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  1. If the political affiliations of Kyle and the people he shot were flipped Kyle would be the biggest hero on this site.

  2. No, there was an antifa guy who did much the same as Rittenhouse a while back, and he gets zero support. As it should be.

  3. Fine. I hearby declare that everyone makes me fear for my life, especially people that annoy me. I just want to go on record now in case I ever shoot someone.

  4. You are supposed to be able to get a non-cursed wish if you wish for reasonable things, such as to duplicate a spell effect.

  5. Can’t you ask your family? At your age they will be heavily involved in helping you raise your child.

  6. He empathizes but doesn’t do shit. Ppl need to stop voting on like-ability.

  7. Republicans didn’t get anything done either. It’s a fallacy that they are efficient. They couldn’t even repeal the ACA.

  8. Try getting a baby-wearing wrap so you can do other things while the baby sleeps when she wants to.

  9. This sounds more like acting out due to mental illness than wanting to push boundaries.

  10. Crimea belongs to Russia... Read a bit of history...

  11. Britain historically belongs to France. Get the fuck over it Russian Nazis.

  12. Appreciate the tip! I'll need to look about the specific travel times - worst case scenario I could rent a car from Taunton!

  13. If you can drive, rent a car. Public transport is poor in Somerset. You can get to much more interesting hikes with a car.

  14. After I had my twins I got sciatica. Forever changed how long I can stand up. They also destroyed my bladder so I can no longer hold my urine past about 5 minutes without a great deal of pain. I am a teacher, which requires standing up for long periods of time and holding you pee for long periods of time. Not to mention that my c section was stitched tightly so reaching above my head to get to books or science equipment is uncomfortable. But just go back to work like it never happened. Ok.

  15. Presumably Barrett had easy pregnancies and with a typical Republican lack of empathy, thinks every woman is the same

  16. And the awkward, "Janie! I haven't seen you since you were so big with your baby bump! How's the baby?""

  17. Right. People understand if a 17-year-old gives a baby up for adoption, but a 34-year-old married woman is expected to keep the baby, it would be a local scandal if she didn’t.

  18. Pretty much every jobs expects you to keep your clients (and your own companys) private info private. That's a totally normal thing.

  19. I had a boss who was incapable of maintaining eye contact, he was a genius but hard to be around sometimes. I wonder if the staff handbook mentioned eye contact avoidance I never read it

  20. That just sounds like Asperger’s. I doubt someone with that would forbid eye contact, that’s more something someone who thought they were an aristocrat would do.

  21. Oh no, you have some little goths :) Perfectly normal and healthy.

  22. Show them the episode "Blink" from the 3rd series, they are all available on HBO max if you have that.

  23. For the first few games, before it is your actual job, it's best to release games for free if possible, to get feedback and also to build a fanbase that's eager for your next games, and a group of beta testers who will test early builds for you.

  24. I always ask myself why we've never had someone offer us a breed of family dog with zero aesthetic definition. I want a dog that will live minimum 15 years, be healthy and happy and friendly. I don't care what it looks like.

  25. The problem is most mutts right now are pitbull mixes because pitbull owners are the worst. So you might get a healthy dog with the aggressive instincts that are desirable in a fighting dog but not a pet.

  26. I would take her off the bus, change my work schedule, and drive her to and from school my darn self. A job isn't worth my kid getting shanked by a psyco.

  27. The unbalanced child will still be at the school though.

  28. Probably someone else requested their child be moved.

  29. A good portion of them might be

  30. If schizophrenia can produce auditory hallucinations of voices, I wonder if it could also produce hallucinations of knocking and scraping sounds.

  31. I just wish my GP would stop using the equivalent of console.log.

  32. Unfortunately, breakpoints for humans have not been invented.

  33. Nah I think biopsies and exploratory surgery fit the bill.

  34. Maybe instead of sending a small child to psychiatrist, you go yourself? I mean that in the best way possible, but if you feel resentful, on the brink of mental collapse, on the verge of becoming an addict, looking for a way to not feel so much, to take control of your life.... it is you who has a problem. Not the children. Well... whatever is happening in your family right now is just exacerbated by your issues and the responsible thing to do would be TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST.

  35. Taking a kid with ADHD to a psychiatrist doesn't mean that the child is bad and wrong. ADHD is a real issue with the developing brain, and child psychiatrists can help. With ADHD medicine my daughter went from learning nothing at school and getting into trouble, to progressing normally with no behavioural concerns.

  36. You are not wrong. They are wrong. You have some thinking to do on whether this job and church is right for you and your family.

  37. How come if you go to sleep or take a Xanax it doesn't just go away or relax ?

  38. I think everyone is different. For me it absolutely goes away if I sleep or take a Xanax.

  39. good question, idk actually. I guess I was raised with the assumption that the best answers for every problem in life can be found in the bible but I did come from a pretty literal, fundamentalist background so it could just be an incorrect assumption I was taught

  40. You can find answers to anything in the Bible but they won't necessarily be literal, because their times were very different than ours. For instance, is drunk driving morally wrong? The answer is obviously yes, but cars didn't exist back then. So you have to look to similar things.

  41. Sounds like you may have an anxiety disorder. Have you ever talked to a therapist?

  42. BtB isn’t really a true crime show, it’s about horrible people in power not serial killers.

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