GAME THREAD: Milwaukee Bucks (4-6) @ Philadelphia 76ers (8-3) - (November 09, 2021)

  1. weird to see sixers fans minimizing Khris and Brook's impact when those 2 won a ECF by themselves against the team that bounced the 1 seed sixers.

  2. Sixers fans are really the whiniest in the league. I know people have said that, but I never really realized until recently. I felt bad for them at one point because of the Simmons situation but now... eh fuck em

  3. Sixers fans came to a game in Milwaukee to boo Tony Snell as a proxy for the injured Malcolm Brogdon to protest him winning the Rookie of the Year over Joel Embiid lmao what can you do

  4. Gonna be rough for the Sixers with Embiid out a couple of games. At least he can rest from carrying the team

  5. I don’t buy this Ian Eagle take about the point guard tonight. The Sixers were on the second night of a double header, playing a 7 man rotation, with just the role players and missing the three best players. There was no way they were going to be able to hang with the bucks. It’s a miracle they lasted this long.

  6. just ignore the moron, anyone who makes a judgment about our starters when we're missing 4 of them shouldn't be given a microphone

  7. Wait how are the commentators trying to extrapolate real needs for Philly when they're missing like half the regular rotation lmao

  8. They are 8-4 and have their best 2 players out on covid list. They look ridiculously good for how shorthanded they are lol

  9. Wtf. You cant tell me thats the best shot selection the 76ers got. Korkmaz fucking chucking threes with giannis on him?!

  10. I’ll never be able to look at Grayson and not see the arrogant whiney douchenozzle he was in college. Maybe he’s changed but that face hasnt

  11. Niang literally just puts his body into Giannis and falls every single possession. Better defenders than him have played better defense and still failed. It's nothing new.

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