Wantrepreneur Wednesday! - (August 19, 2020)

  1. Hey guys been on here a bit and have lots of questions and have seen lots of great posts I need a bit more karma so I can post and get some thoughts on the idea I have can I get some votes😅

  2. Hi! I own a semi-successful (read: keeps me fed) photography business, and I’m in the process of starting up a sUAS business.

  3. I import everything through Alibaba. My advice is always buy from sellers with trade assurance, that way you can ask for a refund when something goes wrong.

  4. Invent your story. Now don’t lie but it never hurts to create a brand story. As far as PR shop yourself or your business out there your self emails calls posts do whatever it takes to get an eye on what your saying!

  5. Hey, I have learned the basics of Flutter and have started making apps for Android and ios. I am about to start as a freelance mobile app developer. Any advice? Thanks in advance :)

  6. Try to really hone in on solving peoples problems. Do you have any examples of what you've built? I have a side project and need an extra mobile developer.

  7. Hi I'm new to this sub. I'm starting a bra business, and am trying to find a manufacturer to work with. I am hoping to find one in Bangladesh who can do smaller MOQs, as the smallest I've been able to find is 5000. Suggestions welcome!

  8. Are you looking for a custom design? What's your USP? DM me details if you'd like. I'm looking for ecommerce startups to invest in.

  9. You maybe should start selling the bras via private label that way you can lower you now before you start actually manufacturing and grow from there. :) just a thought!

  10. I'm looking for business book recommendations for a software developer. I'm feeling very confident as a programmer, somewhat knowledgeable in marketing, but know very little when it comes to actually starting a business (both technical and theoretical). I'm trying to find applicable guidance (things that I can apply after reading), simply put avoiding "tutorial hell".

  11. Go to as many meet up groups as you can, listen and ask questions. They're all virtual now over zoom so even easier. Start with this group, go to their open coffee on Tuesday mornings PST and learn:

  12. Hi All, I want to create my own ecommerce site where I will be selling my my own custom products. An example would be Air fresheners for Cars. How do I go about manufacturing these? Also what could be an ideal budget I need to start with? Thank you!

  13. Been wanting to make a post to ask for information about cellulose nanofibers but need the karma first. So I guess this post serves two purposes.

  14. Hey everyone, I just created a fitness app and I'm looking for feedback and perhaps some advice on how to spread the word about the app. I've been pretty active on Instagram (

  15. I want to start my own business, however, I only have a couple thousand dollars. What are some good business ideas? (Ps, I don’t want any investors and I want 100% equity in my own company)

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