1. I've tried over-complicated solutions in the past, using enum classes and such. It's only added headaches and overly complicated code. I've settled back to simplicity is best, and just dealing with the awkwardness in managing enums for types.

  2. CVFI to $12... while we all sat here watching spacs and losing money 20% near risk free intraday returns slipped through our fingers, damn I need a drink

  3. Due to dilution though even at IPO prices its actually inflated in terms of cap

  4. Gotta be careful searching Reddit. I just found out sharing pics containing Black Rifle Coffee Company mugs and penises is a thing. 🙈

  5. I think calls are the best bet in terms of upside, but they’re more risky, which kind of defeats the purpose of this low risk play. I see a lot of people pushing this play, but IMO the upside will be limited - if DCRC really rips, it might MIGHT get IVAN to 12. And of course you’re missing out on much bigger upside in DCRC in that case.

  6. I would not be willing to risk so much cash in a floorless despac though post dcrc change, so ivan is nice

  7. Id like to go back and see where his dd diverged from the reality of what was to come with the hindsight we now have

  8. I imagine many funds are leveraged like crazy, Archegos cant be the only one.

  9. I zoomed out monthly, 6 months, 1 year, and it wasnt until the 5 year zoom out I saw it a good chart. That is not really that great. Compared to the 1 year zoom out on SPY/VOO.

  10. Im not sure I follow, SPY vs SQ pre-covid highs to now SQ dominates? Spy 340->450, SQ 90->200

  11. maps has been crushed. I wouldn't touch mcmj. sentiment is going to be quite bad after merger unless maps has a miraculous recovery

  12. A man after my own heart, may the 7.5c gods smile upon you and rain down tendies

  13. Did not expect SEAT to turn green today, for the sake of RBAC though I hope it does alright in this covid news storm

  14. Im in not for a catalyst but just because I think the commons will go up. The era of 100% needing a catalyst is no more for targets that can move prices. IVAN for instance has done very well for me as a swing even without specific catalysts moving share price.

  15. Im thankful for red days since they keep me from getting to cocky and make me remember risk management is important. :D

  16. The devs have said already than most of the game has been made so they can add multiplayer later on, probably along with the steam release (game releases first on their store)

  17. I don't know, having personal experience trying to turn a single player game multiplayer compatible its a nightmare. Everything has to be tinkered with and modified to allow serialization cross network. If they actually started with Multiplayer in mind then perhaps, but if they only mean its theoretically adable it could be a long while or never.

  18. Bleh...bad mental health day after 3 days in red. NAV is nice, but seeing things in red, even if it's not much, and the constant decision making and checking whether there's anything I need to adjust to is stressing me out. Pre DA seems less attractive too, hit ratio is just so low at this point.

  19. Astra looks super interesting. Purely speculative, anyone else looking into this space ? What other competitors are even training publicly ? Might be ok with burning some cash on a smol position.

  20. Any thoughts on the potential MCMJ gamma squeeze play? I have about 5% of my portfolio on it, thinking of increasing since it’s so close to NAV now

  21. The biggest oi was today, so in terms of gamma squeeze seems not likely, however I loaded up anyways since I think merger date announcement or something else dumb could make it rally again. I have swung it twice before, so its a habit now :P

  22. I’m getting tired of people using DCRC and QS as comps for IVAN. SES is a decent company - it has an interesting product (with some flaws), partnerships, good revenue projections, etc. But it isn’t solid state and doesn’t represent the same fundamental change in chemistry. It is also a battery manufacturer, not a materials company, like SLDP will be.

  23. I only care about it because it sometimes gets close to nav and is a reliable swing, and the market will move it when DCRC moves up so thats nice. The reality of what you are saying is valid, but the market has it pegged with DCRC atm

  24. Lol, did I miss something why is PSTH trending on stocktwits and up 2%?

  25. Purely out of interest, what happened with your LTRY position at the end? That was your high conviction play i believe?

  26. I think you have me as someone else, if you mean TPGY, which was my yolo, I got lucky and saw the 10-Q early enough to sell at a profit.

  27. Should have bought more spaqws low, whoops. Also rbac volume but no movement again

  28. Unpopular opinion: Only shit DA SPACs are near 10 now.

  29. Perhaps, but some are also just very low volume without being able to shake out arbs without a catalyst or coverage/volume

  30. I think I've missed a lot of extra gains with that mentality. I'm good at averaging down, but not up.

  31. Yea, same here. It feels gross to average up on wins even though its probably the right call here for instance

  32. I don't get the love affair at all. His plays are literally just post something on reddit, then dump on his bagholders/followers.

  33. Amen. I have no respect for him after watching how he operated repeatedly. Hes not like dfv who actually knew his stuff and had a repeatable strategy.

  34. OffT - Sir_Jack ended his quest at little under $8 millions.

  35. United Launch Alliance. It’s in her comment history. 😜

  36. RBAC possibly. It moved as high as $10.50 but sold off and has chopped between $10 and 10.20 ever since. About 10% of the free float is tied up in November and December 10 and 12.5 calls. Could be a potential gamma mover, if it can find another leg up.

  37. I was very surprised by the oi on rbac since it has gotten so little retail attention compared to stuff like MCMJ. Fingers crossed $SEAT delivers the goods tomorrow and we can get some action soon

  38. I want to argue, but you are probably right. The dimaonds in the rough do exist though for sure

  39. I'm not saying short it, but Herbalife is 100% a pyramid scheme and should die a horrible death.

  40. Quick question OP, if the deal doesn't go through then tpgy still can't get down under $10 considering that it's a spac right? With your average being 10,6 - 10,7, then you'd only lose max -7% on your shares right OP? Is this correct?

  41. So, it can go under $10 in the open market due to heavy selling. However worst case scenario you can always redeem for exactly nav if arb funds dont keep it up high enough when the spac dissolves. You can check commons on ALTU or MUDS to see what you could expect if the deal dies.

  42. The difference is with micro you are deciding how to move, how many troops to move, how to respond to enemy movement and retreat, etc... Here its actually three buttons

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