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  1. How much weight can you gain? Well probably about 600 pounds if you really wanted to.

  2. I'm still a bit confused. Is Nili authorized to decide whether the tournament is AoE2 or 4, even though Microsoft is funding it?

  3. Sure. Just saying that fcr is much bigger deal on the lightning sorc, for Blizzard its pretty much comes down to faster tping

  4. I’ll give you a quiver of bolts for it.

  5. Yes. I know of monthly, I’m sure some charge quarterly. So if your portfolio does 11%, you net 10%.

  6. I’ve see a lot more activity on twitch from the aoe2 pros over the past week than previous weeks. Plus the nomad-start tournament begins soon so that helps.

  7. 1450, 30-35 eAPM. A while back, someone posted a chart with breakdown of APM by elo that was pretty interesting

  8. Ive been selling covered calls on leveraged etfs this past year and have had great success. Usually making around 10% profit on the premium. This is obviously a tax nightmare, but I did this several times last year and have been recommending it to everyone i know.

  9. These will blow up someday and people won’t be very happy with you if they followed your advice.

  10. Really though, how can one go wrong doing this?

  11. It is a good strategy long term IMO but when your leveraged ETF is down 80% in a bad bear market someday, will those people have the fortitude to continue to hold? Or will they sell at the bottom and blame you?

  12. I think this is the best item I've seen for d2r in this sub ever. Only possible way it could be better would be +690 life instead of 55? Maybe swap dex for STR? But them if you like max block the dex is GG also

  13. Str and Dex equally valuable here IMO since pally will always go max block

  14. If anyone could give critique and say something useful would be nice! I dont wanna waste money so if u think something is off, please feel free to tell me. Just looking for help

  15. What’s in your multi vitamin? Looks like you’re probably doubling up on a lot of stuff that you don’t need to.

  16. Large cap value is slightly “expensive” today relative to its historical 20 year average P/E ratio.

  17. Fully agree. If this costs money then it's just a scam. All the info is freely available online so charging money for it would be insane. To but into it would be just stupid

  18. I doubt you would say people paying for Ronaldo to teach them football/soccer is a scam? Or LeBron James to teach someone basketball? I bet not. There’s obviously a clear benefit in terms of efficiency by having an experienced pro to identify weaknesses in your game and show you how to correct them.

  19. He's not a coach so yes that would be a bad idea. Also you can't learn to play football from reading or videos

  20. Lol what are you even saying. People learn all kinds of things from people who are professionals in their field and also learn tons of things from YouTube and reading. Literally happens all day every day, all across the world.

  21. I’m a fan of Ally Financial. All online (where the world is heading) but priced like a traditional bank. They’re good to their customers (no fees and excellent savings/CD rates) so I think they’ll continue to do well long-term. Pays a 2% dividend.

  22. Excellent saving and CD rate are because they are online only bank.

  23. Yeah, and I’m happy to put my $ in their savings account earning .5% vs the local bank CD paying .1% with early withdraw penalties, regardless of why they pay it. I imagine a lot of people feel the same way but either a) aren’t aware of Ally or b) want to have a physician location to go to. I believe that over time, both a) and b) will adjust in Ally’s favor and they are built from the ground up to be online only whereas almost all other banks are not.

  24. Our goal was to have maps that don't just have a ring of water around the edge. It should generate a full or partial ring about 40% of the time. If you have any feedback please feel free to contact us on the discord, we're more than happy to adjust if the majority feel the same way

  25. In my unprofessional opinion, it adds more RNG to find the pond quickly and Nomad already has a lot of RNG to begin with.

  26. I’m up 1400% over 3 years and people keep telling me that’s not possible, Joe’s can’t beat the market. I don’t know what that means and really want to see that argument shut down with something more encouraging like “joe’s who do 10,000 hours of practice and research beat the market 60% of the time”….but nah. Just the same old line to keep us afraid.

  27. Congrats on future you becoming the world’s first trillionaire. At 467% per year, you should be there soon.

  28. Simplest way to accomplish what you’re looking for is to buy calls on TTT or TMV. They’re 3X short 20+ year treasury ETFs. Or buy puts on TMF (3x long 20+ treasury).

  29. Is it really worth? Noob here. Wouldn’t it take a lot of wood and quite a lot of time?

  30. i'm wondering the same thing, 1400 mmr here (1v1).

  31. I’m 1450 and would be down to play if you’re in a similar time zone. I play a few days a week around 8pm CT or during the day on weekends. Message me your steam id if you want to play.

  32. I’m 1450 and would be down to play if you’re in a similar time zone. I play a few days a week around 8pm CT or during the day on weekends. Message me your steam id if you want to play.

  33. You need to consider queue time as well which would be impossible to do unless you go back and look at all the VODs. Maybe average elo is still the same, but if it took 10 minutes to find a game on average vs 2 minutes before, then that’s a pretty big problem for both his enjoyment of the game and the entertainment value for his twitch viewers.

  34. It is NOT a good price, the serving size is 6 capsules a day, which is horrid.

  35. Pros: It’s reasonably priced and from a reputable company

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