I wanna go home

  1. Honeslty yesterday i moved into my apartment my roomate was at work so i was sitting alone and im like "why am i here" but after i woke up and made food I forgot how good it was to be on my own

  2. I agree with what others have said, definitely try to do some soul-searching about your interests, hobbies and passions and then try to find others who share these, be it in clubs or classes or even online friends. It helped me.

  3. I mean what are u interested in. You’d be surprised, at a 40,000 person school ur bound to find someone with similar interests.

  4. Honestly word. I don’t like big crowds of people. I like my parents and a few close friends so online school was great for me. Fortunately for me, most of my classes are online this semester.

  5. I feel the same way :( not having my friends from home with me sucks and since I’m in a single, I don’t even have a roommate to explore campus with. It’s been very overwhelming and lonely. I’m keeping up hope that once classes start and I’m there for a while, things will settle in and be fine. We just gotta push through for these first couple weeks and hopefully things will get better!!

  6. It’s only natural to feel how you feel. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way, but give it a chance. School hasn’t even started yet.

  7. I totally feel the same way, I’ve been trying to adjust but it’s been very difficult. If you ever need someone to talk to about it or you just want someone to relate to feel free to pm me! (Same goes for anyone feeling like this, you’re not alone!)

  8. Try to find clubs with similar interests to you, and try to make some friends. The unfortunate thing is that if you don't like college life now, it will only get worse as classes start and everyone gets bogged down with exams

  9. Having most of my classes online this time around, I can actually spend my free time finally building some lego sets I haven't opened.

  10. I am sad you feel this way. What year are you? I had a lot of fun met a bunch of new people made some great friends had some great memories. If you put yourself out there I recon you can do the same.

  11. Negatory. I crave social interaction. Sincerely hope you break out of ya shell soon, but ofc stay close to ya parents. They r family.

  12. It’s def a shift from online to in-person; but I’m sure you can still find online classes elsewhere at various universities than you can transfer credits to at Rutgers so you can just stay at home. No ones forcing you to be on campus.

  13. I say give it a little time. The beginning is always so hard. I am confident after a couple of weeks; you will get into doing stuff.

  14. This is all over. People have acclimated to working in their living rooms and they like it. Why do I need to sit in traffic and go to a classrooom just to get information that can easily be conveyed to me via video? A hands on lab perhaps I see the value, but a lecture?

  15. Nah. It's not a majority sentiment at Rutgers at all. And this is just how OP is feeling right now. We all have our own unique preferences and needs, and it's a big adjustment to and from quarantine

  16. Nah I definitely think this is the opposite. So many people are only talking about the social activities and getting back on campus and I'm about to start my 7th year of undergrad burnt out and mad as hell bc there's practically nothing available for me to continue remote this semester and I have 0 interest in going back to campus. I got a full time job and bills to pay I'm not here for this shit

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