Anyone used Azlo for Business Checking?

  1. I've had an account open with them for a month and a half now and so far they've been pretty good. My business is still in the early stages so haven't had much in the way of income just yet, but so far transfers have been fairly quick. It sis take awhile to get the debit card, but I think that was general USPS slowness, not their fault.

  2. Yes used it for 2 years before I had to graduate to chase for credit cards and lines of credit! For an online bank it is GREAT!

  3. I am on day one with them. Looks very very basic.... yet that seems to be exactly what I need. I am looking forward to test their Bill Pay (i.e. Comcast and Utilities), bank transfers, and use their Debit Card as Credit Card (with reservations and caution). We’ll see. Application process was ridiculously smooth. I remember spending an entire day at a Chase branch, to do something that took me 15 minutes tops....

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