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  1. I watched a documentary that Vice did of a guy who recreationally injected himself with various snake venoms. It's a fascinating watch, easily found on Youtube. I would link it but I'm on mobile.

  2. How does being on mobile prevent you from linking it? 🤔

  3. So if I manage to increase my credit line in the remaining three cards, it would mitigate some of the downside?

  4. Yes. And utilization really only matters if you are applying for new accounts so the downside is minimal.

  5. Got it thanks. I also almost always pay off my cards multiple times in a month so my utilization in statements is less than 1 percent. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

  6. Since your balances and payments are reported every month, lenders can see that you pay in full. So if you pay in full, the the utilization number whether 1% or 50% is irrelevant.

  7. its not actually. there is/was a post and it showed all the card names with his dogs and randomness in screenshots from his account. the OP of that post said as long as he met the required spend before the time limit on providing a SSN there was zero issue (the cards did not stay active). i didnt go the dog route, but i have cards for my mom, dad, brother, SIL, 2 nephews who are 2 and 4 respectively, my aunt and uncle all for the bonus with no SSN submitted for any of them. got my bonuses with not so much as a whisper from AMEX (these are split between player 2 and I).

  8. OK and you don't think Amex will eventually catch on and cancel your accounts for gaming the system/churning?

  9. No there is no gaming going on. They don't care about how many people you add. They care that you spend money on their cards. We aren't talking about doing any manufactured spend or gift card shenanigans. Just your regular spend on a card with a different name. You are thinking about this incorrectly.

  10. If you are only using 20% if your credit limit, why should the bank give you more?

  11. Saying that we made changes to portfolios in December in preparation for the market route (but we did not)

  12. OK so my above answer stands. Talk to your boss and then quit if things aren't corrected.

  13. They won't ever offer 3X on all travel like the Green or CSR.

  14. There's no reason to get cashback because MR are worth at least 50% more. Cashback is just throwing money away.

  15. I know you talked about AAA gaming, but for emulation, we have a good idea of how the Steam Deck will preform.

  16. Not on the SP8. The only magnet is the charger, which can hold it but not well.

  17. Not true. It depends on your pen. The pen I have attaches to the side of every Surface Pro model including the 8.

  18. Go into a branch. If you are pre-approved and apply in branch it'll bypass 5/24.

  19. Thanks! Do you know if there's still possibilty of Chase's system automatically disapproving the application? I guess branch can help bypass 5/24 manually?

  20. It's not that the branch will manually bypass the rule. It's not a decision they make. For whatever reason, their system treats those approvals differently. Just go in and talk to a personal banker.

  21. If we treat them as the be-all end-all standard, so will devs. I personally will stop buying games that aren't deck verified even on my main pc

  22. That doesn't mean it won't run. It just means the developer isn't going to optimize it.

  23. lol what? I don't work at Intel, but I'm a person who doesn't say things like "get well" or "rest up" to my work colleagues. So maybe you're just expecting too much. Not everyone has to go out of their way to respond in the way that you want. People are allowed have a neutral reaction to you.

  24. No, it still isn't. Person above is wrong. Buying real good and services is real spending... Doesn't matter who is making the purchase. Buying cash equivalents (like gift cards) is manufactured spending.

  25. So I did select that option but does the application also request your details from Canada? Cause it didn’t and my application went under review. I didn’t get the option to add my ID details either

  26. Sorry you listened to the wrong person. That's just how it goes with Reddit sometimes. Wait until you get your TIN.

  27. Capital One Quicksilver and Savor One are no AF, no FTF, and have good rewards.

  28. If you were previously Q2 and are now After Q2, then you are in July/August.. So at least you have some idea.

  29. Blah blah blah. It will work. Collections isn't gonw fight it. Time is money and they are trying to harrass people not fight that.

  30. Naaa go to credit karma dispute it. Select company agreed to delete. Promise it will work.

  31. No, you cannot promise that. Valid debts are not removed after being paid unless the collection company has an internal policy that allows for it. In some cases a dispute can even reset the 7 year clock as a dispute is considered a reporting event.

  32. $18k was my starting limit. Minimum is $10k assuming you're approved, but Chase is pretty guarded about CLIs if you are approved for the minimum and are eventually looking for more.

  33. That I get. But I've experienced exams of similar scale wherein there are multiple question sets for the same sitting. So, for example the person sitting next to me would get Question set A, I would get Question set B and so on.

  34. I just meant that taking the exam in one country, as an experience, will be exactly the same as taking it in another country. That's what OP is asking about. I have no idea if CFAI uses randomly generated exams from question banks but that's not really relevant to op's question.

  35. Alright, my friend, OP's question made me think about this question that I had in my mind. Text based questions have a tendency to come across as rude sometimes but I wrote that with genuine curiosity.

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