What is something that everyone hates but is inexplicably super popular?

  1. I literally get all my memes from facebook, everytime I come here I feel like I unlocked the non-toxic one lmao

  2. I’m starting to think they’re like the Connecticut movie in 30 Rock, where they’re so loaded with product placement they make money no matter how much they stink.

  3. The first one did enough things right that audiences were willing to forgive the crap. Arrival To Earth is still one of my favorite scenes in any movie.

  4. TLC reality show trash of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if it’s a polygamist family, a family with a ludicrous amount of kids, kids that are exploited, or scumbags with no social awareness.

  5. I was driving at night a few days ago and a pickup truck in front of me had backwards-facing white lights on the rear bumper. They shined straight at my eyes and fucked up my night vision.

  6. I hate the motherfuckers that retrofit bright ass lights into older cars more. They're choosing to be assholes. It's even worse when they do the fog lights too.

  7. Bought a new car and it had xenon headlights, but not only that, they were set too high. I mean I could see them light up the back of people's heads when I pulled up behind a car at a light.

  8. Dude my car is pretty low to the ground which means it’s the perfect height for those bright ass blue LED retina fryers to completely fill my car and keep me from seeing where i’m going. It’s terrible

  9. Bought a 2021 Subaru Outback earlier this year and they have some of the brightest fucking headlights I’ve ever seen. And they’re stock too. I feel so bad for anybody unfortunate enough to be in front of me or coming my direction at night because I can’t dim them. People flash me all the time and I flash them right back to let them know that there’s literally nothing I can do about it.

  10. I honestly have no idea how they are able to blow so much on youtuber sponsors. I can't name a single person who plays that game that isn't getting paid to.

  11. Many social media stars. Like, I've never heard anyone say they like Charlie D'Amelio. Quite the contrary, there's a lot of comments how talentless she is etc., yet she still has most followers in TikTok

  12. I watched this video recently from Drew Gooden about her own reality show that changes my opinion on her from "don't get it" to basically feeling bad for her. Tl;Dr is that she and her family are surprisingly normal and down to earth and it almost seems like she's being taken advantage of by her agents. There's an actual scene in the show where one of the managers literally has binders laid out on the floor detailing every moment of her life for the next year. That just sounds like something straight out of a horror film and I kinda feel bad for her. Yeah, she's rich, but darn that sounds fucked up.

  13. She does get unnecessary hate tho most social media stars try to use bad methods for fame but she literally just dances and everyone hates her

  14. The Kardashians are at the top twice, but I think it’s incredibly obvious as to why they are famous, pretty much the opposite of inexplicable

  15. I think people are watching him out of morbid curiousity to see how far downhill he's willing to go rather than out of genuine enjoyment of his content.

  16. I think the "MeatCanyon" dude put it best. Nikcado knows what he is doing but it is still fucking up his life.

  17. I've never watched Nicado's videos, but I see a distinct similarity to his deal and an older YouTuber who did basically the same thing with alcohol (I saw a video detailing their descent but I don't recall who made the video or who it described).

  18. Here's what I don't get. Stupid things like this usually don't phase out because there is some billionaire making money off it so we all have to suffer. But with this, who is it? Is there, like, a Big Time conspiracy I'm not aware of? Like, who are the lobbyist going "oh, no, we can't do away with this stupidity or the Time industry will go under."

  19. I listened to a really interesting episode of a podcast a few months ago, I think it was 99% invisible. It was all about daylight saving time. Apparently, there have been various attempts to abolish it, and people aren't happy when it's gone, either. So there's basically no winning. Everybody seems unhappy either way.

  20. I gotta say, both my wife and I love it getting dark so soon, and I live east of some mountains so my horizon is even higher than most. It is so nice! But I've always loved the dark. But don't worry, when you get long days in the summer I will keep quiet about it.

  21. Sun starts to set at 3 smth and school ends at 4:15. My whole day is gone bc I’m sitting in class and it’s dark af when I get out

  22. Their main audience is children. It bugs me that kids have such a big influence over who becomes popular on the internet but that's just my unpopular opinion.

  23. Toddlers (and their exhausted parents) are the reason Cocomelon and Little Baby Bum have such ridiculous numbers on YouTube and netflix.

  24. Cocomelon is so weirdly compelling. My in-laws bought their one year old over and we put on Cocomelon to keep him occupied, and before we knew it, we were all watching it. It was eerie.

  25. My conspiracy theory is that cocomelon plays some frequency that only toddlers can hear that pulls them in and keeps them watching.

  26. I feel like there's a certain genre of questions on here that just encourages and rewards circlejerking. Really anything that asks us to give opinions on the general public. Quintessential reddit shit- people just start yelling about the Kardashians and "Idiocracy was a documentary" while they sniff each other's farts and give each other reach-arounds in an ouroboros of self-congratulation.

  27. A lot of singers that get hate, like Nickel-back. If you hate his music so much then why do you keep talking about how bad it is, huh?

  28. Twitter works well for how I use it. I only use it for following content creators that I like and no one I know irl.

  29. Advertisements. Of course everyone hates them, and they make everyone a little angry.... and yet companies pay to run ads associating this unpleasant experience with their product and to make people a little irritated by the company. I basically don't see or hear ads anymore (ad blocker, no TV, don't listen to commercial radio) but still consciously boycott the "name brands" who's ads I remember from when I was a kid. I can't begin to imagine how ads could have anything but a detrimental effect on sales.

  30. See, the problem is that everyone who thinks about the subject even a little bit reaches the same conclusion as you.

  31. They keep doing it because it works. I assume that for every person who (rightfully) hates ads, there are 2 or more people that don't mind it or end up buying into it.

  32. Apparently, according to psychology, most people will buy a brand if that's what sticks in their head, even if they think or claim they don't like it. All advertising has to do is hammer it in until it's the first thing you think of when you're in the market for that item or service.

  33. I really wanted to like James Corden. The first episode of his show I saw was funny. But then every episode turned out to be the same fucking thing. I don't dig slapstick comedy, so boo.

  34. It depends on how you first came across him. My first encounter with him was when he played the character ‘Smiffy’ in Gavin and Stacey. Corden was a co-writer and producer of the show. He was so genuinely hilarious and endearing that it has lead me to overlook many of his more recent ‘comedic’ indiscretions. Do yourself a favour and watch Gavin and Stacey, it’s a top show with many of the UK’s top talents.

  35. I liked James Corden before I learned about how big of a jerk he apparently is in private. His tv persona is cheery and friendly and cute.

  36. I hated them till I got a pair, now I love them. Super quick to pop on when you need to head outside for just a moment, lightweight for backpacking camp shoe, and just plain comfy.

  37. Yessss. I know people who bought them for boating and every time they go out with other people, they make the disclaimer "I know they look stupid but they're waterproof and comfortable."

  38. Croc Bistros are some damn comfortable, tough kitchen shoes. They're super non-slip. Idk if I would ever wear regular Crocs but I won't wear anything else at work.

  39. If it's super popular, not everyone hates it. It's just a loud minority and or a bunch of people who think they're better than the mainstream culture.

  40. I ended up watching it this year because I was bored and I figured I'd be able to understand the hate after a few episodes. I ended up watching the whole show in a couple of weeks and loved it.

  41. Yeah there are some obviously cringy parts in the show. But overall i did enjoy the show and wanted to know what happened in the end and it was worth watching.

  42. The only person who I’ve ever heard defending them used the argument that they’re funny because they make people mad. So they might actually be something people like because everyone hates them.

  43. Something that bloomed because it's cheap and networks wanted to save money. The writer's strike didn't hurt the networks' cause. Create a narrative, and have the film editor sort it out with no concerns for continuity. And America gobbled that shit up. In fact, they'll pay $200 a month for nonstop reality programming. I don't get it.

  44. between her, samantha bee, and that one guy I can't remember, they tried super hard to make an explicitly woke talk show happen and no one wants it to happen

  45. Driving comes to mind. Although that's not so much 'inexplicably' popular. It is popular because people like their cars, and they like their behavior, and they like the idea of going for a drive or a road trip and the freedom and access it afford you to have a car. (as well as driving as a hobby)

  46. In North America, we have so few alternatives to driving because our urban planning and public policy have been fucked for decades. The US is designed to make you drive, which is why so many Americans like cars and associate them with freedom. It’s the only key to the cage we’ve built for ourselves.

  47. Leaving the house every day for 8 hours in exchange for currency that barley allows you to sustain yourself.

  48. McDonald's. If it's ever brought up, nobody eats McDonald's. Everyone hates it. People are never like, oh yeah, Big Mac's are good. Never. Everyone hates McDonald's. But... You drive by a McDonald's at meal time, the drive thru line is wrapped around the building and in the road. Which is absolutely amazing, because nobody eats there.

  49. You know what I had on Tuesday morning? A sausage egg McMuffin combo with a large coffee, and it was glorious. Absolute trash, but masterfully blended trash that perfectly hit what I was craving. I love McDonald's, Big Macs and all.

  50. I think the whole McDonald's thing hits a really interesting set of psychological quirks, and you've touched on it there.

  51. I feel like if Nickelback had gotten famous in the late 90’s nobody would have batted an eye. But they’re just right in this window where they’re too late for their sound, and too early for it to be nostalgic so just nobody wants to hear it.

  52. They're their generation's Boston/Journey/REO Speedwagon/Def Leppard equivalent. Lots and lots of people loved them, just not the type of people who post on the internet a lot. They 100% have a postmodern/ironic revival phase coming up in the next few years.

  53. Ya I was wondering how they sold all of those albums when everyone who has an opinion about then seems negative. I don't particularly like it dislike them, I just can't identify their fanbase easily. It must be NASCAR fans, or some other demographic I never encounter that's millions strong.

  54. I thought the idea was that people didn't hate then, it's just that their music is very bland and is all the same. But it still sounds good

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