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  1. Man that looks great. Probably gonna check that out.

  2. Not super cheap, but defo cheaper than a lot of places is Sydney Australia. We have our own little crew here which is really high level (like medaling at worlds) and has people from gyms all around the world (unity, atos, aoj, Cicero costha) and it’s a really chill vibe - the only intense thing is the rolls. The training is in a cool area where you get to experience actual Australian culture and there’s a bunch of good eats around (literally an awesome cafe next to the gym) and there’s easy access to a lot of Sydney’s attractions

  3. Awesome man whats your gym called?

  4. Bristol Jiu Jitsu with Logan and Taylor Griffin. Both black belts under Samuel Braga, both absolute nightmares to roll with.

  5. Great call on this gym man. High caliber people and high caliber jiu jitsu! Great practice space too.

  6. That’s what Im looking for man. Thank you!

  7. I've had the same issue and somebody from Fiverr fixed it for me. I have no idea what that person did on my account but it says reinstated and hasn't been restricted since.

  8. That's great. Would you please look at your order history on fiverr and send me their name so I can find them. Thank you!

  9. Because it was my last salary the day before I flew out of China that I am trying to transfer.

  10. With all of Chinas problems, I still name Shanghai the greatest city on Earth. It’s fun, beautiful, and clean. Also probably the worlds biggest melting pot. I say go for it.

  11. I hear Chinese people of all kinds say "he/she looks like this/that” all the time… Indian, African, Japanese, Korean, Pacific Islander” I think it’s nothing more than a lack of exposure to the rest of the world. I have people close to me who do it and they mean nothing except for the observation itself, but I can’t speak for others.

  12. I’m a blue eyed white guy living in Mainland China and got asked if I was from Xinjiang the other day. Don’t take it too personal.

  13. Very normal. There is nothing more normal. Even waiters won’t admit they sold out of something. They’ll just be like “maybe you would rather have ____”

  14. Just out of curiosity, are you fully vaccinated?

  15. Are you able to get a residence permit from outside of Japan?

  16. Lol, I live in China and when I tell the locals I do jiu jitsu theyre like, "Oh a type of Kung Fu!"

  17. Probably wrong place, this is a place where people talk about politics

  18. “A community tor discussing China and topics related to it”

  19. Party was in Hainan Island, China. I was wondering how a party full of Chinese people all knew this song and I didn’t. I guess it’s in a famous movie here I just found out from a friend. Anyway, thanks for finding that for me!!!

  20. You can heal your herniated disk. These are often the results of muscles or ligaments being too tight for too long. The body has incredible regenerative qualities if you let it.

  21. I often do this if its a little big, just put it in the drier for like an hour and a half after washing and it should be just right.

  22. buy a grappling dummy. obviously not as good as the real thing, but you can at least practice the gist of the move on the spot and obtain some muscle memory so next time you're in training you can apply the real move.

  23. This is unacceptable, we should dox him

  24. Strickland's right here. That's fucked up to throw it like that. I threw a punch in the wrestling room for that shit once too. You can't throw it like that unless you're actively trying to injure your partner.

  25. On the other hand, they've hardly seen your style and still crushed you. So just get better. Technique is technique.

  26. Focus on breathing through your nose, in and out.

  27. Breath entirely through your nose. Idk if you mouth breath or not but any mouth breathing at all is essentially hyperventilating which upsets the carbon dioxide oxygen balance necessary for oxygen to be pulled from your blood cells to muscle tissue. That will significantly significantly effect your stamina.

  28. Andrew Wiltse's "Underhook and passing details". Only 5 minutes long but absolutely crucial.

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