1. Same thing has happened to me. It seems like they changed their algorithm around 4pm PST yesterday. All of a sudden two of my bid cap campaigns started spending about $10,000 at CPCs of $20!!!! It is ridiculous. Today my CPMs are 3x higher than usual and the ads are delivering at CPCs of 4x higher than usual . This is insane. It is a brand new issue and has nothing to do with the ios update.

  2. Did things settle down for you? Our CPM’s hit $100 - $350+ yesterday. Looks about the same again today. Turned off cost cap campaigns

  3. CPMs did go back down in 3 days, but conversions dropped ever since. Seems to me like they are gradually releasing a new algorithm or resetting pixels. Everyone will go through the same experience at some point.

  4. CPMs are back down to early last week numbers, but CPAs are about 30% higher. This seems normal as it is on trend with more and more people opting out. I wish FB kept advertisers informed about the updates and changes they are making ;)

  5. It seems like they are starting to go down. Anyone else see the same?

  6. Shopify is your best options. They have drag and drop themes and will walk you through creating a decent looking website. You can learn everything using their help and community. You can spend a little and get nicer themes too on their theme store. Good luck!

  7. Hey, in that case, try Manuel bid, set your budgets 10 times your ideal budget to spend, and use bidcap with your ideal bid. Wait for 4hours and check if there are any impressions, if not increase the bids by small amounts. Keep doing it until you see impressions. In this way, you can get your CPM's you very low amount.

  8. Beware of Bidcap guys! I had several bidcap campaigns, each spending about $500 a day for months, all of a sudden around the same time you mentioned, they spent about $10,000 in minutes, resulting $20 CPCs!! I paused all Bidcap Campaigns. If you have Bidcap campaigns that are still working, make sure you lower the overall daily budget.

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