1. Did you try focus training? Basically you take a treat and hold it under your chin. Call your dog or make a sound that makes her look at you. As soon she looks at you, praise and reward. So you show her that looking at you is something good. It will take a bit your puppy is still very small and can’t concentrate for very long but do that for a few minutes several times a day.

  2. Will do that as well, thank you!

  3. I will try that out. Thank you!

  4. Wow thanks a lot. I think think will really help!

  5. You might check on Loopnet to see what rates are in your area. Rates will vary wildly depending on location and how new/nice a space is, of course, but that might at least help you gauge if that price is reasonable.

  6. Awesome thank you! This space is very new so I assume that is why it is so high.

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