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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. Love when people make posts like this and then don’t provide other examples in the OP. Sure contributed.

  2. Threatening to shoot people at a school board meeting is enough to get your job to fire you, especially when it went viral and even CNN is covering the story.

  3. Short term solution with long term damage, which you dont seem to be disagreeing with us on. This is not the right way to go about fixing the situation

  4. You goto keep in mind that if you give up 40% of the company now, you dont have much more to give before you lose majority

  5. I completely disagree, mental torture is sill torture imo and the info could have been found in other ways.

  6. Theoretically, you are in a situation where the information is time sensitive, and every option other than torture that would provide quick results, such as coercion, have failed

  7. I see, not much I, or anyone I believe, can do to convince you to change your mind then. You believe its an evil that is objectively worse than anything else. An opinion like that cant really be changed without a huge shakeup to a belief system

  8. Why would he borrow money for his education now that he can cover those expenses without taking on debt?

  9. Drop HK, especially with Talon in there. A pretaunt is always nice, so replace HK with SET. HK can be useful, but that's mostly in niches

  10. I definitely plan to replace her with SET in the future, i just have him at 0* rn and im still finishing up the canderous grind

  11. As long as your DR is fast and relatively decently geared, you’ll be able to take on JKR squads. You should practice a lot in squad arena before going against them in GAC and TW because a faster JKR combined with Yoda getting tenacity up can wreck your battle fast. Talon’s speed boost is very nice and could help counter that, but I haven’t used her yet.

  12. Its going to become really hard to connect with people when you do 5x as much work as the average person and have no hobbies

  13. Try Upwork for remote assistance at a cost that you can afford.

  14. Fiverr if you’re super broke, but expect worse quality

  15. I am thinking about discord but its too complicated for me 😃 and i'm 24

  16. I really encourage you to seek out perspectives and voices that are different from your own. I think you'll find that most people are not as lazy as you're assuming they are. It's hard for us to understand the multitude of obstacles to having a "good job" outside of the select few we've encountered personally.

  17. I’m not the other guy, nor do i agree with him, but as a fellow nihilist, i can chime in:

  18. You wont actually know until you ship it, rebranding is expensive/time consuming, and you already have something that works

  19. Use the enemies to your advantage, always target the host if possible, if the host hasn’t summoned his phantoms yet get aggressive, run ahead and ambush them (plunge attack or something), don’t let numbers overwhelm, pick your fights and wittle them down

  20. Stick with a group of enemies (preferably when the host and phantoms cant see you, so you can ambush)

  21. Can you guide us on how we can register with the state and local govt. Thanks for responding by the way

  22. Time to go onto legalzoom and make an llc. Congratz, you’re a real business now

  23. He’s saying all weapons are viable and most are even competitive

  24. 1 week free trial with payment info that auto rolls into a sub

  25. I use weed to dissacociate my off time from my on time.

  26. I’m sure this opinion is unpopular, but chase has been great to me

  27. Lol I was thinking the same thing. How is that much money not life changing?

  28. Its not for most people, but at his age it is. With compound interest, he’ll be a millionaire in his mid 30s from that alone

  29. Stats like 50% of Americans can’t afford a $500 expense come out pretty regularly. You are detached from reality if you think 400k isn’t life changing for most Americans.

  30. Yea i grew up pretty privileged to assume under a million isnt life changing

  31. I mean, you laugh but i regularly have the internal battle between voting for the right person or voting for the guy that makes me more money

  32. I agree with the other people who tell you that a break is needed and would like to give one more reason.

  33. I met a VC while throwing up over the railing at my friends wedding

  34. Malak takes the DR squad to a different level. Until then, JKR is generally stronger. The pre-taunt with SET is very powerful too. Malak is just an absolute monster. Both Sith Lords just hit so damn hard.

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