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  1. Yeah I’d be suspicious too, don’t blame ya. Wasn’t a relevant point, not sure why I brought it up, maybe to give hope to those that need it. I am here because this subreddit is a lot of fun. I don’t follow the advice because I am an old school Graham/Buffett value investor type. Never owned a meme stock or crypto, am 45. I will say now and then I do see useful research on this subreddit by obviously smart individuals.

  2. Obviously smart individuals who make very bad choices. But they do have good ideas

  3. Except, they’re not starting a war. Unless they are, in which case my comment will look really stupid in a week.

  4. Yeah, good attendance by the opposing teams’ fans…

  5. Tell me you didn’t watch a Chargers game without telling me you haven’t watched a Chargers game

  6. How was the Steelers game? That’s a game I assume there would be a lot of away fans.

  7. There was definitely a good amount of Steelers fans but nowhere near a take over.

  8. I’ll throw out a hypothetical because I’m not trading Herbert but if I did it would have to be something like

  9. God damn I spelled his name wrong but no way in hell am I retyping all of this

  10. Every time I watch Kyler play I just feel like he doesn’t have it. I mean he’s made some great plays but it never feels like he’s in control, or I’ve never felt completely confident in him.

  11. One of the first times really watching him tonight and he does not seem like a good passer at all

  12. I have watched him like 4 times now and idk if I’m bad luck or not because he has looked horrible every game I’ve seen.

  13. I see catch two feet readjust and then hit. It looked like he was bracing for a hit and then lost the ball after contact.

  14. Ball moves in his hands on the adjust, though.

  15. Serious question, if a running back is running with the ball and switches hands does he ever technically “lose possession”.

  16. I too want a rematch with the Raiders for that horrible PI call before the half on a throw away.

  17. Everyone is complaining about the Chiefs, but they play Buffalo and then Titans or Bengals (Both beat them this year)

  18. I wasn’t really a NFL fan at the time, why did he go back to college?

  19. For some reason the 49ers fired him and Michigan offered him a stupid amount of money.

  20. The wolf gray ones are actually kinda clean. Browns gotta have the worst tho

  21. Rivers was better statistically in almost every category. Sucks he couldn’t get the ring

  22. Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest QBs of all time and he has one single ring. The NFL is not easy.

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