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  1. I definitely needed this. All my life, I’ve always felt like I could trust my own thoughts (intuition) and just try to figure out things on my own. Recently, I’ve been in a dark place and I feel like I can’t trust myself, constantly having negative thoughts about myself and my perception of myself has changed so much because of these thoughts. INFJ’s definitely need to seek perspective from the outside in times like these. We think we are seeing things clearly and rationally, but we are not. A depressive and anxious mind can be pretty powerful in distorting your reality.

  2. YES. Exactly. It's really crazy to me. We can't always trust ourselves like we think we can and so we need to remember that.

  3. This was phrased so beautifully and is so relevant to me. You have no idea how much you've helped, thank you <3

  4. Your comment just made me really happy - thank you! Really glad I could help <3

  5. Hey op out of tune but I've noticed that your handle is 8080x is that because of the 8080 Intel microprocessor? Asking the important questions haha

  6. Super important question but... no. Have no idea what that is 😂

  7. That's a hard question, it's not like we had a 3d human printer, even if we "knew" what we wanted it doesn't mean we would like What we get when we have it. It doesn't work like that. So I don't focus anymore on what's ideal because that's just expect heartbreak at its core. But if you show interest in talking to me and listen, but has how to discuss and the convo feels like a 5050 split I'm already more interested. You don't need to be perfect. You don't need to be ideal. You need to be You. Sometimes it won't click, sometimes it does and you don't even know why. That's why it's hard to answer what's ideal, because it's not only one thing that makes you fall in love it's a conjunction it's a lot and it's hard to remember what made you love her because it's just so much tiny stuff and you can't remember it all not because you weren't paying attention but because you were living that moment when you fell in love so hard that you didn't realize that love has happened. Hope you find love dear reader, if you haven't that is and if you did congrats keep on loving! Hugs, RedApples

  8. What an ENFP answer haha 😄

  9. Because it feels like the thing that we've been hiding so carefully and deeply is being exposed and that feels like a threat to our whole identity/being. Kind of like, 'what am I now, now that this piece of me is gone?'.

  10. This is the same for me. I am an INFJ female and have always been a tomboy, who loves climbing, walking through mud and outdoor sports. I also love girly colours in my bedroom and creative hobbies.

  11. Wow you just reminded me of this old post 😂 Forgot about it

  12. I would love to be a delivery girl. But 1) I can't drive and 2) I'm a girl, meaning I would be an anomaly amongst all the delivery guys.

  13. No, this would be terrible.

  14. It would be lovely if you guys could post memes. I mean, you learn a lot by laughing at yourself. And comics do get discussions started.

  15. I know. 100%. Memes are quite powerful.

  16. This is SO cool. I want to make some now even though I have absolutely zero experience with sewing.

  17. Okay so my experience here: I distanced myself from a special someone because I was afraid of disappointing them. I don't even know in what way I would do that but I was just so afraid and was constantly overthinking "What if I say something stupid and he thinks I'm weird? What if I do something embarrassing?" Maybe you won't be able to believe me but this was seriously the case. And this is like a little confession: I had feelings for him, just like -im guessing- he had feelings for me. He never literally said that but there was little bits and pieces where he would hint about his feelings and I would act like I didn't understand any of those, because again, I was afraid of the idea of a relationship.

  18. First paragraph is EXACTLY my situation and feelings. Damn. I just don't see myself being able to be in an actual relationship with him. I, too, act like I don't understand his hints, lol.

  19. Don't give up on her but give her space. Most importantly, don't make her feel trapped. Let her know that whatever she chooses to do is okay, but that you want her.

  20. Give it up. Let her go bro. It's not gonna get any better unless you back all the way off

  21. Love when people are pure honest like this.

  22. fucking fuck. I do have a narcissistic element to my self... I am uncaring unless someone validates me or the topic is about me. I have difficulty or a reluctance to validating others. It just feels cumbersome to be like "Oh wow I'm so proud of you!"

  23. Oh... sounds like you got some issues here.

  24. The reason i love you infjs is because your weird in the good kind of way.

  25. The reason I love you ENFPs is because you love in the love kind of way. And you're good in the good kind of way.

  26. Shouldn't be the case. INFJs aren't boring but might look like it on the surface

  27. Love is a concept. The various definitions are just philosophical ideas.

  28. Interesting. So you think that one personal and maybe really individual experience of the concept defines 'love' just as well as all other definitions?

  29. Yes, I have 2 long-term SOs (6+ years each) that started as LOs.

  30. Thanks a lot for this. Especially that last part. I needed it.

  31. Chamber of Reflection - Mac DeMarco

  32. Yes, but I think it's only because I got diagnosed with adult ADHD and am taking medication for it. I do still stumble over my words occasionally but it has improved drastically since I started the meds.

  33. What medication is given for ADHD?

  34. Do you know the type of your 'LO'? I'm an INFJ whose LO is an ENFP

  35. Does he know about your feelings towards him?

  36. This is super interesting and should be spoken about more here

  37. But it would change our whole dynamic which would be weird

  38. It could be avoidant behaviour but could also just be emotional unavailability because you’re not 100% ready. I struggle with this too and am really into people who are also emotionally not quite ready and have noticed this. The people that are I end up putting myself off of. I would say give him a chance but slowly. Give it time and space and see what grows. Don’t be too perfectionist (another INFJ trait). I generally haven’t seen been into anyone more than a couple of years because I always think there might be something better but as I get older I think maybe I need to settle a little. Give it time and be open to things and see how you feel. Think about his traits and how they would work long term and then decide

  39. I used to do this a lot when I was younger, and I often questioned it. YMMV, but I eventually came to the conclusion that for me the idealization/attraction stemmed from 1) my personal loneliness as a rather isolated child. This resulted in the urge to imagine a better future using 2) the other person's best/most desirable traits. This was the same kind of imagination that I used to escape the world by throwing myself into fantasy novels, but by using just a person as source material and not an entire book-world, I could control the narrative more to suit what I wanted.

  40. Yeah...this relates A LOT. Thank you. I also have some kind of avoidant attachment style.

  41. No I do smth to piss them off, so the attraction dies and it takes the weight off emotionally..

  42. I did this recently... but I feel bad about it. They now think I'm a worse person than they thought which is not true. And I don't like things that are not true.

  43. It's an important request that had to be made, but TBH the gentle tone of the letter annoys me af.

  44. Me too. I don't like the letter.

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