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  1. Lol, maybe by the time I’m done reading manga my skills will be better 😂

  2. Did you draw this? it kinda just looks like a filter over a screenshot

  3. I actually created it using the Netflix banner art for the Eclipse as inspiration. I drew it out in Photoshop and cleaned the colouring up in indesign - to give it a more oil paint look I finalized it with some texturization.

  4. Not yet, taking a break to play SMT V. Playing it after that though!

  5. Awesome. Look up advent children and watch it. This pic is similar to the opening

  6. I’ve been meaning to watch it, I heard it’s fantastic! I just got through Crisis Core and also loved that.

  7. Let your ads run for a few more days, Facebook takes a few days to optimise. I just made a post on my profile about a campaign that ran for two days with 1 sale, and hit a 5x ROAS on the third day

  8. How expensive is your product? Some days I’ll spend $500 before the sales start to come in, other days I’ll start the day with 2 sales in $1 of ad spend.

  9. We are selling the product for $39.99. I’ll see how it performs after 2 weeks or so and then optimize it from there.

  10. mNod says:

    Really interesting business model - though I don't fully understand it even after browsing the links you've posted.

  11. Damaged? Those are some beautiful cards and look in solid shape overall.

  12. The whitening on the back of the cards I mean! I was not sure if there was to much whiting on the cards that would make it not worth it to grade.

  13. The 1st, 3rd and 4th card have a lot of white marks around the edges

  14. Yep, go to the form builder, scroll down on the left to 'Create new field' and choose 'File', then you should be able to create a new field to allow contacts to upload files as part of the form submission

  15. It’s an Elby, yeah it’s an electric bike but it has a few assist settings so I can still ride it normally.

  16. I really like the shape of the frame. I bet it's comfortable for city riding.

  17. If you don't mind me asking, what's that seemingly big black disc on the non-drive side of the back wheel?

  18. Bernie looking mighty big in the background.

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