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  1. My good friend has hinted that this is a batch he'll be looking for and now you have my interest too!

  2. There are no us military in Ukraine. Yes sending many US combat troops there would change the military balance.

  3. Great visual representation of how terrible KnoxBev is: Chattanooga gets wider variety, Nashville gets better variety, and so does Western TN. It's a real kick in the pecker.

  4. Do ANY of the high west products currently for sale have their original recipes?

  5. Really good price on the peerless rye!

  6. But it's not a really good value. The Peerless in the picture says "aged 24 months" on the label. That crap is so gross it still sets on the shelves still around here. The 4yr stuff is much better but most people know to avoid the 24 month initial releases

  7. One more thing, the Peerless Rye in the picture is "aged 24 months." That's the crap they released way too early and it tasted way too young. Stores practically have to pay customers to walk out with it.

  8. Calling it grey label is just so boring. Should have gone with something more cliché, such as platinum.

  9. Oh man, I know! Or at the very least "silver" right?

  10. I did read his review with great anticipation. Jay doesn't hand out 10/10's lightly, so I know it really must have left a great impression on him. Cheers!

  11. For the last few years, Sazerac has surprised the bourbon community by expanding the kinds of whiskey that they offer in their single barrel program. Most people have only seen Buffalo Trace, 3 different labels of Weller, Eagle Rare and the occasional Blanton's pick come out of Frankfort, Kentucky. But recently it seems like destiny for Buffalo Trace to offer a single barrel selection out of every label they offer. Most recently Sazerac Rye, EH Taylor and Stagg Jr. all have been added into the single barrel program to the delight of many enthusiasts. That last one in particular draws considerable attention among enthusiasts because it is the only barrel pick they offer that doesn't get cut down to proof or chill filtered.

  12. Just a small correction, buffalo trace definitely does NCF OWA single barrels. I have one.

  13. Correct. Also, all Weller Full Proof Single barrels are NCF too. What I meant to say in the sentence you're probably referring to is that Stagg Jr picks are the only kind of Buffalo Trace Single Barrel label that can be had with both non-chill filtering AND barrel proof.

  14. Can’t wait to crack my bottle off this and compare it to the standard leopold only that I was able to sample. Great review as always! Hit me up if you wanna talk scotch!

  15. I also have a standard Leopold sample that I'm going to have to compare it to. I'll keep you posted! And that sounds good about Scotch! Right now I'm on the lookout for an unfinished, cask strength Clynelish (without breaking the bank) because I love me some waxy malt notes! Cheers!

  16. Clynelish is one of my favorites. You should be able to find some as they are fairly common. The signatory copper ones aren’t worth it. They typically aren’t much different than the standard, and sometimes thinner. Single cask nation has had some really good ones in the past. I have a 9 year cask strength in bourbon barrels that is unreal. I’d check for those if they are sold in your area.

  17. How did you skirt the 10,000 word limit for a single post?

  18. The Worst of the Worst has to be Bourbon Sippers Group.

  19. Long time Jack drinkers don't appreciate you pushing anything new on them . Not even frilly JD single barrel decanters.

  20. A 72 year old that drink JD a s happy drinking JD. Don’t go in and think he’s going to flip his shit about whatever you take him.

  21. Great review! I look forward to more from you in the future!

  22. I need to go home and mix some of my Dickle BiB and this and see what happens

  23. I think there is a significant population who buy the expensive LE's and never open them, for them, it's probably worth it as long as the marketing is good enough.

  24. What a strange thing to though considering the bottle has no (current) secondary value🤔

  25. So I came across a bottle today. Green label with Silver text. Was not displayed in your graph so I called the distillery to get more information.

  26. Correct, the one you found was "Batch 5" and was released this year. From the sounds of it, WW and maybe Nancy Fraley (who blends it all together) did not believe that using only the remaining barrels from the 300 they started out with would produce a better product than last year's. To combat that, they decided to blend in younger bourbon. This means that Outryder can no longer carry the "Bottled In Bond" designation.

  27. The Outryder sounds interesting and something worth trying. I think you may have the batch 2 by the color of the label and the chart from

  28. YES! People are using my graph and getting things right! This is awesome! Cheers buddy, thanks for spreading the good word!

  29. I’m curious about the cherry bomb batch. To me that screams Buffalo Trace. Does BCS source from them? Thanks for another great review!

  30. No, but they do source from their cousin, Barton! And their stuff is full of cherries too

  31. So you expect that a lot of the hype around Highwest is at its end? Or do you think they have a chance to recapture it?

  32. No hype remains for the current High West products. In 5 years after they start incorporating Bardstown Bourbon Company's rye that they're now contract distilling for them, then we'll see

  33. Has the High West American Prairie also changed recipe like their other offerings?

  34. Yes, HWAP bourbon changed significantly around 2014 and then again in 2018.

  35. Oh yeah, I couldn't believe that either when I saw it. Did you see my complimentary reviews on both that and the Gold Label? Where I talked about how they were robbing Peter to pay Paul?

  36. yup, this talked me off the ledge. Found a Batch 24 last week that I'm much happier about!

  37. That's correct! They primarily distill Light Whiskey there, but the Canadians have a slightly different way of going about distilling and aging than we do. Here's my best explanation...

  38. It might be an Ohio thing, but many people I know eat potato chips with their pizza

  39. I think younger wheated bourbon is very very hard to get right. I had high hopes for this one, but I don't think it'll drink how I expect it to

  40. “Fermilier” annoys me. It’s familiar. There’s only one R at the end of the word, so why do people put one in the middle of the word?

  41. I shit you not there is a rum company in Key West doing similar. They claim they throw the barrels in the back country flats and let them float around in the salt water, then go round them up a few weeks later to fill.

  42. Canadian Distilleries have been known to age their barrels (not all of them) outdoors. There are some pictures online of this too

  43. Really? The dumbest? I once saw an advertisement for bourbon from barrels that had been “irradiated with infrared lamps”. This was in addition to the charring. I actually got angry when I read that ad, and I’m getting angry again thinking about it.

  44. Harlen Wheatley hinted to the fact that Buffalo Trace has experimented with exposing barrel staves to infared heat in a semi-recentv Bourbon Pursuit podcast. We will likely see it show up in a BTEC release with the possibility of an EH Taylor release sometime in the future.

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