What movie was so terrible that it still aggravates you?

  1. I desperately want to see the Josh Trank cut that he claims was complete a year before. I want to see how terrible it could possibly have been that the studio spent a year on reshoots and changes and still came out with Fant4stic.

  2. I honestly didn't hate the first half, it wasn't outstanding by any means but I was interested to see where it went. But after they got their powers, hoooooly crap did it go down fast. It was almost impressive how off the rails the whole thing went.

  3. The Dark Tower - It's so convoluted that only readers of the book could follow it, while cutting out so much that they'd hate it. It was like making all of the Harry Potter books into a single movie and cutting out Ron, Hermione, and Hogwarts from the movie.

  4. I watched it for Idris Elba and felt I got my money's worth. I can't tell you the plot - but I can tell you what he was wearing. ;-)

  5. It’s literally a story about Roland and the rest of the group and they cut 3 of the 4 other group members! (Including Oy of course)

  6. I watched the movie and read the book afterwards. I was picturing Roland as Idris Elba for all of book one, but caused a big shock to me when in book 2 someone was calling him a "honky mofo"

  7. I was looking for this!! I got to see it for free with my sister and we were so excited about it because we read the books. There were others in the theater who never read the books and it could've been a great introduction to the books. What a missed opportunity.

  8. This is the first movie I remember going to hyped as fuck and leaving furious. My brother and I were so pumped to see it we made our parents take us to a random theater in some unfamiliar town while we were traveling to see family. Terrible film, even to a 12-year-old.

  9. I heard one reviewer say this about it: "Folks, do not watch this movie. If you watch this movie they'll just make a sequel. Don't do it. I know where you live."

  10. This will forever be my answer too. I saw it with my best friend in the cinema as teenagers, we were so hyped. We loved sci-fi and Travolta was hot shit back then. By far without comparison the worst movie I have ever seen in the cinema, and in terms of “big” movies, the worst I have ever seen period. The movie is absolutely terrible right from the start, but when it gets to the cavemen operating fighter jets thousands of years old, it reaches a crescendo of garbage that utterly evaporates any and all redeeming factors that made it at least tolerable to watch. And it gets even dumber and worse.

  11. I was looking for this to upvote because I never brought myself to watch it. Who tf is "Light Turner" or whatever it was they went with?! Hearing about this movie bothered me so much

  12. It's sad, because the Death Note as a premise alone has so much potential. I think an American version could work if they didn't try to recreate the original story, which is timeless, and instead worked off of a completely different set of characters. It's a simple idea that could work in countless scenarios and could produce stories just as interesting as the original product, all they had to do was not make it an angsty high school drama.

  13. It was almost worth watching just to be introduced to Dominjc Noble and share the catharsis of his righteous rage about this movie. Almost.

  14. As much as I enjoyed the fun romp, L change the world wasn't a death note movie either. It was just a movie starring a character we called L.

  15. Inkheart. It’s been 13 years since that trash fire of an adaption came out, but I can still do a full-on rant about how bad it was.

  16. Catwoman. I cannot stand that stupid fucking movie. The basketball scene, the stupid fucking one liners. Fuck that movie

  17. I forgot that this was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen, fortunately I saw it on TV and didn't have to pay, but what a horrible movie.

  18. Yes! I don't understand why this shit isn't universally accepted as the worst movie ever. Fuck I'm angry now just thinking about this pos.

  19. As someone who adored reading the mortal engines series, the film sucked balls in my opinion. I get that movies aren't meant to be fully accurate to the books 100% of the time, but the amount of inaccuracies to the book were so absurd, to the point they wouldn't be able to make a movie about the second book (or any other books) due to how badly they followed the original story. And yes, I understand that it may have just been someone's adaptation of it but I still get really mad at it nonetheless.

  20. Same thing happened to The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters, really tragic adaptations both in movie and tv show for such great YA fantasy books

  21. I wish Foaly and all the LEP technology was real, just so I could get a voluntary mind-wipe and forget all about how unmistakably garbage that movie was.

  22. Yes, let's take our uncannily adult anti-hero child protagonist, whose intelligence is matched only by his selfishness and lack of coordination- and make him into just a pretty decent kid who surfs and bumbles through the plot instead of controlling every detail.

  23. Holy sweet fuck. From the trailers alone I knew the movie was going to be bad. I watched it anyways in case I was wrong.

  24. It was so bad. How the hell did it get all the way through production without someone somewhere along the line saying "Wait a minute. What the fuck are we doing?"

  25. The casting notes were posted on Tumblr and that's when I knew it was going to be terrible because it described Artemis as "fun loving."

  26. Christ, I know the kid who fucking plays the thing that claims to be Artemis in that movie and fuck do I feel bad for him. He was so fucking excited to be in it too. I remember when the trailer dropped we all told him we were sure it'd be great and then just looked at each other and shook our heads when he couldn't see. In short, sorry about telling you we thought Artemis Fowl movie would be good, Ferdia

  27. Not only was Artemis butchered from how he was in the books but he was played by Robert Shaw's grandson. Like that stings man.

  28. Watched this movie with my nieces, got a good laugh when the mole man dramatically ripped open his trousers and started blowing dirt out of his ass in front of everyone. The rest was trash.

  29. I watched it on a flight to Newark from Paris and… the movie was disappointing. The thing that bothered me most was having the Titanic in the movie. It literally did not make sense

  30. Not only was that the most dumpster fire of a movie I've ever seen but I also invited all my friends to watch it with me in theaters. Throwing their money into a fire pit and kicking them in the nuts would have been a better use of their time and money than watching that travesty.

  31. They put this on for movie night when I was in prison, and pretty much everyone left to go hang out back in prison within 30 minutes.

  32. BREACH - It's just terrible! Every penny they had must have been spend on Bruce Willis. It isn't even so bad it's funny again. And it's one of those Willis performances. It's so clear he was there for max 2 days dialing in the bare minimum to justify his tax write off. Makes all those rip off movies coinciding with big releases look like god damn Criterion masterpieces.

  33. It’s so fucking stupid. The whole damn point of the original is this totally average but brave person stepped up and became awesome. There’s no fucking point to the movie if the girl is a total ninja badass from scene one! Absolute fucking garbage.

  34. Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Great books, horribly movies. There's an article out there somewhere where author Rick Riordan explains all the suggestions he made to the studio that were completely ignored - if they had listened they could have had a series to rival the Harry Potter franchise but nope, they wanted Percy to be older for some reason. Fingers crossed that the Disney+ series will be better when it (eventually) comes out. In the meantime, the fan-created musical is awesome.

  35. The first movie is a terrible adaptation but not too bad as a movie itself. Not high brow cinema of course, but it's fun and has a few iconic moments. The second one isn't even a good movie

  36. The kissing booth, I really didn’t like the plot line much but the thing that got me was the boyfriend in it. The boyfriend has so many toxic traits and the entire movie really adds onto the girl fixes guy stereotype onto impressionable young teens.

  37. Space Jam. The new Lebron one. There's nothing from space, they don't use the song, and it's also just terrible across the board. I know I'm probably not the target audience as I'm old enough to have seen the original in theaters, but the remake was totally unnecessary and put a point in MJ's favor for which of them is the greatest for sure

  38. When it took her like 8 minutes with multiple flips to catch 4 regular guys in the opening scene, I was pretty much checked out.

  39. Yes....I watched it because I couldn't believe it was as bad as people were saying. I went in determined that the naysayers were just bitter, entitled fans crapping on everything and while it didn't start out horrible, it just...at some point I turned to my wife and asked her WTF we were watching...

  40. Valerian, not because I thought it was that bad of a movie, but I had high expectations and was dissappointed. Also, some of the dialogue was dumb as shit.

  41. I can agree with this. I went in expecting an awesome Fifth Element esque adventure. I was bored to tears

  42. Don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed in my life. Massive fan of the comic and of most of Bessons work.

  43. Dragon ball evolution- the movie had no respect for the source material. Goku being a horny high school kid, him being bullied, calling the Kamehameha as a shadow crane technique. Really fuck that movie.

  44. I couldn't finish this one either. I really thought it would be funny but it just got old fast and seemed way longer than the actual run time.

  45. I thought that movie was gonna be great. A bunch of funny stars, adult content, kind of a different concept than most movies. I think I made it 10 minutes before I shut it off...there was nothing good about that movie and I want my 2 bucks back from redbox.

  46. If you haven't seen the new one, I highly recommend it. It's not perfect or anything, but it was just a lot of fun to watch and understood the ridiculousness that is the source material.

  47. i thought that movie was awesome, and then i remembered i snuck a water bottle of vodka into the theater to spike my drink with. so that's probably why i thought it was so good

  48. The ATLA live action movie, I loved the animated series so much as a child and the movie is just an insult to it.

  49. Yeah, might actually be worse than Dragon Ball Evolution. At least with Evolution you can forget it's a Dragon Ball movie and just watch as a cheesy Kung Fu movie. The Last Airbender is a bastard child, enough to realize it's related while also being deformed and mutilated.

  50. WRINKLE. IN. TIME. It's like Interstellar if Christopher Nolan dropped acid while writing it That film was so mind-numbingly stupid. I checked out somewhere between the part where Oprah arrives in the clouds like the coming of Christ and when Reese Witherspoon turns into a giant flying lettuce monster. The acting was horrible from literally everyone, the dialogue was tedious, and the story had absolutely no flow. I think the production of the movie was so concerned with having black leads and a female director and a woman-led story that that it forgot to actually make a good movie. There's a reason some books shouldn't be adapted to film.

  51. I’m reading this list to my husband and he apparently PASSIONATELY agrees with this. He forgot he knew this and now he’s having angry flashbacks about it.

  52. Someone told my son about this movie (he's a huge mario fan), he was desperate to see it, so we watched some clips on YouTube - it took him all of 5 mins to nope out, even a 7 year old who'll watch any shit couldn't stomach it.

  53. I absolutely hated this movie as a kid because I was expecting it to be... Not that. But now as an adult, I kind of enjoy it as a cheesy 90s reimagined version of Mario bros. Definitely something to get drunk to and watch with friends who never knew this cursed gem existed.

  54. Twilight. Saw it with my female cousins. They loved it, but all I saw was an extremely unappealing and unhealthy relationship.

  55. that movie is just a bad attempt of an art film. It’s very mediocore and (for me) hardly disturbing. It’s very predictable, gross, but that’s all there is to it. It didn’t really leave any scars on me, since it was mostly boring and i was thinking “when’s this gonna end already” the whole time…

  56. It’s decent if you have low expectations and don’t mind dumb humor. I still laugh about the Asian dude throwing a spear into the fat woman’s ass and shouting, “Right in the blowhole!”

  57. They should have just made one or two movies and leave out all the dumb filler they used to get three movies length of film.

  58. Holy shit that one horror movie called “Terrifier” with Art the fucking clown in it. That movie pissed me off so many times, using all of the horror movie tropes that are just enraging in general.

  59. American Hustle. I could not tell you what that movie was about, what the hustle was, or if it was even American.

  60. Believe it or not, a real thing: Abscam was a real sting operation run by the FBI in the 1970s. They had some actors pose as oil sheiks to bribe politicians. They ended up convicting some Philadelphia city officials, US House reps, and even a Senator on corruption/bribery charges.

  61. It was critically acclaimed on release. My buddy hyped the shit out of it to me and brought it over to watch on his hard drive.

  62. I mean, maybe Shamamalamans' "The Last Airbender", but honestly I can't imagine a movie being that bad that I haven't forgotten about it after a week.

  63. The 2016 version of Ghostbusters... Absolutely terrible. They try way too hard to make it funny, the characters were irritating, the acting wasn't good, the CGI was crap, and the whole "you just don't like it because you're sexist" argument is freaking annoying. No, it just sucks and it was a movie that didn't really need a reboot. There's plenty of female led movies that are great but this isn't one of them.

  64. GOT physically hurts my heart. Like it truly didn’t have to go down that way. And I’ll toss in season 7 (and maybe even SOME of 5 and 6) as well, it was so incredibly awful in retrospect.

  65. All movies related to the Fast and the Furious. If we're making movies filled with impossible scenes, might as well throw in dragons and goblins.

  66. Ishtar. Now this movie is painfully bad but what made it worse is that I was in 8th grade and just picked the latest movie I could cause I was waiting for a girl to sneak out he house. I should have just stood on the sidewalk.

  67. Ad Astra. Man i was so fucking hyped to see a space movie with brad pitt and Tommy Lee Jones. But my god was that the most boring movie of all time. Im going to hit you with a spoiler, but that doesnt matter because you should never watch this movie. Ever. Im 95% sure they added in the space pirate scene after the movie finished because they realized the finished product was a snooze fest.

  68. A big problem with 7, 8, and 9, everyone watched 7 and 8 and still had no clue who the bad guy was. Like, maybe I know who I'm rooting for, but rooting for them to do what? What was the goal? You were meant to think it was Kylo Ren, but were left confused about whether or not he was really a bad guy. Maybe it was Snope? Nope, killed him off... so who the fuck is the bad guy?

  69. I could have looked past all the other dumb shit if Luke had just gone and kicked ass like he should have done instead of... that.

  70. Yeah, it's an insufferable film. It tries so hard to be clever and wrong foot the audience. That's actually the worst thing about the TLJ. Star Wars should be an immersive experience. TLJ doesn't allow for suspension of disbelief. I found myself just waiting for Rian Johnson's next cheap plot twist.

  71. I swear I have never seen such a cringey script as the second Percy Jackson movie. "I make my own destiny!" I've got goosebumps for the wrong reasons.

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