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  1. This feature is gone. If it helps, I've done this comparison across 4 different accounts and with all things being equal... optimizations that happen on a 1 day click has greater stability and carryover.

  2. Facebook API seems to still support it. I am using Supermetrics and just confirmed with their support that it works.

  3. unlike google and Facebook, Yandex reps are actually useful. They have a support number you can call and they will give advice that’s mostly good.

  4. Thanks, super vague in terms of what is happening and when

  5. Yup! You should start to see a message/notification in Ads Manager about this.

  6. How do you know that only 20% of your data is showing in Ad Manager? What are you comparing it to? Also are you looking into Events Manager? This will help you to see if the event is actually firing.

  7. I should have mentioned this in the post, I'll edit that in but I am comparing it to my Shopify data. Facebook is currently my only marketing channel so I can say with confidence that all of the traffic that comes through my site is from my ads.

  8. I actually have the same problem and it started around the same time. I also have conversions API implemented and all the test purchases are firing properly. But underreporting is at least 40%. I am currently testing Hyros, a 3d party attribution tool and it tracks all the sales that I see in my backend and it attributes the sales to ads. However this is not a recommendation of Hyros. Because it does not solve the optimization problem for Facebook, i.e. Facebook is still losing the purchase data and thus not able to optimize delivery and targeting. My hope is that is comes back to "normal" soon

  9. Exactly the same points 1-3. I would add 4. Purchase events in the events manager are underreporting massively lately.

  10. iOS 14 is hell. ?utm_source=facebook_ads will give you a better sense in your backend of overall conversions coming from fb

  11. I understand that attribution is suffering but wondering why server side tracking is not helping the event manager to at least fire the purchase event

  12. yes, here too. So I understand ROAS is much lower in your case too?

  13. Yes, because some of the underreported purchases are coming from Facebook

  14. It is probably not you, it is Facebook. Take a look at the threads from yesterday and saturday. Things went bad for most fb accounts around the world

  15. Would you guys be interested if we created a discord channel just between media buyers to follow up on these kinds of things, and maybe exchange tips on current strategies. Theses things can be so stressful when it happens..

  16. CPMs are still high for me. Did anyone manage to get them down?

  17. It is been over 2 days of 2-3x CPMs already. They are not going down

  18. Seeing lots of bad traffic -high bounce rates, less leads and add to carts. Conversions went down. All started this Monday and continues

  19. same and same, all since about the 19th April. You aren't going crazy, my ads had been at a stable 5-6ROAS for 6months+. Now around < 2. Sudden drop off around 19th.

  20. Last week my CPMs went up 6-7X and I had to turn off my campaigns twice to avoid losing money. Facebook rep did not admit there was something wrong with their platform.

  21. Seeing something similar in my account. On top of that older campaigns also see 5-7x CPM increase and then go down at midnight the next day.

  22. Thank you! Would you say that it is more expensive to buy via DSP than going directly to a podcast host?

  23. That'll be completely different.

  24. I did it with a Server Side Tag Manager and re-write the fbp and fbc cookie as well.

  25. Do you have a good resource explaining how to set this up with the Tag Manager?

  26. I posted above as well, seeing same thing. Please update if you get it resolved. I'm guessing it will probably auto resolve but WTF some explanation would be nice for why costs have skyrocketed suddenly. Really wish there were more alternatives than FB, maybe they'd stop treating advertisers like trash.

  27. After actions described above CPMs dropped but still 50-70% above normal. Retargeting campaign was not affected.

  28. Thanks for the update. I turned off all the ad sets which were sky high, left some of the ones that were in the 50-70% range. Today my CPMs are back to normal (maybe even lower). I just turned on the ads sets I disabled yesterday and will update if they return to regular CPMs. I checked the auction competition in the inspect tool again today but it is still showing "data unavailable" for the period of yesterday. I sent an email to my FB rep, no word from him yet.

  29. My CPMs went back to normal as soon as the clock hit midnight for the account time zone

  30. Turns out it was a bug. Went back to normal in 2 hours

  31. You can implement GTM in the custom code section of Webflow and handle event firing through that. What kind of conversions are you tracking?

  32. I am tracking purchases and others. And I already have GTM implemented. But I thought that it was not a replacement for Facebook Conversions API or is it?

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