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  1. FB problems are piling up... Even as a user I tend to see irrelevant content, while posts from relevant pages or groups are not showing up. If you dig, you can check yourself in what interest groups you are according to FB. Many are irrelevant or obsolete, hence deterioration of interest targeting and reach accuracy in general. This also explains why big advertisers are seeing less impact.

  2. We too saw a strange drop in October on campaigns where no changes have been made, also targeting women.

  3. Ads manager partially working for me, e.g. does not see instagram content + ads are taking ages to verify.

  4. Wild guess here: you are targeting broad and CTR is great while CPM is scary high. This means target audience algo selected is expensive to reach. Do you exclude remarketing audiences?

  5. Created PWA app - after 2 years generates below 5% of traffic. You need to actively promote the app as churn for apps is high.

  6. Have been testing this recently. Even with small budgets going with broad targeting (no options selected whatsoever) resulted with CPA comparable to CBO with few adsets with detailed targeting.

  7. Yeap, common to all across ecom with exceptions of seasonal stuff lik sports goods (used for vaction), garden & bbq equip and other things helping people spend time outdoors.

  8. Yeah, nothing written so that you cannot sue them for losses resulting from misadvice they give just in order to increase their profits.

  9. Why are you boosting posts? That's most likely a waste of money. Other than that try to consolidate campaigns as much as you can.

  10. Yes sometimes I find them, I’ll share some this Monday. I normally send out emails with ads every Monday so sign up for that.

  11. Your structure is good. Are you sure your content isn't...meh?

  12.'s.... not on my taste. But that doesn't matter, a lot of things i don't like make millions while my favorite singers struggle to get 100k views on YT.Regardless of that i invite you to read this

  13. Thank you for taking the time to review and advise.

  14. How long is your vid? Make a short one and its views would go up ;)

  15. Intersted to test this out myself - appealing feature is that you can retarget people who interacted with IE (what you sadly cannot do with other ad types except video).

  16. Same thing here. My working theory is that optimising for IC gives algo more fuel what may play big role with small tragic and remarketing audience.

  17. My ads completely tanked in the last 3 days. Very high bounce rates, low quality traffic. They were performing great for 2.5 months leading up and then it tanked overnight.

  18. Have same thing on broad campaigns not touched since 90 days

  19. Depends on your business model. I know of a B2C making 300m annual GMV and their social is non-existent ;)

  20. True, you can run few campaigns with same setup and some will do OK, some will not. Definitely a random component there.

  21. I was wondering if Facebook had a system in place to directly influence the CPMs of advertisers. Like if Facebook is a pure auction platform, where CPMs can approach zero if there are no advertisers, then the adjustment will take place faster because there should be a lot of small businesses pulling away their budget in the past month.

  22. FB profit is up last quater (56% :O) and they will keep optimizing for even higher profits. I don't expect things to get any better for advertisers.

  23. thanks, that makes sense. Apple is really giving the shaft to FB.

  24. Don't think so - my users are 90% Android and I still have a drop just like everyone else.

  25. I get the impression that if sth work (poorly but works) - don't touch this. Setting up new campaign with same config is unlikely to bring same results, even when you exercise lots of patience.

  26. Our team was spending around $7k / day from April - June, which is nothing compared to you lol.

  27. How do you test with cbo? I use ABO as it allows to spend same amount on each variant.

  28. You could also do that with adsets in CBO. Oh to clarify, I don't mean we always use CBO when testing, more often than not, we're using ABO for testing.

  29. The exact same thing is happening to me... it's not Facebook's fault... it's Apple's fault. I can't stand that fucking company. Has absolutely destroyed my book business.

  30. Don't think so. My audience is 95% Android and still I got hit just like everybody else

  31. Its diluted. Content is gonna be king and unfortunately its fine for big business...gonna be hard for us small and med businesses. This is coming from someone who has spent about 200k on fb.

  32. Yep, and big business doesn’t have to worry that much about targeting so they can get to people with cheap reach campaigns.

  33. Facebook is known for lack of ethics. Leaked materials revealed they had purposely shown inflated estimates to make people spending

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