1. We need to gatekeep Michelle and Nayte, the main sub is bad vibes 😌

  2. Okay so imma need some more context for Michelle’s story??? Please tell me he’s still in Minnesota and we can get some cute content later today as a follow up? 😭😭

  3. i assumed she woke up with a cute message or call from Nayte, i don’t think he’s in minnesota

  4. So happy for nayte and michelle😭😭❤️. Growing up in an African household myself, I know the only person who’s stepping foot in my house, who I’ll introduce to my parents, is the person I plan on marrying 😩. So this is a really big deal

  5. lmao i just deeped that the Naychelle fan page has more followers than some of the men on her season 😭😂

  6. The takes about Michelle and Nayte are so ridiculous, someone suggested the $200k given to them was basically “hush money” to not talk about Joe and production decisions. I’m honestly over the main sub

  7. Regardless whether she knew on the show there is absolutely no way she didn’t know before this got big. I’m sorry there’s just not. And her fiancé has continued to associate with him.

  8. Nah guys honestly it might be time to peace out the main sub and stick with this one and the POC one because all this Shanae defending and rinsing Michelle and Nayte is tiringggg but I’ll miss the spoiled community ugh

  9. wish i could join the poc sub but i think it’s been made private

  10. You can still make a request to join but it has to be through Reddit on desktop 🥰

  11. i wish you spent this energy on actually holding Joe accountable, this whole situation has deflected from holding him accountable and turned into “cancel Nayte and Michelle” because they were seen hanging out with Joe. Wild of you to assume that they knew about any of the allegations but yet people like you are so quick to come on here with your self-righteous boots to come on here and stir things up. Like others i only just found out about Joe and it’s extremely unfair to single them out without knowing the situation.

  12. Do we think Brandon will ever get over his one sided beef w Michelle + Nayte? He has been quiet lately but until I hear that he apologized for being shady in interviews about them I will side eye him.

  13. and she’s replying comments, i’m in disbelief 😅😩❤️

  14. I’m wondering if Nayte Introduced her to Team? They were listening to it on their road trip I remember lol

  15. I seriously adore him. I’m also soooo proud of him for all the work he’s done to let down his walls and connect with her emotionally. The only other reality couple I care about is Cash and Cinco from Love Island, but Nayte and Michelle have blown it out of the water for me. I’m too grown to be this invested.

  16. lol yep. Don’t judge me too harshly…

  17. Zach reality is so annoying, glad people are not falling for his bs agenda

  18. I hate to stereotype but I will - I dated a Nigerian guy for a couple of years and they’re super social, so tight with their boys!! Nayte fits the bill!!

  19. lol i’m nigerian and i agree, we are known to be very sociable and Nayte is also “Yoruba” (well known for throwing amazing parties”

  20. Riley and Maurissa breaking up probably best thing that happened. People forgot about the rumor lmao

  21. people mentioned it in the comment section of the breakup discourse 😩

  22. https://www.reddit.com/r/thebachelor/comments/pkk7kk/reminder_grocery_store_joe_has_supported_blueall/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  23. oh no 😩😩😩, i really liked him as well…time to unfollow

  24. Ohh what’s the link? I want to see what they’re saying 😭

  25. I think it was a really dark time in his life. I hope he’s now healing and will move on soon.

  26. They have a LOT of fans who love them… like not casually but are hardcore fans. It’s nice to see!

  27. I think he’s just trying it out and didn’t realize that some of his followers (ie us) are creepers and refreshes his following list every sec of the day 😂😂😂 Maybe he was surprised by the randos suddenly following the account.

  28. Michelle surprised me, is this a dream. They’re so freaking cute 🥺😭❤️

  29. i’m shaking and crying, what did we do to deserve this 😭❤️

  30. what’s wrong with him vaping ? his body, his choice. I vape on the occasion nothing wrong with that, let the man live

  31. Does anyone who is a member of the Bach POC subreddit know how long it typically takes before a request to join is accepted or refused? I requested a few days ago but it’s still pending and was wondering.

  32. He really went and liked every comment. What a sweetheart. 😭💛

  33. no cause he liked my comment and i just said “aww”, this man is so cute

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