Generating almost 70k a month in revenue AMA

  1. What's the best way for you to get your brand name out? I have tried giveaway and fb advertising is expensive. I also have setup shop on Etsy and advertise there as I feel it's easier than Facebook. Any suggestions would be helpful

  2. Honestly, I know how expensive FB advertising is.. but it is 100% worth every dime (if you create the right campaign). If you can build your brand aesthetic and create a clear and seamless branding your brand will grow (slow... but will grow). Also if you can afford to send swag to small instagrammers with around 2-5k followers and a good engagement (500 likes) send to a bunch of those guys for free in exchange for a post! This will be free aside from product and works very well!

  3. My main channel is Facebook and Instagram ppc. Start out with a small healthy budget and scale them slowly! Don’t start throwing money, make sure your CPA is profitable in relation to your stores AOV and also make sure you are hitting your ROAS goals, I think healthy is 2x (some disagree) but I think you can scale at anything above 2x. I also do minimal google ads. Same rules apply. Snapchat ads (they were a bust) Right now we are building our TikTok strategy I also do influencer posts with targeted influencers in our niche with around 100-500k followers and a healthy engagement.

  4. I just went back on my analytics to two years ago when i launched, it took me two days and 121 sessions before I got my first sale. I remember watching my google analytics in real-time like a crazy man waiting for someone to convert..

  5. It is our fourth week since we launched our Shopify t-shirt store and are doing well with over 200 orders and almost £4k in sales so far this month.

  6. Wow congrats!! I didn’t have 200 orders that fast! Adding more information, measurements, and materials, also adding different views of the product! These helped my conversions. Also adding customer reviews to product page. Apps i stand by: SMS Bump for text marketing YotPo for customer reviews Shogun: makes it REALLY easy to edit your website via drag and drop Prove source real-time purchasing popup really helps conversions! Loyalty lion for customer rewards I also use

  7. I'm a little late to the party but I'm dealing with a store that I think is really well put together and has some good potential and that's getting good traffic, but no sales. Mind if I pm?

  8. Thank you very much i appreciate that! It has been a lot of hard work! I took the hard route of not dropshipping and fulfilling orders on my own (not that it changes the e-commerce hustle it just meant more labor and sweat and tears for myself haha)

  9. Thanks for sharing. I launched a fitness accessories-related brand right before Safer at Home. I had a great launch in sales because I did the whole “build a brand and a community” approach (I’ve spent a lot of time in the local fitness community). After initial organic sales, sales have slowed considerably, and I’m now dabbling in influencer partnerships and cross promo with other adjacent brands. Sales still come in, but not in any consistent or predictable way. I want to move 10X the amount of product that I’m currently selling.

  10. Absolutely! Congrats on the brand and the initial success, don’t let the drop in sales from covid discourage you... it happened to everyone but cleared the space for those of us who have the dedication to make it. PPC is where you will really gain traction. I do want to give a full disclaimer (as someone on this thread already pointed out) I do have a YouTube channel but do not sell you anything and will never push that on anyone... I don’t want anyone getting the wrong impression from that. I make my videos as another outlet to share, and create our community. With that said, start with Facebook ads, i say a good 50-80 bucks for a campaign to start should give you a base line. Do not target your audience to specifically starting out, let you pixel grow organically off of a full broad campaign. Maybe target people interested in fitness or even people searching for trending terms (like peloton comes to mind) and keep everything semi broad and see what audiences are really engaging with your ad and are clicking your link to get them into the top funnel. I always say have two campaigns your prospecting (showing your ad) and then create a retargeting campaign of people who have visited your website, or if you have enough data a retargeting campaign of people who have started a checkout. Also never pay for a “course” their are so many of us that will genuinely help you for free and bounce ideas back and forth, every time i help someone i actually learn just as much knowledge from them regardless of their skill set or experience!

  11. So I have a brand of 1 product category with about 60 different variations and styles. Think like a brand that sells jeans but has multiple styles and washes, so technically 1 product. Variations was a key to my success but really nicheing (is that a word!? Haha) down to one specific was a key to advertising success

  12. Do you let customers customize their order or you provide selections for them? My home decor store isn’t working out so well doing this way..

  13. If you’re going to hold inventory provide selections. Home Decor is a super hot niche right now. You should have many products and lots of options in this space though!

  14. Have you ever ran a store where you’re taking 70k a month for 2 months then out of no where your revenue goes to zero overnight? Facebook page score is fine, everything was smooth sailing and very consistent then it literally fell off a cliff over the last week for no obvious reason.

  15. I haven’t personally experienced a drop to dead zero, but I have experienced a significant drop by trying to redo and release new creatives, when that happened i went back to sq 1 and started showing my legacy ads and creatives. Can I ask did you make any significant changes? In your ads manager or on your Shopify store?

  16. Whats your monthly ad spend? And what sort of cost per click or cost per sale do you typically see?

  17. Last month i spent 27,866 in ad spend. My cpa was kind of high last month at 23.22 I like to see that number at about 17 but my average order value last month was also over 50 dollars so my roas was 2x!

  18. So I noticed you like using FB advertising, how did you go about making those ads? Did you bootstrap, or pay someone else, or what?

  19. Bootstrapped, when I first started my campaign I had zero knowledge!!! I literally thought promoting posts would be sufficient, i had no idea what a pixel meant or anything. I started my first campaign as a shot in the dark post. Over time i graduated to using an agency and i learned all i know from them, now i run my ads on my own! I would just read basics on how to use ads manager and some playing around will get you a foundation to start advertising, I always suggest starting with a very broad audience and let the pixel do its job!

  20. Maybe if you don’t mind me asking over the past 14 days what your cpa on each campaign was and what your aov for your store was? When I was starting as opposed to looking at days i looked at weeks as a whole until I had enough data to really gauge how i was doing and when I should scale. I like to scale at 2x roas, and when my cpa is half of my aov, I would recommend scaling every 3 days by 10 dollars as long as your roas is healthy. Scale slow as to not shock the FB algorithm and hurt your results. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight! So be patient with yourself!

  21. Of course I love to share my knowledge and hear other people’s input it helps me keep my head straight! Haha. I literally started with 500 bucks, it was initially started to make extra money so my girlfriend didn’t have to go back to work after my son was born. I bootstrapped everything. I did take out shady working capital loans in the beginning that I am truly shocked i was able to pay back and didn’t end up sinking the business! I would initially gauge the success if it would pay half my rent which was 1,800 at the time. So I started being able to do that in December 2018 (I launched in august 2018) but to actually be profiting it took over a year, and I’m still not pocketing as much profits as i would like. It pays my bills and my new rent of 3,000 and pays me a comfortable salary. This started really being reliable in February of this year. So even though I was profiting and paid my bills it took a good amount of time to become 110% reliable.

  22. I may have to correct myself, I do work with an agency to bounce ideas. I also have a rep that works directly at Facebook that manages my account with me. But i would not think you have exhausted your efforts. The time of year and the current economic state may play a small role in fewer sales. I would consider expanding your lookalike audiences through a full broad non targeted campaign! You want to keep your creative for a good amount of time to receive comments and likes increasing your social proof and building that pixel! Don’t give up! Keep plugging.

  23. Currently i shockingly only market in the United States but we do ship worldwide but don’t market overseas. (That is to come starting with Canada) I tend to stick with using Shopify for label printing because it is seamless and is how we manage our order fulfillment. It might not be best rates but we calculate the Shopify usps rate into our product cost. We source materials from everywhere and assemble here. But I have done full production overseas and it worked out great!

  24. Good question, so a lot of times influencers will come at you with their rates and coming from an influencer space and having worked with and being friends with a lot i really try to respect their rates and not insult them by haggling or bartering them. But with that said i try to keep it in this budget. And influencer with 10k to 100k followers and an engagement of 2-3% i budget for around 300 dollars and 100k up with the same engagement rate starting at 1,000 dollars and up as the followers increase once you start getting into the million follower mark you’re going to start paying a good chunk of change. But, from experience the influencers with 10k- 50k have a really dedicated communities that will convert and are really effective!

  25. Would you say to start right away with a paid shopify theme or go free first? What is your favorite theme?

  26. No need to pay for a theme! I like any of the themes i like to use Brooklyn! If you are really new to coding and design i highly reccomend Downloading the Shopify app shogun it literally lets you design drag and drop pages. I think outsourcing is GREAT! I always use freelancers to get the correct jobs done. It won’t hurt you at all to have a professional do some things for you! Also more profits better i like to see at least a60% margin.

  27. What would you recomend for a first shop? I am trying to launch a general store with 7 to 10 categories. I want to dropship from China to UK. Do you think a general store is good for the start or picking a niche is better. Is marketing for a general store more difficult than marketing a single product? I 've picked about 50 products and before the launch few suppliers are out of stock and i see that could be one of the problems with running a general store. Is it better to pick one product with many variations and make it your own brand if it will sell very good? Or maybe finding a supplier in UK and resell some products form UK based supplier is a better idea to raise the capital and then take other steps to make own brand?

  28. Im always skeptical of people not being transparent and who do not atleast link to their store. If you are close to 1mil revenue there is no reason not to show evidence of that. So can you provide a link to your store and some proof you are making those numbers?

  29. Hahaha I appreciate your concern, I have multiple different reasons for not explicitly saying what my brand names are right off the bat. Nor am I a “guru” I genuinely want to help people be successful i have attached a picture taken from my phone with another screen open showing this exact Reddit.

  30. Bro, you aren’t the brightest. She is answering everything pretty clearly. Not everyone is a scammer lol.

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