1. It seems like they are starting to go down. Anyone else see the same?

  2. Yesterday was one of the highest cpm hike, Today conversions dropped by a lot cpm lowered by about 10%. Anyone taking a conversion hit today as well or it’s just cpms?

  3. Those downstream metrics are highly volatile right now, and for the most part not the greatest way to track data with the recent FB updates.

  4. Elections are pretty much over for more than a week but the ad performance continues to decline and is even worse than before. This pretty much ruined Q4. What do you guys think is causing this?

  5. Now that elections are over for more than a week, ad performance seemed to declined worse. Anyone here seeing any sort of improvement?

  6. Did you submit any documents for the appeal? If yes may I know what was submitted?

  7. Hey! Yes we did submit pics/documents:

  8. Thanks! I'll try to do that as well. Mine shows that dropped from 4.1 to 1.9 on the same day lol. I think disabling server side api tracking triggered this whole mess. Its a pretty new page and wasn't due to have any feedback until 3rd week of October.

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