1. Yes if you already hitting target CPA, and have room exit the learning phase. No if not.

  2. That price point is way too low for me to justify cold email efforts.

  3. Yeah, about 25-50, depending on the campaign architecture (e.g. DCT tends to exit faster because it uses additional data-points to optimize).

  4. Thanks for the reply, everything makes sense but i'm a little confused about one part. So for the conversion events, do they have to be purchases? As far as I understand we can set any event as a conversion, but it's best to have it be purchases since that's what our end goal is. If we have everything set up right and we aren't getting conversions through FB ads, for example in a week, most likely our creatives aren't good enough OR no product market fit. What do you think?

  5. In some case I'll use traffic as a tactical layering campaign to aid micro-budget conversion campaigns that are shy of exiting the leaning phase.

  6. I definitely completely default to spend/return as the only KPIs I think about personally, but I’m operating in more in like new businesses that have to build out the small scale stuff to get to that point. An unfortunately rough place to be but overall my guide is always just to try to understand what will increase revenue and decrease ad spend in order to maximize profit. I tend to laser focus on profits in this manner, but at the same time it appears to me that one must spend money in digital marketing to make money.

  7. My reply was about understanding and managing digital marketing (or marketing in general) on a CMO level weather its' a kick-start or long-term brand.

  8. I can't answer your question directly because it won't help solve the actual problem you're trying to solve.

  9. Thank you this is very insightful. Need to go back to drawing board and focus on understanding these ad operation basics.

  10. Thanks. Just started blogging and writing a newsletter (linked in profile) on FB and ecom/d2c strategies.

  11. First, you'd have to track marginal contribution via platforms against store data, and invest where there is incrementality.

  12. You can reduce CPM's quickly via account consolidation & creative testing. What's the difference in CPM between your best vs. worst ads?

  13. Budget is $40/day. Pixel isn't getting enough data because the traffic goal was just sending shitty traffic that didn't engage with the landing page. The conversions campaign doesn't seem to be getting many impressions or clicks to gather data because, I presume, FB doesn't know who to serve the ads to.

  14. Sorry, I miss the part where the pixel was new and you have no CPL data.

  15. The difference is that a traffic campaign is optimising just for clicks. Whereas a Landing page conversion ad will track to see if people actually get to the landing page (and stick around long enough for the pixel to load)

  16. Hmmm, I don't feel like that's true and they foresee that. I'd rather allocate budget until the average of the segment goes as bad as the next best segment.

  17. There are 2 common reasons I've seen lookalikes underperform:

  18. Duplicating will discard ad-level learnings, which defeats the purpose.

  19. Are you saying that duplicating the original campaign will reset the original campaign ?

  20. Facebook uses a ranking system called oCPM which means "targeting" is best achieved through creatives with the highest "estimated action rate" within it's auction.

  21. Hey! This is really interesting! Thanks so much.

  22. Yep, I'm referring to the elements of the ad. The copy, the creative, the headline. The overall message-to-market match.

  23. Interesting. Thanks. I figured out how to add some source attribution to my back-end data, so I will probably work with that for now, but it really would be more convenient to get the Facebook Ads Manager interface to work right.

  24. Compliance issues prevent FB from reporting on some data (like the iOS14.5 update). Then there's adblock and GA with different attribution models.

  25. It might increase the estimated action rate, and positive sentiment (an important second pass variable after the auction).

  26. You can't avoid audience overlap at the interest level because interests groups are:

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