(Highlight) Seth Curry bamboozling OG

  1. He definitely deserves more. I get that he's a massive liability on defense (as evidenced by Kevin Heurter cooking him for 27 to knock them out of the playoffs), but he's so dangerous on offense that has to count for something -- and the sixers in theory have the defenders to cover for him

  2. It’s wild that he gets paid less than half of what guys like Harris, Robinson, and even Bertans makes. Putting aside who is the better shooter, Seth is so much better of a basketball player it’s not even funny. I watched Robinson try to dribble the ball last night, and my god, he should never be allowed to do that.

  3. bro its just liek when steph was on a cheapo contract from his injuries. i hope seth pwns so hard during this contract and then gets a nice big payday

  4. I mean, it's an absurd statement on its own, but Seth has really been absolutely unreal this last couple years. there are guys being paid 20 million that don't have even close to the same value.

  5. Embiid has a really good way of uplifting the guys he's playing with/against in practice. A lot of guys that have come here have improved. This probably looks like favoritism but the only one who hasn't immediately improved was Horford.

  6. For real man. This dude just crossed him > pumped him > pumped him again > then hit him with the give and go. OG was like a ship in the ocean, just rocking between left and right but never balanced

  7. Holy shit what an underated clip. Crosses his defender, pump fakes him TWICE, slips past him to catch the pass and get the open lay up. If this was Steph and not Seth this would have 10x upvotes and would be all over Twitter.

  8. IKR. like Drummond is a good 3 point shooter. It's either lack of awareness or he forgot or just isn't on his game.

  9. It was good defense, the scheme put him in a disadvantageous position and he deterred 2 3pt shot attempts by a guy shooting nearly 50%. Just got hung out to dry by his teammates.

  10. Good defense doesn’t always look pretty though. It’s mostly about effort an he’s putting in a lot of effort here. He could have done much worse

  11. Lmao I feel for OG. He went all out on defense and got cooked, in this situation either Precious or GTJ needs to help out and prevent the basket

  12. OG got overplayed by Nurse on a second half of a back to back. He could barely walk up the floor at points of the game, think this was more about fatigue then bad defence.

  13. It’s not bad defence but he definitely got got good by Curry. Just a good defence better offence situation

  14. OG actually played Seth perfectly it was actually Precious Achiuwa who got "bamboozled. He assumed Achiuwa would stay near the paint and not randomly come up since Drummond had the ball and isn't an outside threat.

  15. He was the second most important player on the team last year WITH Simmons. Now Doc is just letting him be free. You love to see it.

  16. The upfakes were so realistic, it almost seems as though he took his foot off the floor multiple times

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