In Spain, the death of a man after the Janssen vaccine is being investigated

In Spain, the death of a man is being investigated, which occurred shortly after he was vaccinated with the Janssen coronavirus vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson. The investigation does not exclude that there is a direct connection between vaccination and the death of the patient, writes El Mundo.

The deceased was 36 years old. There was no information that he suffered from any chronic diseases. He received the vaccine on June 25, and was hospitalized on July 5 due to poor health. According to some reports, the Spaniard could have suffered a stroke.

Earlier in July, it was reported that 128 people died in Switzerland after being vaccinated against coronavirus at different intervals. The country’s medical department stressed that there are no facts that directly confirm that vaccination was the main cause of these deaths.

In Spain, according to the Johns Hopkins Institute, more than 4.2 million cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus and more than 81 thousand deaths associated with COVID-19 have been recorded.