What TV show did you try really hard to get into but you just couldn't do it?

  1. Also several of the responses are "yeah I stopped watching after season 4 but I could barely get through episode 38..."

  2. Iron Fist was by far the weakest Netflix/Marvel show. I liked the side characters in Iron Fist more than the main characters, and they weren't great either.

  3. Bro Iron Fist was so underdone. In the comics he'd plow through legions of Hydra. Put down multiple enemies in a single blow and send them flying. Dude pulled out the Dragons heart with his bare hands to become the Iron Fist.

  4. I actually really liked this show but that’s a great call. The whole time it just felt like it had so much more potential to be great. There were definitely times in the show where it felt lost.

  5. Arrow. At some point it got all weird, like out of sync and I’d think I missed episodes and these random new characters acting like they’d been in it for ages. It did my head in I had to walk away.

  6. He was supposed to be a superhero from 5 years of training on the island, then we learned other experiences. Then when he’s the Arrow, his 80 pound 5 foot club hopping sister takes a weekend course and can now one punch 230 pound hench men. Other wannabe vigilantes show up and instead of getting murdered by career criminals immediately, they develop plot armour and similar Arrow skills with no training. You forgive some logic holes but that show became Swiss cheese.

  7. To be fair, CW ruins most series after the first season.. And Arrow was so good the first season!

  8. The Arrow lost me when Felicity Smoak becomes disabled just to turn around and cure it a few episodes later. Not to mention the brutal relationship flip flop between Felicity and Oliver make me sick

  9. It was so fun to begin as well. Same with the Flash. And Supergirl. I - a now 36 year old dude loved the first couple Supergirl episodes. Some of the most beautiful people on earth making a fun show that you can throw on in the background and not really get upset if you miss an episode or two, and had a deep down heart about trying to be a good person. Great for what it was.

  10. How to get away with murder. Started out so well and then just got confusing. It's like it's trying too hard to keep going, when will it end???? Definitely didn't need to be as long as it is.

  11. I almost gave up watching it several times but it did feel like they were dragging it but I'm glad I finished it.

  12. Season one’s “Who Killed Lyla?” mystery with the slow reveal of who the killer was was so fun to watch. Then they proceed to do the “who does something horrible?” Slow reveal every single season after that and the novelty wore off quick.

  13. Sort by controversial. I know i can't be the only one that saw a few episodes of the walking dead when it came out and went "ehhh not digging it".

  14. You really just be waiting through the whole show just to find out the singer was someone who was mildly relevant in 2003

  15. Frankly, I actually like the concept, but I can't watch it because of all the idiotic crap they jam in between the performances.

  16. I really liked it for like 2 seasons. I called it the worst show on TV that I can't stop watching. But after the second season it was just people I've never heard of while the hosts are guessing Beyonce and shit.

  17. I watch it while I’m on my spin bike because it distracts me and I don’t have to actually pay close attention lol.

  18. Once Upon a Time. I just couldn’t care about any of the characters. I should like it as I read fantasy books and I was a huge Grimm/Andersen Fan besides. But nah.

  19. You really did yourself a favor. It wasted a fantastic cast on a plot that had no direction. Season 1 was a fantastic premise. But it loses steam fast and after 3A it’s not worth continuing (because by season 3 they split the season into two distinct arcs) that if you ever tried again I’d say just go 1-3A and stop. The rest. Of the show is bonkers and not worth it

  20. The Voice, American Idol, other talent show-style shows. I don't like the idea of listening to ten minutes of fair to middling singers with a couple really good ones in the mix followed by another ten minutes of ads. If I want to listen to music, I have YouTube. If I wanted to listen to live music, I'd just go to a concert. Also, I don't really care for (nation)'s Got Talent. I mean, the first few episodes of a season are okay because you get to see a range of acts, but it seems to always be the musicians who win. Personally, I don't think they should allow people who are just singers on the show. Like, if they sing while slacklining or breathing fire or something, that's cool- or even if they just play a funky instrument or an unusual kind of music. But if all they do is stand still on the stage, maybe play a guitar, and over-sing Hallelujah there's other shows for that. It irks me.

  21. Fear the Walking Dead. The husband was the exact same character from the mist TV series (which also sucked) . None of the characters were likable and for a zombie apocalypse it was sure boring.

  22. This show was such a disappointment. I'm someone who's really interested in the build-up and the initial chaos of the outbreaks. Almost every zombie story focuses on a group that's trying to survive after society falls.

  23. The moment they killed the husband is when the show lost me. I also found out that everyone in the family (except for the daughter) dies off and I just thought… why should I care anymore? Why care for anything when the show decides to rip it all away?

  24. I made it through a few/couple of seasons and then got too bored to even leave it on in the background while I was doing something else.

  25. Seriously, the fact that the Flash gets laid out by any given villain of the week without any of them having speed powers is not only hilariously bad, but also painfully predictable. Especially when the solution is "run faster" every single time.

  26. I was so on board for that show. First super hero thing i liked in a while. Then i had to shake my damn head after the 100th fucking 'run, but FASTER' moment. Holy shit

  27. I liked it for a while depending on how Iris was written that week. Sometimes she'd do random stupid or mean things to force tension into the episode and it made me wonder how screwed up Barry was for wanting that in his life.

  28. Every episode is: villain appears and defeats the flash. Flash gets emo and receives inspirational speech. Flash defeats villain. Happy ending.

  29. Everytime the Flash claims to be the "fastest man alive", but every season there would be someone who is faster than him.

  30. My wife started watching it when she was 13, so she now watches because she has invested over half her life watching it. I enjoyed the earlier seasons but it has gone off my radar.

  31. In the beginning characters were actually working towards reasonable goals such as happy relationships and fulfilling careers but at some point it became clear that no character would ever be allowed to stay happy. Everything everyone does on that show is pointless because bullshit melodrama will always prevail.

  32. I watched it until season 17, after season 10 I watched it just to keep up with it but it’s honestly insufferable now. I just want to see how it ends but I feel like at this point it doesn’t even matter because the current writer for the show completely ruined the show.

  33. I stopped watching during the episode when McDreamy dies. The whole premise of the show was him and Meredith. I knew it would jump the shark for me after that so I gave up before that episode was even over and never went back.

  34. I watch it but it’s like the Simpson now you don’t expect an end or character progression anymore it’s just random stuff and shit

  35. Sunken cost fallacy. It was decent at first, so you feel obliged to watch the rest... and the rest is.. worse than a waste of time.

  36. The 100 , I tried I really did but I just couldn't get into it, also kept googling the main character's name cuz I thought there's no way she's not related to Reese Witherspoon

  37. I lost interest in that show too but something I will always respect it for is for how they handled the Mountain Men. Most shows would pull a deus ex machina out of their arse to save the protagonists from the predicament they were in, but The 100 had the balls to have its 2 main characters literally commit genocide (if you haven’t watched it I know it sounds horrific, and it was, but they genuinely didn’t have a choice).

  38. I love/hate this show. It constantly switches it’s direction, which is intentional. Each season there’s some apocalyptic problem that must be solved. It’s cheesy, and the acting is just average. But there’s something about it that keeps me watching.

  39. Damn! The show hooked me for 3 seasons and then I couldn't even bother anymore. They kept putting in copy and pasted character archetypes which often felt forced and frustrating.

  40. When they got on the ship and went into sleep pods while Monty & Harper lived a full life and then watching Monty’s goodbye video I bawled my eyes out. After that season I just could not get into it. It took me like 5 months just to get through the last season.

  41. This is one of my favourite shows of all time. You have to go with the crazy, but there is something very unique about it. I’m the only person I know who loved it!

  42. What kills me is how in 100 years they have developed new languages and religions but forgot completely about what was before? Obviously 100 years is a long time, but that kind of anthropological creep would take a lot longer it seems to me.

  43. Suits. It got boring at season 4 and I don't know why. Just thought it maybe focused too much on the drama, instead of the work problems that were what actually got me in the show at the start.

  44. Every episode was exactly the same. On no we can't win this case, we're gonna lose the firm....... no wait here comes Mike with another Hail Mary.

  45. The first season was absolutely incredible, and the first episode is one of the best I've seen in years.

  46. What you didn't enjoy the constant blustering testosterone rage and oneupmanship? Or was it the blatant malpractice? Or the fact that they were clearly shitty lawyers and scummy people?

  47. I was only able to handle about two seasons but then it got repetitive and so out of touch with reality that I just couldn’t handle it

  48. Suits should just be renamed to Folders due to the amount of folder clippings being thrown around to win the cases

  49. From the comments, I think we can all come to an agreement that all shows should just have like 3,4 to 5 seasons because after that, the introduction of new characters, senseless plot twists and shit is what turns people off. I hope producers in here can see it.

  50. It's not really an issue for producers, it has to do more with how the US tv business works. The more seasons and episodes, the easier it is to amortize costs. And frankly the more known and tested a show is, the easier it is to sell. Also, you make a shit ton more money if you make enough episodes to sell it into syndication (historically 100 episodes, but there are more recent examples like Modern Family that have done it with less).

  51. That is classic Jenji Kohan. First 3 seasons of Weeds and OITNB were AWESOME but then it gets so insane it loses all of the original point. i.e. Weeds starts with a mom who loses her husband and sells weed to get by, fast forward and she is married to a Mexican President Drug Lord who smuggles women through underground tunnels. lol

  52. I watched most of the first season. Initially I loved it, the premise was great. But by the time of about episode 15 I gave up when his daughter got kidnapped for something like the third time in a single day. It just got silly.

  53. There's a marvelous video on YouTube explaining the philosophy and culture that spawned 24, I'll try and find it so I can link it.

  54. Outlander is at the top of my list but because it absolutely bored me to tears. I tried three separate times to get into it and every single time I ended up falling asleep on my couch in the middle of an episode.

  55. Yeah, I feel like watching Claire get boned is a primary plot-line. And I think I'm 2 seasons in, but she's been last-second rescued from a rape maybe 4 times?

  56. Yeah it was weird seeing all the "I tried getting into it, but fell off around the same time a lot of other people stopped watching the show" posts

  57. Yep. I couldn’t get into Game of Thrones. I watch the first episode I think 3 times. Watched part of episode 2 and just gave up. That is not getting into a TV show.

  58. The netflix marvel shows. I absolutely loved daredevil, it's a literal masterpiece. But for some reason I just could NOT get into Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, or (due to not seeing the others) The Defenders. The first seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are good, but it wasn't enough for me to keep watching.

  59. David Tennant was the only thing that got me to finish the first season of Jessica Jones. All of the main characters constantly make such bone-headed decisions that it becomes difficult to empathize with their plight.

  60. First season of Jessica jones is great but it’s VERY VERY slow so I can see that. Iron fist is shit and Luke cage isn’t much better overall. Defenders sucks because everyone except daredevil is ass BUT punisher is amazing and it’s up there with daredevil. Highly recommend.

  61. Watch the first session of punisher. It's like daredevil on crack, in the best way possible. Second session is really meh, but still 10 times better then iron fist.

  62. 90 Day Fiancé. I watched most of an early season and was intrigued by the show, but when the next season started I just couldn't do it. I despise most of the people on the show and I feel dirty watching it. (My sister loves the show so I catch bits and pieces of it when she's watching it.) It just feels wrong watching someone's very dysfunctional relationship for entertainment.

  63. Honestly, the show peaked when Paul admitted he was an arsonist and then ran willy nilly into the jungle, leaving the camera crew to get mugged at machete point. It hasn’t really been as authentic since then, especially with all the spin offs.

  64. I can’t stand the back and forth with the different couples. Just focus on one at a time. I also hate the preview clips they play like 3 times only for the moment to be a dull clip they ruined with all their damn spoiler previews. It all just falls flat.

  65. Watching the shows just feel immoral to me because the producers are literally making money off of the casts misery. Some of them get into some pretty toxic marriages and as someone who grew up in that scenario I hate seeing others go through what I had to witness as a child

  66. When I was at college in the UK there was one guy (18yo) who was convinced it was real. He just wouldn't believe us that they were porn stars. He was actually saving all his bar work money to go on holiday to California and rent a van.

  67. The Walking Dead. How far can a show about killing zombies go? No matter where the plot with the lead characters goes, they are still trying not to become zombies while killing zombies. IT'S JUST A FUCKING SNOOZE FEST.

  68. That show should've ended around 4 or 5. I stopped completely after season 7 episode 6 or something. I felt compelled to finish it but it just got to be too much to follow or care about.

  69. If 99% of the world became zombies, and every non-embalmed non-decomposed recently dead person became a zombie that would mean that you should run out of zombies after about 2 years if each survivor killed one a week. Where are all of these extra zombies coming from?

  70. Honestly I stayed vigilant with the Walking Dead so at this point I already intend on watching the last season and the movie. But there are full blown episodes that are very unnecessary and boring as hell.

  71. It's a show that reminds me of an 8 bit Nintendo game. You play through the level, kill the boss of the level, move on to next level, repeat. Every season is the same but with a new boss and slightly different looking level

  72. If it helps, a lot of Outlander fans agree with you. I’m a huge fan of the show and whenever I rewatch, I skip the rape scenes. I watched them all once because the actors gave fantastic performances during all of them, but they’re really quite brutal. Tobias Menzies does a fantastic dual performance in that show and both Sam and Cait are wonderful actors. Past season 1 there are still rapes but none as terrible as the first season and I would say done in a more respectable light to the actors. The author also wrote the books back in the 90s for the earlier novels so I attribute some of the content to that as well. That all being said, it isn’t for everyone because it is a quite dramatic show in some parts.

  73. I love Outlander but I do think the rape scenes are to the point of fetishizing and a huge down point to both the novels and the show. Like despite loving them myself I can’t recommend them to anyone cause who wants to watch all that rape? Like literally by book 5/season 5 I think every character has been raped including young boys. Wtf?

  74. I really like Outlander, but I am convinced that the author has Rape fantasies and is into that as a kink. There is just SO much fucking rape in it.

  75. I really appreciate how much money Outlander has brought into Scotland, my own area has really benefited from it in particular. It’s been great for the Scottish film/TV industry, a lot of people have been able to use it to get their start behind the scenes.

  76. Stopped reading the books for this exact reason - actually the first time travel style story line I quite enjoyed and was really intrigued by but felt like whenever they got settled somewhere BOOM another rape - horrific way to ‘spice’ up a story line

  77. Supernatural, first few seasons were seriously great, then it started repeating itself with more ridicoules stuff and when there is like 15 seasons or something, I had to pull the plug :D

  78. Bro, eventually they leaned pretty hard into their own communities memes. It's not amazing but I like awful stuff that knows it and isn't ashamed.

  79. I love the first few seasons of Supernatural, I even like the formulaic monster of the week episodes. The characters are great (if a bit angsty) but, I've been trying to finish the show for 5 years now. I think we're in like Season 11? I don't even know anymore.

  80. I’m currently on a mission to watch the entire show regardless of how I feel about it. I’m midway through season 14 now. The end is near. I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

  81. Girls. It reminded me too much of all the mediocre people I went to school with that were destined to be really successful because of mommy and daddy.

  82. Piper was an insufferable character but I enjoyed all the other backstories. I am mixed on it. I’m glad I watched it but I’ll never watch it a second time.

  83. Outlander - The constant back and forth between "I am a strong independent woman wielding the knowledge of the FUTURE!" and "Oh no! I am captured by your evil but handsome brilliance and need to be rescued by my brutish and brooding hero!" gave my suspension of disbelief whiplash.

  84. That's been happening to me for the past several years. I can't get into films or TV shows, even stuff I've seen before...all I want to watch are documentaries, video essays, true crime, and other non-fiction media. My wife almost has to bribe me to sit down and watch fiction films/TV. Never used to be like this, not depressed in any way, and really wish I could revert back.

  85. Omg I relate to this So fucking much you don't even know. It's gotten to the point where I have a long list of shows and movies that I'm "Planning" to watch eventually, and once I start one I'm like Ugh do I really want to sit through and commit to this thing? It's even worse for me cause I have OCD and feel like I have an obligation to absolutely Finish what I start, so eventually I just end up procrastinating watching them and just watch YouTube videos instead, which is like Junk-food for the eyes. Not good.

  86. Same. Except scrolling Reddit. It’s easy and I feel like I’m at least learning things and interacting. But then I realize I literally haven’t moved for 6 hours other than my thumbs 😔

  87. Tiger King's biggest accomplishment was it came out right when lockdown started. It recaptured that sense of EVERYONE watching one program like 90s and before TV.

  88. I was out when he took the newborn tigers away from the mom the second they popped out of her womb. They were crying and crying for their mother and the mother was stressed out because she couldn't find her babies. It was just so unbelievably heartless and cruel and I knew I couldn't stand to look at that man's face for the rest of the show.

  89. I actually liked it but after this last season it's clear they don't know what the fuck to do with all the plot arcs. Also, each season has practically ended in the exact same twist: Mommy shows up at the last minute, things get hinted at but never find a conclusion, someone is "dead". I just can't even with it anymore.

  90. The comedic timing is the worst thing about that show. I'd honestly be willing to overlook how little humor there actually is in it if they didn't pad it with that much dead air.

  91. The handmaids tale... Heard it was the most amazing show ever. Gave it 4 episodes and after the second rape scene I lost all interest. Then I read somewhere about its 4th season being miserable and how basically nothing in the show moves forward so I knew then that it wasn't worth sitting through all of that for it to get worse, storytelling wise.

  92. I’m a huge fan of handmaids tale and I have a ton of problems with it. Honestly I love the show but hate june and how they butchered her.

  93. The acting, cinematography, directing, and often dialogue is fantastic. But a lot of the content is straight-up torture porn and like you said, it doesn't move forward at any satisfying pace. The cinematography being so good makes for some episodes with beautiful shots alongside horrifying. That combined with the strange song choices make for a very weird viewing experience.

  94. I don’t have that network to watch but Elisabeth is a high powered Scientologist and this is how the non famous Scientologists exist so I just can not with that shit.

  95. Surprised to not see mad men. Its my favorite show and everybody who I've recommended it to just is like "ehhh- I couldn't get into it"

  96. I scrolled so far to find this. I'm one of those ehhh's. I'm not sure what it is because it fits the bill of everything I'd be into.

  97. It'll always be my favourite show, I think. If it's any consolation, I had the same experience with two of my best friends, and they tried it again a few years later and it's now their favourite show too. It demands a lot from the viewer, but the payoff is immense.

  98. Titans. I like shitty superhero stuff. Loved Arrow. Liked Flash. Love Doom Patrol. Titans I couldn't get through the first episode. Edit: gotta laugh at all these people who "couldn't get into" a show after watching multiple seasons. Mate, you got into it. Just admit it.

  99. The one thing I couldn't handle was just so much plots going here and there. Like one minute we got a new character for 5 minutes, and later we no longer touch on that same character until some other episode when it becomes plot relevant. Or when no new character has met each other before but in the next scene they suddenly know each other.

  100. Young sheldon shits just a bad premise who tf wants to see a nerdy smug little kid not take a joke and thinks hes the smartest being in the universe for not playing like a normal kid

  101. I hated the first season and was furious that the good shows didn't get a second season when this shit does. It gets better later when they move the focus away from just Sheldon to the whole family. Kinda weird that the main character is the most annoying.

  102. Westworld. Everything about this show is right up the alley of something I’d like. First season was cool but half way through season two I just stopped watching and never had interest to go back.

  103. That's probably because it loses the central interest in Season 1. You know something is going to go down, and you probably have a reasonable idea of what, but how it all unfolds is super interesting. After Episode 2 or 3 of season 2, it loses all of that, and coasts along goodwill, setting interest, and with some mixed writing (some excellent, some not so great).

  104. I initially liked it a lot but I grew to hate it. Can’t even explain why. Just grew irritating and I stopped feeling sorry for the androids.

  105. Okay so, here’s the thing about this show : it’s all told from Ted’s point of view. I have a theory that Barney is actually just a normal guy who pulls a lot of women but doesn’t want a relationship or marriage, so Ted demonizes him into this sociopathic player. Robin is a pretty normal woman who just so happens to know her way around a gun, whiskey, and a cigar, so Ted sees her as this mythical woman who’s completely set apart from all the others. Marshall and Lily are a completely normal couple, but they have what Ted wants so he idolizes them into the perfect couple. And, of course, Ted sees himself as the perfect guy, so a lot of the women have something wrong with them, it’s not his fault they turn him down.

  106. Also, Ted is the textbook definition of an entitled "Nice Guy". What they did to the character of the titular mother is awful. One of the worst endings in history.

  107. I watched the show up through the end of Season 5 or something where Barney and Robin divorce and I tell you what, before GOT, there wasn't quite a show that went from "the talk of the town" to "does not fucking exist" like the end of HIMYM.

  108. I love James Spader but I quit somewhere in season 3. The main characters just start acting dumber and dumber. I love smart characters. They cleverly sidestepped a lot of tropes in S1 but it went down hill from there.

  109. Same. Though I did find it hilarious when Reddington would tell the team about a new bad guy. Because of the nicknames. "They call him the bonemuncher."

  110. I love James Spader but Liz is so unconvincing. It would have been more believable if she was a preschool teacher or something.

  111. I stuck with it a bit longer than you did, but I think I stopped around Season 3 or 4. The premise sounded good - James Spader is this criminal mastermind who knows where the world's most dangerous fugitives are and agrees to help the FBI track them down - but then they started getting into all these backstories about who Liz's real family is, and Tom's apparently some spy or something like that who dies, but he didn't actually die, and then he dies for real, and it just got way too convoluted for me.

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