Staggering photo to essay what life was like in 1960s, Afghanistan

  1. Well more like Communist take over, civil war, war lords AND THEN RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS created by America, American intervention to stop the religious extremists they created to fight the communists after a leopards ate my face moment, America refusing to accept the surrender of the entire leadership of the aforementioned extremists with in the first year of the invasion because "justice" (aka over a trillion dollars military contracts and US jobs), corrupt/incompetent government set up which uses the army as a jobs program, incompetent/planless American mission, literally everyone of it's neighbors funding/helping the previously mentioned religious extremists because they don't like America, America not sanctioning the people (Pakistan) who rebuild the Taliban in their borders and kept them safe for 2 decades, America making a deal with the religious extremists which forced the government to free 5000 hardened extremists soldiers for absolutely nothing but for America to cut their losses and run.

  2. The problem aren't religious extremists. The problem is nations that cant just allow other peoples to live as they wish. The wars and invasions from the USSR and NATO radicalized Afghanistan and destroyed the live of millions.

  3. Scary to see the difference between 50/60 and now. Religious extremism is a cancer on the planet.

  4. That and US intervention. Lest anybody forget, the US created the Taliban, they created the situation for Afghanistan to fall into a civil war in the 80's (well them and the soviets but they're dead so nobody cares), they asked Saudi Arabia to open up thousands of insane Madrassa's (religious schools) to combat communism, they supported the extremist dictator of Pakistan who literally brought in "religious scholars" to crazy for SAUDI ARABIA, they were warned multiple times about 9/11 including day's prior to the attack, they refused the surrender of the entire Taliban high command in 2001, they spent the next 20 years basically doing nothing with no real plan, got bored, forced the government they set up to release 5000 TALIBAN PRISONERS WITH NO GARUNTEE'S WHATSOEVER and they're the ones who just straight up abandoned the country to the wolves. In an area where every single one of their neighbors hates/reaaaaaally dislikes the US and therefor the US backed government. So yea, religious extremism and the US. And Pakistan and the Soviet Union. But mostly the US.

  5. People need to post this on the internet and in posters all over the cities so that people can see- they only see the current situation now...

  6. Well this isn’t really representative of the whole of Afghanistan at the time. These are probably the daughters of high rich/political elite reaping the rewards of their parents exploits. Outside of literally Kabul it was always burqas and sharia law

  7. I remember befriending a lot of Iraqi locals when deployed there I asked one of them what he was doing for his birthday... He said he would have to " hide in his house directly after work because if the Americans see me outside my house after dark, I'll be shot"

  8. More like rich/political elite girls living in Kabul after their parents corrupt the country. Literally outside of Kabul it was full on burqas and sharia law

  9. i heard that some muslim countries had a lot more civil liberties before the turn of the 21 century im def not an expert but i think the Arab spring had something to do with it. like old school photos of women in 2 piece bikinis back in the 60s in saudi arabia or yemen maybe idk someplace with strict theocratical shit now and a coast.

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