[Holder] Colts QB Carson Wentz says his wife is due with their second child any day now. "I could get a call at any time," he said. However, Wentz says if it comes down to a conflict between Sunday's game, "I'm playing." He and his wife have already had the discussion, he said.

  1. Carson has very much been worth the first rounder so I'm all for it. The whole thing about benching him to save a draft pick has been nothing but media drumming up a story for clicks.

  2. He and his wife prayed about it, and God told him the Eagles need that 1st round pick—so who is he to argue?

  3. It's really not because it would help my team, but I can't imagine missing the birth of my child so that I could play a football game.

  4. Just get a her box suite, with a mid wife and a doctor in there, and if it's time to pop out it out have him run up and cut the umbilical cord and head back down.

  5. As an owner of a uterus (that has admittedly never been occupied), I hope it was truly an agreement they’re both happy with — and if so, then it doesn’t bother me.

  6. What if playing got you a game check that would pay you 100k+(idk what his actually is). Even with all the money he's already made that'd be a nice start for any kids bank account.

  7. This is sort of a make it of break it year for Wentz isn’t it? If the colts weren’t on the brink of playoff contention I bet he would go, but they are and because of that so is his career.

  8. The check Wentz gets for playing in that football game will pay for that child's entire college education and upbringing so it's understandable, especially since they can probably rig up some kind of Zoom for halftime

  9. Does this put even more pressure on Wentz for Sunday? Imagine missing the birth of your child to lose to the Jags

  10. That's fucking football right there. None of that pansy ass dick tugging smile for the camera bullshit. Men puke, men poop on the field, men deliver their new born baby on the side lines. Fucking hard core dick in the ass butterball football fuck it chuck it game time shit. Take it to the showers. Dicks get shoved in places you don’t even remember. We win together we celebrate together. Football is back baby.

  11. I’m sure it varies by hospital, but my wife gave birth in August and they never asked my vaccination status (I am, for the record) but I was required to take a rapid COVID test when we got to the hospital and was instructed to wear a mask anytime I was around any hospital personnel

  12. We don't check for vaccinated status at my hospital for visitors. Staff required to have it. Patients we ask if they they've had it, but doesn't impact anything.

  13. Wife had baby 6 weeks ago they didn’t ask about vaccine status or run a test actually. Just had to wear mask outside room.

  14. The rate of births on the due date is 4-5%. The odds that it happens during pre and game hours is even lower.

  15. On one hand you should know that if you are trying to have a baby you should be trying when you know the baby will come during the season.

  16. I think it is. Your child being born > your job, and it's weird that we're in a society that thinks it's good to choose the opposite.

  17. It's not the best thought is it? Your child's birth should be more important than football. Supporting your wife through it should be more important than football.

  18. I mean.... it is a negative story. He's not there to support his wife who's going thru some traumatic shit. My second kid was a whole lot more difficult delivery than my first and I really don't think I'd have missed it unless there was something really stupid stopping me..... like not being allowed into the delivery room or something.

  19. If I knew there was an unvaccinated asshole dad on the post partum floor, as a doctor, dad, or (although highly unlikely) as a patient, I’d flip my shit.

  20. That's super fucked up. It's just football dude. Dont care what your career is, no job is worth missing the birth of your children.

  21. Timely reminder that Adam Gase missed the birth of his first child not to coach a game, but to have a film session with Peyton

  22. Me too man, I’ll be sitting right at my desk doing my job while my wife gives birth. All because maybe I might win team member of year.

  23. He knows that each game is critical to his career at this point. If he tanked this year he’d probably just be a backup. If he does well then he gets everyone’s buy in that he’s a starter. This is the year for him to show up.

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