My e-commerce store is about to hit 1m in revenue - AMA

  1. I just launched a new store today, with 5 products. I dont have any budget for advertising, are there other ways i can sell. Its an educational product for gifted children..

  2. Yes!!! I would reach out to educational stores, and see if they would carry your products go straight for the wholesale route start shopping your products out. If you have a budget to gift to educators and see if you can gain traction that way!

  3. Hahaha actually, my name is Brandon Michael is my middle name. Idk why I did my username like that when I started Reddit hahahahahaha.

  4. Yeah I’ll bring up some numbers. Last month we made $68,984.83 and spent $28,846.10 on ppc! We ended up profiting almost 30k in the month after all other expenses were taken out!

  5. For sure! I apologize i should have put that in the post! We are in the apparel and accessories industry, streetwear in specific! 95% of our business is done b2c via ecomm and 5% is wholesale accounts b2b!

  6. As far as e-commerce hosting Shopify. Facebook and Instagram ppc ads to generate most of the revenue in the beginning. Also recommend google shopping. I tried Amazon, but it ended up not meshing well with my brand, it did bring in numbers but profits were so small it wasn’t worth the hassle.

  7. More than full time 🤣 hahaha serious though, yes working full time on my businesses. But this brand is the main source of income for me!

  8. Thanks for offering up your advice! I have an ecom store as well, made in the US dog gear for a specific niche. Was there a specific thing(s) that you did that pushed your brand from “makes me some extra cash each month” to “I can pay my bills with this now”?

  9. Honestly just scaling to the point in advertising that if we had a slow month my bills would still be covered. Also opening wholesale accounts made the income more steady basis. But getting my branding on point all the way from the product, to the unboxing experience, to the envelope it is shipped in pushed my brand recognition to the next level!

  10. What would you say to a ambitious 20 year old who knows nothing about e-comm but wants to start and be in the same spot you are some day?

  11. Dope question! I started my first business at 19 (all bootstrapped off of credit cards no outside money.. i was poor) but I had a chain of 3 retail stores in malls... and guess what i failed... hard. So my first thing would be don’t let the ambition go away and your gonna fail on things but get back up and move to the next and learn from your mistakes. Take all the advice you can get from everyone that offers it to you! Every business I have started i learned as i went. Do not be afraid to ask questions watch videos read articles just dive in an reach yourself. I want you to be successful and I don’t know you so you should think the same for yourself! Start your brand now!

  12. if you sell streetwear and clothing - whats your USP? what did you do what the other 10.000 new streetwear stores didnt do?

  13. I would start off by saying we don’t print a shitty logo on a gildan tee and call it a brand. That would clear out about half of the new “street wear” brands that popup daily. We found our winning product within our brand and really pushed sales off of that product and came up with similar variations to create a “collection” out of that product! I also marketed with and targeted the right influencers to create trust in the brand, I didn’t shy away from paying real money for marketing in fear of losing it, I just went in.

  14. Congrats! Is it still worth running an e-commerce store on shopify if my sales are 100% cash on delivery or do u recommend wix/WP? (my customers don’t use online payments)

  15. Yes the cheapest Shopify subscription should suffice since you’re not running payments! I stand by Shopify and how the company is centered around ecomm and only ecomm. I have tried wocommerce with wp and it just didn’t have the ease I needed!

  16. Literally reading trend reports of where e-commerce was expected to rise and what other brands in my niche were doing and how i could do something similar but do it better. I lurked Reddit and always started conversations about the industry with anyone! Asking questions when people probably thought i was a nut!

  17. A huge congratulations on that man. More blessing and more success is coming your way. I know you have learned so much since you first started. I also noticed you mentioned you used facebook ads and IG ads. Did someone do your ads for you or you did the ads yourself?

  18. I started with a team of 1 - myself and added the 2 others that i have now as we grew, some would consider us understaffed but it’s all part of the growing struggle! We will get there!

  19. Right now our average qt is about 10k pieces of different styles . When I first started it was literally like 5 pieces , as time has gone on our profits have increase by at least 60% because of higher qt! It’s all part of the hustle!

  20. Bootstrapping. I funded it off of 500 bucks I had in my account and then as we continued to grow i took out sketchy merchant cash advances (not recommended) but actually got everything paid back and moved on from those, if you’re super passionate about something you will do anything to keep it going!

  21. Creating an apprel company as well! I am sorta stuck when it comes to my manufacturer though and wanting specific designs done, do you have any tips?

  22. You’re the creator! Draw out shitty drawings on paper and then find a manufacturer that can help you decide your creative mind. Because anything you have going on in your head CAN be made into an actual product. Starting out you can go to alibaba and send and RFQ at the top of the page and you can say what your looking for and even upload a picture of your shitty sketch and you can find a manufacturer that way!

  23. Amazing! This is goals! If you have any advice on scaling up whether it be ads, production, delegating or outsourcing I’d love to hear it! Sorry if that’s broad.

  24. No not broad at all! Scale ads slowly, delegate your busy work but keep control of as much as you can! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when it comes to sourcing, outsourcing anything overseas is good because it saves you money! I say scale your ads by 20 dollars every couple days! Don’t scale fast you will throw off your algorithm!

  25. More than 90% is from our direct website hosted via Shopify! In my lifetime I have only sold 5k on Amazon. And the rest of the revenue comes from wholesaling the products to retailers!

  26. My small team of 3 of us fulfill orders! We have contemplated shipbob but losing that level of control makes me uncomfortable

  27. When you first started your business what was your day to day like? What is it like now after 2 years?

  28. When I first started i was working a bartending job so I would dedicate any free time i had to building out the website watching YouTube videos on how to grow, very long hours but it was more lax and less schedule. Now we work fulfillment and customer service from 9-3 make sure all shipments are delivered to the local post office before 4, wrap up and work on advertising, email campaigns and take meetings until5:30 sometimes work goes longer but i like to keep a contained schedule to stay sane!

  29. Congratulations! That’s incredible. What was your most effective method for getting traffic/customers? Did you advertise a lot on a social media platform like Instagram? I’m guessing that getting enough customers to reach the level of revenue that you have would be one of the harder accomplishments given the sheer amount of competition. Thanks!

  30. Absolutely! Very tricky and thousands and thousands spent on Facebook ads! It has been our major funnel for prospecting new customers! Organic Instagram posts work very well! Google shopping as well!

  31. First off, congrats as this is a huge accomplishment! After reading through comments, I understand that you are in apparel (specifically street wear, I assume?). How did you come to mind in terms of the branding, what was the edge that you provided that no other street wear could compete or offer? Or was it just through good marketing/pictures, etc?

  32. An roas of 6 is amazing! Keep killing it! Honestly the best advice I can give is keep spending money with Facebook and they will place you with a dedicated acct manager. I speak to mine weekly and she gives all the tips and great advice on continuing with Facebook. And it’s great because she works directly for Facebook so having a direct contact is the way to go! Honestly YouTube was the place that i go to the most with all my questions! When I first started reading actually editorials with all the marketing jargon really really confused me so YouTube put it in dummy terms for me!

  33. Amazing job, well done! I have a question - how did you find and determine which were the best influencers to promote your products with? Any metrics you used to determine this? Also have you had any experience with influencer platforms/aggregators?

  34. Wow congratulations that sounds great. You wanna share how you did it ? And when did you start to see great results like for how long did you had to stay on the way until you saw some coins coming in.

  35. First of all congratulations on approaching this milestone, it’s no small feat whatsoever, especially in an industry as competitive as streetwear. I’m running a business as well within the streetwear/sneaker/tech space, I have been experimenting with Facebook ads and it has been good so far. Just haven’t increased the amount invested in it substantially, just at around $300 a month and averaging a ROAS of about 6. Are there any resources that you can recommend or that have helped you do so well with it?

  36. Increase your CTLV and AOV so you can afford to scale since you'll have more profit that you can put into increasing and scaling your advertising.

  37. Are you willing to tell us the brand? Free advertising..maybe some purchase support as well. Based of what you already stated you are printing and designed in-house?

  38. Every comment reads like a "this is my lambo at 30, making millions!" ad. He has a marketing company if anything at all.

  39. Thanks for posting all this! I have a clothing brand that I've been working on small scale for 2 years. I invested about $100 in paid ads right when I started and they weren't super effective since I didn't know what I was doing, haha. Its been kind of a hobby business but now I'm sure focused on trying to scale up. Ads are my weakest point where I feel totally unprepared. Do you have any specific resources you found helpful when crafting effective ads? How much did you invest on your first big ad campaign? Did you hire someone to photo/film/edit the ads?

  40. As far as unboxing, it goes with social media culture if you have an unboxing experience you are going to see video popup all over the web and on YouTube of people unboxing your product. Add certificate of authenticity, cool stickers, boxes, custom tissue paper anything you can throw your logo on and make a cool experience i say try it!

  41. How did you got sales? Facebook ADS didn’t clearly work for me! If u wanna give me some tips here is my website just incase there is other things u wanna tell me about it.

  42. What was your budget when you started? I have always wanted to dive into e-commerce and might be doing so this year. Do you think I could get an idea of what it takes to run a store with a budget of 1k?

  43. Thank you! I started learning my businesses as i went by watching random youtubers and really a lot of articles on social media advertising. I also took all the advice that i could get and not be to resistant to what people are trying to tell me!

  44. Can you give some advice on running social ads or scaling social media to the point where it’s a major revenue driver? Or if you even have readings/videos you’d recommend.

  45. Scaling is something that needs to be done in a calculated slow pace! You need to get your cpa and roas at about double of your aov and then start adding 20 dollars to the campaign every other day as long as your cpa and roas stay consistent

  46. Is it against the rules to ask for verification and the URL in this subreddit? AMAs are nice and all but unverified AMAs can be an issue in damaging the quality of the subreddit.

  47. Absolutely! I replied to your other comment here but going to post it here too so others can view! I had a weird experience with sharing my brand in the past in a situation like this. But here is a source of monetary verification

  48. I have had a weird experience by putting my brand name out there in the past! But here is a verification from my Shopify!

  49. Congratulations on your business! These example really inspires me to try harder. May I ask what type of product or service that you sell?

  50. I recently started an online women's clothing store and I am using dropshipping to get products. I already have website built and have been marketing ads through Facebook and google but have been getting little traffic. By recently I mean like 2 weeks ago. Do you have any tips for growing traffic to the site?

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