Is it necessary to get out of FB learning phase?

  1. No, but it's Facebook themselves telling you their own algorithm doesn't have enough data to optimize.

  2. I'm not killing the campaigns. The performance just dies off. I m thinking that $10/day is good for testing adsets. But you want to increase the daily budget to stabilize the performance once you found your winning ones

  3. I have multiple clients who are in learning limited almost all the time and they are still very profitable, I wouldn’t worry about it if it’s generating results

  4. It is not NECESSARY but it is nice. Some of my best adsets perform in the learning phase and they tend to get more consistent as i scale them OUT of the learning phase. If your adsets are not converting well in the learning phase especially for a 7-14 day period exiting the learning phase is not some magical solution to getting them profitable. You want profitable adsets from week 1 to exit learning phase and thats where the gold is.

  5. remember that ad sets are learning, the initial phase is to understand the audience and deliver to prior. Here try to look at the conversions, and make sure your profitability

  6. Some of my smaller clients never leave the learning phase at very low budgets (<10 per day). I have campaigns optimising for LP views at similar budgets for awareness as well and let me tell you it's amazing how good the algorithms are at getting conversions for the first ones and LP views and NO conversions for the other one! Even in learning it's finding different audiences for each at ~10% audience overlap.

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