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  1. Lies about being vaccinated, no suspension or fine

  2. I know he’s nothing special as a safety but it seems like we got Eddie Jackson at his absolute best when Amos was here. If there isn’t a big market for him I wouldn’t mind the Bears making that move.

  3. I think he’s made it pretty clear he hates the Bears and Bears fans so I doubt he comes back

  4. They really weren't that dominant. They had a lot of close wins and very few blowouts. Their record outperformed their scoring differential.

  5. Tbf their scoring differential was probably distorted by Jameis Winston making them his bitch Week 1

  6. I didn’t watch the one last night but the Giants one was beautiful lol

  7. I'd put unfucking the O-line at #3. Is the secondary really as bad as it seemed?

  8. Make any QB run for his life a whole game and he will look bad. It’s that simple. Even Patrick Mahomes looked bad when that happened in the Super Bowl last year.

  9. Don’t think we are getting Daboll. Dabearsblog, who’s been suspiciously spot-on accurate on the ongoing GM/HC search, has been downplaying Daboll’s ability.

  10. If so then he’s vastly overestimating his influence over us fans lol

  11. Would easily pick Bowles out of the two though, don’t forget what he did to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl last season.

  12. NFL OT rules are so awful. Can't believe we didn't get to see Allen again

  13. New proposal: Each team gets one possession, the team leading after both teams have had one possession wins. The exception is a safety or defensive touchdown ends the game. If there’s a tie after each team has had one possession, the next score wins.

  14. Remember it wasn’t long ago that bills and bengals were shit. It can be done. If the bears are gonna follow that path then Fields needs to be the guy and get weapons

  15. did you watch the game or are you retarded?? The special teams caused a ten point swing.

  16. The offense scored 10 points, I have to explain to my fellow Bears fans all the time that you can’t blame the defense if the offense didn’t score enough points.

  17. I don’t know who the guy on the left is

  18. The packers have had 30 years of HoF QBs. They have 2 super bowls and 3 appearances to show for it.

  19. Favre was always criticised for being too risky in big moments and Rogers today is being accused of trying to play too safe when he should take a risk - they really need their next HoF QB to be a Goldilocks.

  20. Brady got 7 rings in that time span so there were less for everyone else

  21. I actually still like the idea but maybe I’m nuts

  22. More of a “I’m out anyway I don’t give a fuck” expression if you ask me

  23. Become the scapegoat in like a week and get fired

  24. One of those years (2019?) there was a Niners running back that got like 15 yards every time he touched the ball against the Packers and Jimmy barely had to throw the ball at all. Who was that?

  25. I just had a packer fan tell me today that Brady isn’t even a top ten all time qb let him win again just to prove them wrong

  26. If they’re not convinced yet then nothing will convince them

  27. It’s satire and it’s not even good satire

  28. Hah! Jokes on you there was a bug feature that would make your genitalia display outside your clothes! so you do see them more than once!

  29. Those developers must have really loved Harambe.

  30. Those good Tigers teams will always be an "if only." Also the Lions not going anywhere at all in 2015 will always be a major let down.

  31. Amazing that they went from 119 losses to the World Series in 3 years

  32. For real dude why the fuck to the refs hate the Lions so much? Seems like there’s one game every season where they just make sure the Lions lose. Ravens game was this season’s version

  33. Like half of the Bears players are free agents

  34. Hell yeah I don’t want them to go 2-15, I want them to all go 7-10 or 8-9 for all eternity.

  35. If the Bears were 2-15 every year you guys would have some competition for the top shitpost sub in the league

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