Need Advice On What To Do

  1. Well first was not having my own space. That truly bothered me. Next was not having my family and dog which I am REALLY close with. Not having family there while also not having true friends made it so lonely. Also not having the option to do things I like such as cooking, moving around, taking care of my plants, and just things I cant do in a dorm made me not like it.

  2. I feel like a lot of freshman this year aren’t giving dorming a fair chance it’s not this magical experience they portray in the movies it’s uncomfortable and awkward adjusting to a new routine and life. But you need to do it! You’ve only been here 1 week classes haven’t even started I had no friends freshman year but slowly working my way into becoming satisfied with my situation. Your home is only 20 minutes away you could visit everyday if you wanted too and maybe next year not dorm. But just understand that this is a universal experience and many people go through it only this year are people hopping on Reddit and actually talking about it.

  3. Honestly its only been a week. I really believe that you’ll find your friends. It seems to me that you’re looking for everything to fall into place instantly and that’s simply unrealistic. Yes I understand it’s a huge transition but you’ll find your place here. I personally felt the same way but I started joining clubs and essentially preoccupied my time with things I like to do. You’ll be fine I promise. 20 mins isn’t that far away you can visit them anytime. I think you should keep dorming for this year and get out of your comfort zone. College isn’t a place to just go to class. You need to learn how to become an independent person. If you still don’t like it after this year commute. But I think you’re calling it quits too fast.

  4. Yes I agree, I would like to give it another shot but I dont know I need time lol. I have never felt that sad or depressed in one place ever. I lost my appetite and as someone who eats a lot, I only ate a tiny bit. I need to think it over and see what I wanna do, because idk if I am willing to make myself that unhappy again just to live in a dorm. Lol just thinking about it makes me sad

  5. I only have answer for #1 you can check dots i think some commuter parking passes ran out for busch/college ave you might be able to get one but time’s running out i would think

  6. So sorry to hear that I understand what its like out there even though I don't dorm myself. Just find a way what suits for you. There's plenty that can help you find other ways to dorm with other roomates or just get a pass for parking. Good luck

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