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  1. I wish this guy lived near me, I'd be all too happy to donate him all the snow I get to shovel.

  2. Any attempt to promote the political side of the protest or show their propaganda will be removed.

  3. I hear if you get in touch with the right developers it can be quite affordable, even profitable, to run for city councilor!

  4. The post title is misleading. While there is undeniably a lot of children with COVID in the hospital, many of them were not hospitalized FOR Covid, but ended up at the hospital for other reasons and subsequently were tested positive for COVID. Read me well, it’s not changing the number of children with COVID, only the reason why they were at the hospital: “Since the beginning of January, 28 children have been admitted to the pediatric hospital with COVID-19. Many of them were admitted for other reasons and tested positive for COVID-19. Three of those children required admission to the intensive care unit, the hospital said Thursday.”

  5. Thank you. The headline, which is what most people will read, delivers the message to parents that your children are at increasing risk of serious COVID complications requiring hospitalization as never seen before, which is of course false. The article itself mentions that the many children were hospitalized for other reasons but were found to have COVID but most people won't read it, and when they do many still won't comprehend it. Just another day of pushing FEAR and DOOM to sell newspapers.

  6. So, do tell, is there a shortage of lift operators?

  7. There was when I went to a ski station where they said they had 3 lifts going on their website and I showed up to see that they only had one and the lineup was massive (25 minutes in the lineup per run). I asked the admin staff and they told me they didn't have enough staff available to run the other lifts (called in sick, turfed for vax status, etc).

  8. I know people are down voting you, but they just don't understand they are ALL 2-4 weeks behind Dr John Campbell's data. When people rely on the normal news outlets, which is understandable, they simply aren't aware of the data coming out of SA and the UK etc. There's a reason the UK is dropping restrictions, and we will be soon too. Things will catch up, and they will see the need to get things back to normal so everyone can get their normal care going again. No one has promoted vaccines and masks more than Dr John, yet people don't like it when he presents both sides. Get with reality people!

  9. A large number of people are totally convinced that this is a civilization ending plague and that it can be blamed on the unvaccinated. The whole impending doom being caused by the other is not at all a new concept and has proven extremely effective/attractive/engrossing throughout history.

  10. Remember solving problems like this in school thinking "when am I ever going to use this in real life"? This guy right here.

  11. Have you tried being not so poor? Next time just keep voting for the same people and I'm sure THEN they'll fix it.

  12. Even though they're birds, all I can think of while seeing this is "Argh, save me from the wee turtles!"

  13. Like others have said schools are mostly the same. It used to be that parents could chose the high school their kids went to but then the rules changed and you *had* to go to the school in your catchment area. This was to prevent over enrollment in the "good" schools, selection, competition, etc. All that leads to a tiered system which we want to avoid. There was an exception which was if you wanted to enroll your kids in a specific program that wasn't available at your local school you could be allowed to go to a school that had that program. Seemingly overnight all these high schools developed special programs that were unique (only one school has it). So now you can once again pick your school, so long as you enroll in their unique program.

  14. That threat, that the land should be handed over to SEPAQ, is exactly and precisely why the NCC has been more and more restrictive with public use of Gatineau park. Some biologists made a big stink about a plant that is rare in Quebec (but plentiful otherwise, not at all threatened) being in the park and not adequately protected. Soon all kinds of environmental do gooders jumped on that bandwagon (which the NCC couldn't care less about). Then they started making the case for that land to be turned over to SEPAQ and it took on this whole "return Quebec land to Quebec" vibe which is what really got the attention of the NCC.

  15. I'm assuming that's a buyer's agent you have? They should have your interest first (not their commission). Assuming you signed an agreement with them have another read.

  16. Short answer is that better-fitting masks are encouraged to curtail the spread of the omicron variant.

  17. Here I am quietly waiting for people to realize why they want N95 masks, that the Omicron variant is no more "mask evading" than other forms of covid, and what that means in the context of the past 1+ year of mask policies.

  18. The "mask evading" capability of any one strain isn't the issue. We should have all been wearing N95s for as long as they were readily available. It's more important than ever now though because of the sheer number of people in the community who are infected.

  19. There were people saying that unregulated cloths masks (like the ones made by your nana in her basement) are just theatre and do nothing unlike a properly fitting n95 mask. They've been banned from this sub. Were those anti-maskers or just ahead of the curve of your moving goalpost?

  20. I'm by no means endorsing Diane Deans for mayor by posting the article but I must admit seeing the responses is bringing out my inner Palpatine (good... good...)

  21. The main difference since they gated testing is that you can't compare NUMBERS from when anyone could get tested and now.

  22. I'd argue that because the tests were gated to those that are most essential and at higher risk of getting infected (ie healthcare) that this sample could have a higher likelihood of infection than the general population, certainly those that can work at home or distanced from others. So in that sense I'd like to think this is a strong indicator. At the same time every household with a school aged kid is about to be connected to thousands of others, so... ;)

  23. Agreed, and I said pretty much the same thing just above.

  24. Besides there being no deals, the situations are the hills can be pretty grim (search this sub for posts) this season. Massive lineups at the lifts. The websites for the hills aren't updated so you see they say they have multiple lifts open on the website but you show up to see that they only have one running because they are too short staffed. Someone here got 7 runs done in 4 hours. Not a good time.

  25. Ok. I'll talk really slow. You can sign your kids up for online learning, or you can homeschool your children. You are wrong. Nobody is forced to send their kids to school. If you think it's not safe, keep them at home. Problem solved.

  26. I know for a fact that if you talk to your school and tell them you are not feeling good about this return, your child will be taught online. Anyway, my point was nobody is forced to send their child to school. And they are not. Period. If you don't feel safe keep them at home. I respect that. Mine are going on Monday. I'm very happy.

  27. Well I'm so glad you've taken the time to survey every school in town. /S

  28. So you'll concentrate all rentals into the hands of large corporations that can afford to build multi unit buildings (and are ONLY allowed to build multi unit buildings)?

  29. I don't follow. There is clearly high demand for homes. Your suggestion of changing zoning and turning the stock static is your idea, not mine. Allow building to go on, just make it not viable to buy and own homes for the purpose of renting out or speculating. At the current rate homes are appreciating 10-30% a year, a 1% tax will do nothing to change behavior.

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