1. Behavioral issues are not based upon breed, it's actually how you treat and raise them

  2. I came across another cab app called Shyftcabs. That is also good.

  3. Use business manager to create a new ad account. Raise a ticket for this disabled ad account. They'll solve the issue or the least they can do is give you a proper explanation.

  4. They won’t give you a proper explanation lol. They will only be able to guess why the AI banned you. Multiple support reps could only apologize to us. They said when the AI makes a decision, there is nothing they can do about it lol.

  5. I see your website, which is your landing page. First, you have to show about your products, why they want to buy from you, Share some testimonials of your previous customer if it is video testimonial it would be much better. Don't put subscribe to your newsletter right below the hero section, it should be in the footer or a little above the footer. Then why you're still showing sold-out products on your website, it doesn't make any sense to the customers, remove these products from your catalogue.

  6. A/B testing works by evenly splitting your ad set, eliminating audience overlap, and ensuring that users only see one variation for the duration of the test. So try this out if you're having meaningful traffic. Otherwise don't try it in the first place.

  7. If you think the cost per install is high, try changing different creatives, use different headlines and primary text. The CPI increases because the number of people installing your app is very less than the actual number of people seeing your ads(Impressions). Running ads from different accounts causes overlapping only and it also wastes your ad spent. Maybe use can choose different audiences and run ads, and again it's subjective only. Just make sure your ads are attractive and clickable.

  8. Facebook ads are really subjective. Not one factor affects your conversions. There'll be plenty of reasons why your ad is not converted. It's because of poor creative, copy, headline, doesn't have a human touch, unconverted sales funnel. Don't blame yourself for these things. It's really common. Try to understand the problem in customer pov and think about what converts more. Test with different ad copies , use dynmaic creatives.

  9. Consider if I'm running ads with 1 ad set and 2 ads. The total budget is spent across two ads. It depends upon facebook.

  10. When you're creating your Facebook ads, You'll save your audiences. In this way, you can extract your audience. Now create a new campaign with a conversion objective and include this audience.

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