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  1. Hi y'all. This will be a personal post from me to the members of this sub.

  2. So, are you still holding any pre-DA warrants, or just exited that area completely? I'd be curious about which ones you still have, if any... IIRC, you were eyeing PNTM, right?

  3. I still have a bit of warrants but trimmed around 90% of them. Still hold GOAC, AVAN, FACT. Sold PNTM as they are too high in the current environment and I was still in gains with them. Will probably close the rest of my positions in the next week. Will keep a close eye to re-enter them if sentiment changes..

  4. Lots of crypto news lately making me feel bullish overall on CND

  5. Just saw this thread on Twitter.. seems like the dreaded upcoming rate hikes are a positive for Circle

  6. Which of these severely beaten down despacs actually was reasonably valuated at merger? Because i might buy that one.

  7. $PL's post-closing S-1 (incl. when applicable resale registration of PIPE shares, warrants, & shares underlying warrants) is effective today


  9. $DWAC Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) Climbs on Chatter of Trump Social Media App Launch in Feb

  10. The terms are terribly especially in the current SPAC environment

  11. I don't know how long you have been trading Spacs, but this is a fairly standard practice. You will find it in the prospectus. But you are making it seem worse than it is.

  12. Thanks for the clarification. Not as bad as I initially thought but not great either given they're no longer in 2020 and their previous 2 SPACS have not been successful (as of now). Nevertheless, it's surprising they managed to raise $750m for this SPAC


  14. He's busy setting up his Gettr account. Maybe merging with one of his SPACs? /s

  15. last year sofi was first correct? 7.1?

  16. Incidentally, $SOFI, one of the biggest (and arguably one of the best) SPAC announcements of last year, was also the very first DA of last year if I recall correctly

  17. $JOFF warrants have over 1.3m volume today. They spent over $1m last quarter.. DA imminent?

  18. What’s the lowest post DA SPAC warrant price you’re aware of?

  19. NAAC (TeleSign) at $0.73, SCLE (Voltus Energy) at $0.93, TREB (System1) at $1.15, FOUN (Rubicon) at 0.77, EJFA (Pagaya) at $1.29, MBAC (Syniverse) at $1.16 and ACEV (Tempo Automation) at $0.68

  20. I'll have to take a look at EJFA. Especially if drops anymore. I like TREB but of course I accumulated starting at $1.35 and bought on it's way down to $1.15. Insane price for it's actual valuation and revenue and growth. I was looking at comps and even if it gets gashed on despac down to $7-8 range the warrants should still go for way more. Even TBLA is at least $1.50. I like RBAC at $1.20

  21. Here is a solid long read DD on EJFA/Pagaya to start you off

  22. It's an error as all the recent filings are showing that timeframe.

  23. I have a mid-sized position in it too. $1.7m spend last quarter, 1/3 unit split, searching in the travel industry. Has had decent volume recently and team is solid

  24. BTAQ is currently at 0.56 and they are long overdue for a DA. Volume + last quarterly expenses indicate they could be close...

  25. $LICY - Li-Cycle Announces Redemption of All Outstanding Warrants. Deadline is Jan 26, 2022

  26. $LOCL and $EQRX's post-closing S-1s (incl. resale registration of PIPE shares, warrants, & shares underlying warrants) are effective today

  27. As a fellow $PNTM warrants holder, that would be awesome if true. Bring on the DA!!!

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