.. Otherwise you'll get banned sooner or later.

  25. When you say "increase budget by 20-30% everyday", do you start from 20$ ? I usually start between 20 and 35$

  26. People that says "probably ad fatigue", are you not experiencing the CPM rise everyone is talking about since Saturday ? I've not seen anyone not experiencing it yet so just wondering if you're actually managing campaigns right now (with a decent budget)..

  27. Could it be iOS 14.5 policies actually coming into affect? We did get a pop-up notification on FB and IG the same day this started happening. I though the bulk of this privacy issue/hinderance was already rolled out?

  28. Yes it could be related but such an increase seems enormous since here in France (where I advertise) Android has 76,6% market share so iOS is not that big like in the US.

  29. It seems like they are starting to go down. Anyone else see the same?

  30. Yes CPM dropped but conversions dropped too on my side. Will keep updated tomorrow to see if this gets better. As I suggested in the other topic we should make a discord server between media buyers to keep up on this situation & exchange some tips in the future.

  31. Something feels off with Facebook right now; we’ve created completely new creatives/new videos/photos but nothing seems to help - crazy high CPM. Let’s just hope it’ll resolve itself soon.

  32. Same, tried to switch creatives but I think this has nothing to do with the ads.

  33. Would you guys be interested if we created a discord channel just between media buyers to follow up on these kinds of things, and maybe exchange tips on current strategies. Theses things can be so stressful when it happens..

  34. I just created the server if some of you want to join

  35. Hello, yes. Made another post yesterday and there are post too on

  36. Yeah it’s getting crazy. Last year was unbelievable and I thought once COVID ended, things would even get better. The total opposite happened 🤦🏻‍♂️

  37. It's unbelievable.. Since it's an auction system I don't even understand how other advertisers can keep up with this.. I suggested on the other topic that we make a discord channel between media buyers to follow up on this on a day to day basis.

  38. Hello, yes using it since a few months. Very useful to get the best performing ads by keywords. The only downside I've found is that some ads are missing.

  39. Great post OP. However I'm wondering, if you have 2 different creatives inside an adset, does Facebook deliver your 2nd ad to a different audience ? What I mean by that is : does Facebook try to find the ideal audience that will react to each specific ad inside your adset ? Or do you need to have a separate adset in order to make the IA change the audience (therefore it would make sense to group ads by type or different messaging in different adset to produce maximum results).

  40. Have you tried manual budding with you wining ads ? They perform like monster

  41. Hey, these are great questions and it shows high-level thinking. However, it's based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how to use the Facebook Advertising Tool. I hope I can clarify some of these misunderstandings:

  42. Thank you for your answer, it shows experience for sure.

  43. I agree with this. I have been using testimonials static image and ROAS are really nice. Need to test video soon.

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